Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Handy Islamic Guide to Halloween

Happy Halloween/Samhain to all you infidels and pagans out there!

The Pedestrian Infidel team urges everyone to celebrate this joyous occasion and to not let pass by this chance to thumb our Islamic enemies in the eye. By all means, we urge you to go to Halloween parties, visit the local haunted houses (the ones that raise money for decent infidel causes, of course), enter the costume contest at work, and hand out plenty of candy to the neighborhood kids.

In case you have a morbid curiosity as to the Islamic view of Halloween, have a look here. The fact that people actually think this way should frighten the crap out of anybody.


hutchrun said...

Turkey is everyone's idea of a "successful" modern Muslim state. A new novel will make you think twice
by Christopher Hitchens

Anonymous said...

If i-slam has no thought for others' views, why should others care for its view? The way of Nature is a Give and Take one. You don't neccesarily have to read the Tao Te Ching to know that

We care for views that accord with sound reasons and encourage thinking. Like it or not, the mind is the only tool by which personal enlightenment is possible.

If one were to say that the Universe is a Mental Construct(like Seth said), few would understand. Unless the mind is free, no personal transcendance is possible.

Submission is fear and superstition based ; therefore is tailor-made for tyranny. Hence the real Devil demands exactly that.


Right Wing said...

There are some Muslims down the street from my house. I'll walk my daughter by and see if they answer the door.

eyesallaround said...

Dang,,, I was going to skip Halloween, but now I think I'll do it! Anything to PO the moooooslims...

I heard a great idea for a "Halloween fun house"... Instead of psychopaths and ghosts, you have head-choppin' moooslims, play a-rab music, women in burqas,,, well, you get the picture. Now that would be scary and fun!

Right Wing said...

Surprisingly, my Muslim neighbors handed out candy and their kids even were seen trick-or-treating.

Nilk said...

LOL Right Wing. Your neighbours are obviously not reading the correct blogs.

I know it's been said over and again, but what a miserable, joyless lot these devout muslims are.