Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Is there Halloween in Malaysia?

Short answer? No, not really. Halloween, if it can be found at all here, is barely visible to the naked eye.

Halloween is something of a non-event in this country. While the stores in much of the western world are without a doubt by now ensconced in Halloween candy, décor, costumes, pumpkins, and all manner of things Halloween, in Malaysia there is nary a sign of it. It is decidedly odd to not see any advertising or preparations for trick-or-treaters, haunted houses, or costume parties.

What's the reason for this? Well, being the proud Islamophobe that I am, I strongly suspect something called "Islam" has something to do with it. Halloween and all its activities are quite ‘pagan’, and hence, its mere existence offends the local Jihadists. They could be counted upon to vehemently object if such a pagan/Infidel celebration was allowed to get too ‘high profile’ here in Dar-al-Islam.

The holiday here that everyone seems to be eagerly anticipating is instead ‘Hari Raya’, a multiple-day holiday to celebrate the end of the Ramadan month of religiously-inspired fasting and self-flagellation. It comes about two weeks from now, and it rates, on the local scale of things, even higher than Christmas. It involves an orgy of eating, hanging out with friends and family, and the like. Sort of like a multiple-day Thanksgiving with an Islamic bent. Apparently, Hari Raya celebrations, which take place in Islamic/Malay households, are supposed to be open to everyone, including us non-fasting Infidels. To be honest, I’m perfectly happy with a bowl of pretzels and a fridge full of soda (or better yet, beer), but don’t go searching for those items at a Hari Raya might starve in the process!


Miss Chris said...

We have Muslim neighbors and their house always seems to be dark on Halloween. We'll go trick-or-treating again this year and see if they're around. Coincidence that they aren't there? We'll see.

hutchrun said...

They are sure afraid of being shrieked by other celebrations:

No more Happy Deepavali?

Always On Watch said...

Considering the ocCULT aspects sometimes associated with Halloween, no wonder that Muzzies don't like the day. Also, if I recall correctly, there's something about All Saints' Eve.

Halloween, for me, is not occult, but just plain fun. Muzzies don't seem to have much sense of humor. I think that lack of sense of humor relates to (1) their attitude of victimology and (2) their inability to laugh at themselves. Once the laughter and satire start, there might be no stopping the critique, which might extend to Islam itself. ;)

Anonymous said...

Muslims make me very angry..... as I walk towards one with two eyes peeping through a slit in a black bin bag, the assumption on her part is that I WANT to see the thing! I dont want them to i9ntegrate and live next door...let them bee in their ghettos. At least we know where they are!