Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Latest Islamic Invasion of Europe--Part One

Part One-- Plato's Cave

Guest blogger Leon from Ireland has authored a five-part series on the Islamification of Europe. One part will be posted per day for the next five days.


If ever the saying “the Truth hurts” could be applied to a situation, it is certainly appropriate concerning the rise of Islam in Europe.

Plato once told a story about how people react to the Truth, which easily relates to how many (probably most) Europeans react to Islam’s emerging supremacy on their continent. Plato’s fable goes like this:

There was once a certain group of people in a dark cave in chains facing a wall all of their lives… but there was a fire continually lighting behind them at the entrance of the cave which they never saw, but they could see the shadows of people and objects reflecting on the wall in front of them which was caused by the fire and reflections of the people and objects at the entrance of the cave…so the only thing that they knew (and which was the only reality to them) was the darkness and the reflections on the wall caused by the fire behind them and the little bit of light shining from the

One day one of the people discovered their chains were not really held tightly to the floor of the cave, so it was easy for everyone to break free. So this one person freed himself of his chains, stood up, turned around, and walked past the fire and slowly made his way to the entrance of the cave…but because he never seen the bright light in the open caused by the sun…it hurt him as he got closer to the cave entrance.

When he reached the entrance of the cave and looked at the outside world with his own eyes for the very first time, the light was almost painful for a few seconds. He was fearfully overwhelmed seeing all the spectacular colours-- the blue sky, the white and grey clouds, the green fields, the yellow bush’s, the red roses, etc. And then there were all of the objects he was seeing and had never witnessed before, such as people, trees, animals and birds, all new, fascinating and terrifying in their

At first, out of fear and confusion, he was just about to run back into the cave (his comfort zone) to the only world he knew and the surroundings he was accustomed to. But, gradually his eyes and senses started to adjust to the new world outside, and he was filled with joy and wonder because of his new and much better world, and he was totally enlightened by the new things he started to learn.

Soon afterwards, he remembered his people that were still in the dark cave, whose only reality was the shadows on the wall. So he went back to them, greatly enlightened, to tell them the Truth about the real world, and how to escape from the darkness of their world in the cave.

But when he told the people their chains were loose and that they could break out of the cave, and that they could become enlightened like him by knowing about the world outside the cave – they reacted extremely bizarrely. Some of them got angry because they were comfortable in the cave, the only world they knew. Others laughed at the enlightened one and said he was hopelessly exaggerating about the knowledge he had, because it was too much for them to cope with, and they would prefer not to know.

The majority of the people in the cave just didn’t want to hear about the Truth of the real world outside, but eventually the enlightened one convinced a few people to follow him out of the cave so that they could get enlightened by the Truth of the reality outside. But as they got closer to the entrance, the light of the Truth was just too difficult and frightening for them to continue. So most of them turned back and went back to the darkness rather than stepping out into the light and receiving the Truth that would set them free.

The moral of this story is … I have become enlightened, much like the brave soul from the cave of Plato’s fable. I am a European Christian, but I have read the Koran and I have investigated Islam for the last seven years--its history, and its present day ‘social’, political, terrorist movements, and demographic increases. I have also spoken to dozens of Muslims from almost every Islamic country in the world, and European Muslims as well.

All of this exposure to Islam makes me often feel like the man whom Plato spoke about that escaped the dark cave and became enlightened. I can now clearly see that Muslims are gradually conquering European nations. For centuries, Muslim armies, following Mohammed’s edicts to make the whole world Islamic (by the sword if necessary) have attempted to conquer Europe. Each time (in 732 and 1683) Christian armies prevented them from doing so. But these days, there are no Christian armies to defend Europe, because most European countries are less than 50% Christian now. Why? Because European Christians have stopped believing in their own religion.


Right Wing said...

An excellent post.

Thomas_the_kaffir said...

Thank you "anti" for bringing leons blog to our attention.

i agree with "right wing" it was an excellent post.

i feel like our fellow P.I. team member "Avenging Apostate" is stuck in plato's cave.

i can only give him my best wishes,
P.S. A.A. the invitation to stay at the family home still stands

The Anti-Jihadist said...

As far as I know, Leon doesn't have a blog of his own, but will occasionally contribute to our humble blog here.

Always On Watch said...

Powerful final paragraph!

I was so comfortable in my cave. Then came 9/11. I can never go back to the cave; I know too much to be comfortable there.

European Christians have stopped believing in their own religion.

Why? Because Christianity has compromised too much in the interfaith movement. IMO.

I'll be back to read each installment.

hutchrun said...

Over at the US the supreme Court now proselytizes for islam:

Islamic Teachings in Public School OK by SCOTUS

The Merry Widow said...

AoW- Agreed! This is an excellent explaination for peoples reactions. If you don't have the Eternal Security of G*D, fear will cause compromise, which leads to not teaching what was entrusted to us, then it is lost and the "man on horseback" rides in to provide the "comfort" and "security" of tyranny!
Give me the fresh bracing wind of the mountain top!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Always On Watch said...

I just read the article at the link which Hutchrun left. Important! The public school system here in the States is going to become the propaganda tool of Islamists.

John Sobieski said...

I wonder, is Bruce Bower's book While Europe Slept getting any play in Europe. Have there been calls for it to be banned? There is so much awakening needed. Europe has to care to save itself.