Friday, October 06, 2006

The Latest Islamic Invasion of Europe--Part Four

Part Four-- The Truth brings Enlightenment and Freedom

Guest blogger Leon continues his five part series.

It’s difficult sometimes for people like me to convince others to come to the light and receive the knowledge of the Truth about what’s happening. Actually Plato said it best when he said something like this: “It’s a difficult and sometimes lonely life for the one who gets enlightened”.

I know it’s scary at first for people to look at what’s happening in Europe in regards to the Islamic threat, just like the light and different colours and new things from the real world briefly hurt and confused the man in Plato’s cave. But once a person knows what’s really happening, they will be free from the deception of Political Correctness, free of the lies of Islam.

Actually someone much greater than Plato once said, “…you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.” And I totally agree with that! Because now that I know the Truth about the evil of the Koran and Islam – I will never get deceived by it or by Muslims. I just want to make it clear to you ISLAM IS EVIL.

Now, having said that, I also want to make it clear that in my estimation from what I have learnt in the last few years about the Muslim religion, and from my experience from interaction with Muslims – I would estimate that 75% of Muslims are decent and even kind people that just want to live a normal life. I genuinely feel compassion for these people because they are living in such dark deception, and have been virtually their whole lives.

But for about 25% of Muslims who have the jihad mindset (whether wanting to spread Islam by violence or political and social means) it’s a totally different story. I base my 25% figure on two recent surveys carried out in Britain after the 7/7 London Muslim terrorists bombings in 2005. One survey was carried out by Sky News and the other by Channel Four, both major media outlets in the UK. Each of the surveys revealed that almost 25% of British Muslims sympathized/supported the Muslim terrorists that carried out those demonic attacks on innocent Europeans. In Egypt, a party called the Muslim Brotherhood (an extreme Islamic party that supports terrorism) is involved in government and consistently receives 20% of the vote or more. Amongst Palestinians, the majority of them support extremist Muslim terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hisbollah, whose main objective is the destruction of Israel.

So we are not just talking about a handful of Muslims that are extreme – we are talking about one in four, and remember, Islam is the world’s fastest growing and biggest religion. I assert this because most western nations that were about 90% Christian a hundred years ago are almost all less than 50% Christian today. This “de-Christianization” process affects all sects of the Faith in Europe, including Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, and Independent Evangelical Churches. This decline leaves, according to my research, about 1 billion people who are still active and believing ’Christians’.

Islam, on the other hand, has an estimated 1.4 billion people which is almost ¼ of the world population. That would mean there are roughly 300 million Islamic extremists in the Muslim world. And let’s never forget - whenever Muslims are in conflict with the so-called “infidels” (non-Muslims) – the 75% so-called “moderate” Muslims always side with the extreme co-religionists.

“Moderate” Muslims never renounce Islam, never side with the local population or become Christians, Jews, or secular humanists. Moderate Muslims themselves may become jihadists at any time, through perhaps a personal setback (loss of a job or divorce, for instance) or in some other kind of personal “Islamic spiritual revival”. Moderates can even be swayed to join the Dark Side through the influence of international events. Remember Mr. Atta, one of the jihadi pilots on 9-11? He claimed to be (in part) motivated to become a Jihadist by the signing of the Oslo Accords, of all things. So “moderate Muslims” also serve as a recruiting and fundraising pool for the jihadists. The moderates’ silence on terrorism, Islamic intimidation and violence makes them effectively an accomplice to the extremists and the jihad they wage so relentlessly.

Today in the world, approximately 90% of the terrorist groups are Muslim and about 90% of the wars in the world today are caused by Muslims. We see this in the Balkans, Chechnya, Israel, southern Lebanon, Kashmir, southern Thailand, southern Philippines, and many other ex-Soviet and African countries.

Islam’s Jihad is global, and so is its ambitions.


niconoclast said...

Are there any pro active anti Islam groups in Europe? Surely all the blogosphere activity could be translated into protest rallies?

In the UK Islam is perceived as a very real threat and people are protesting right now against the proposed building of a mosque in Windsor.

I am beginning to think it is time to start a European wide political movement against Islam in the West.

Perhaps you could list all or any extant anti Islam groups for those who wish to become involved and conjoin.

How the Islamitarians like to take to the streets with their minatory message of death and destruction. For too long we have sat back and tolerated it.They have been emboldened by our passivity and we have paid a heavy price for it.This is the eleventh hour, the barbarians are inside the gates. Will we now act?

The Anti-Jihadist said...

I see no reason why Muslims have a monopoly on 'non state actors' like Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and all the rest. Non Muslims can and should develop their own 'non state actors', NGOs and other groups to take up the counter jihad fight in all realms.

For one vision of how that might operate, read Tom Clancy's "The Teeth of the Tiger".