Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Latest Islamic Invasion of Europe--Part Three

Part Three--Educated, Politically Correct, and Gullible Europeans

Guest blogger Leon from Eire continues his five-part series.

Many Europeans and I are trying to alert our fellow Europeans about the danger of Islam, but the majority of Europeans prefer to stay in the dark cave of ignorance and their comfort zone. Why? Because the knowledge of the gradual Islamic conquest of Europe frightens them too much. Much better to pretend such unpleasantness doesn’t exist!

The majority of Europeans come from families or ancestors who have been secular / neo-pagan for two to five generations, their Christian past long since forgotten. This means they have no spiritual awareness in general—not only are they ignorant of this dimension, it makes them vulnerable to converting (or ‘reverting’) to Islam! Furthermore, they have absolutely no understanding of Islam and the Muslim mindset.

So many Europeans have the attitude that, “if we give the Muslims an education and McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, they will eventually ignore their religion and become like us”. There is absolutely no evidence to support this fanciful notion and a great deal to oppose it. Muslims will never assimilate to the western culture as so many Europeans fondly hope for. This is because Muslims have never, in history, migrated to a different nation, renounced their religion, and became non-Muslims. I don’t know the statistics, but if that has happened, it’s a statistically insignificant number, perhaps less than 1% (and that’s optimistic considering what I have learnt). Muslims are always Muslims and Muslims first and foremost!

I genuinely feel sorry for these neo-pagan Europeans, and the like-minded secular politicians that (in theory) represent and govern for them. They are all so deceived they actually think if we are nice to the Muslims they will be nice to us in return, or through reasonable discussion we will all be able to coexist happily and the Muslims won’t impose their religion on themselves or on the rest of us all. What a joke!

I am sure we all clearly remember last year’s riots in France, all started because two young criminally-minded Muslims got themselves accidentally killed while being chased by the police. For about two weeks, young Muslims all over France went on a rampage, destroying buildings, cars, churches, and even attacked the police, who were powerless. Most French cities at that time resembled the Gaza Strip!

When the riots were over, or more correctly, when the rioters exhausted themselves, the French government came to the incredible conclusion that the best thing to do was to pour millions of euros more into education for these Muslim “youths”. What were they thinking?! Did they actually think the Muslims would give up Islam if these ‘youths’ got a better education? Of course not! Muslims despise non-Islamic governments and societies, no matter how much education you give them. Muslims are not going to reject ‘allah’ and mohammed nor renounce the Koran no matter how much money is poured into their schooling.

As a matter of fact, there are millions of western educated Muslims who have not turned their backs on their religion. Quite the contrary. Remember someone named Mohammed Atta? That Muslim got some of his western university education in Hamburg, Germany. Later, some of his other western educated Muslim friends joined Mr. Atta in destroying the World Trade Center in New York. Rather than making Muslims friends of the west, education often just makes Muslims more dangerous enemies!

Europeans are so politically correct, that if a person like me (or anyone else) ever does openly criticizes Islam, I would be automatically tagged as ‘intolerant’. It would be out of the question to suggest teaching Muslims about Christ or Judeo-Christian values. These are all the things that would give them a genuinely new attitude based on the peace and love of the Judeo-Christian God, and might even make these Muslims truly assimilated citizens of Europe. But even discussing such an idea is ‘intolerant’, ‘Islamophobic’, or even ‘racist’. Hence, one of the few ways out of this mess is politically impossible!


Right Wing said...

When will people wake up and realize that the Muslims don't want to "make nice" with us. They want to conquer and will settle for nothing less.

European Kafir said...

i am not what you would call a "good christian", since i don`t believe in jesus being the son of God. I do believe in God, though, therefore i am not pagan.
i am rather secular, but this doesn`t mean that i am blind regarding the muslim threat.

to me islam is the root of most violent actions these days, a religion that has not left middle-age and for the time being it looks, as that it never will.

i admit that, crusades and many other crimes have been commited in the name of christianity in the past, but at least "we" learned our lesson. I admit, i haven`t read quran - and honestly, i don`t care to really - but the actions of its followers are proof enough to me that it`s not teaching peace, but rather the opposite.

leon: very interesting ideas of yours. thanks for sharing them with us.