Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Long, Lonely Struggle

The counter jihad struggle in Malaysia is a lonely one, against near-impossible odds. The Islamic government can swoop in at any time, and arrest or detain anyone at will with minimal pretext or none at all. One well-placed phone call can ruin a life.

The Mainstream media is often called, with cause, the “Treason Media” by our counter-jihad brothers and sisters in the free world. My friends, it is far worse here. The Malaysian MSM is openly and hopelessly co-opted by the Muslim-dominated Government into silence… or cowed into total compliance with the Party Line. Self censorship, thoroughly ingrained dhimmitude in non-Muslims, occasional (unofficial or otherwise) veiled threats from “Muslim Interest Groups”, intimidation, legal action, and the draconian Internal Security Act are a fearsome combination to be reckoned with.

The results of all these totalitarian tools, working in constant, cowardly concert, are impossible to miss-- resignation, apathy, intellectual stagnation, fear, tension, resentment and hostility, all boiling just beneath a deceptively calm surface. This being an Asian culture, face-saving and image are absolutely paramount. Nothing is allowed to threaten, no one is allowed to question, the Party Line.

So, why do what I do? Why risk everything for apparently nothing? Who is going to listen to us? The counter jihad message does not find fertile soil here...after all, Malaysian society is rather lacking in encouragement of critical thinking or skeptical inquiry. So, why indeed?

Here’s my reason. I cannot speak for others in the tiny counter jihad community here, but I can speak for myself. Simply put, I blog for the sake of Truth. As clichéd as that sounds, that is the core reason. I wish to fight back against corruption, injustice, oppression, murder, tyranny, and the evil that Islam brings to the world. Words are my weapons, my ammunition, in this fight.

So for me, every day that I am able to think and write in my struggle is a victory of sorts. I have not submitted….and I never, ever will.


Anonymous said...

Only tyranny demands submission. Truth is, by it's essential nature, self realized and a persuasion.

If you need to do "god's" work, he ain't much of One.

Even the traditional titular gods of East Asia demands no evil coercion to be inflicted upon their devoutees. Nor do they preach hatred. On the contrary, you can't oblige with effecting of evil on your enemies. Hence they do not need evil political muscles to forcefully ensure their worship from people.


Anonymous said...

Continue your efforts. You are being read and witnessed. I am going to add you to my blogging list.

We have a lot more in common than you may think, for I still remember the cause of Anti-Jihad.

So does Kafir-Andrew.


The Anti-Jihadist said...


Allah, the Islamic Ubergod of Conquest, Evil and Murder, is an Arabian import and not of East Asian origins.

The Malay acceptance (and forced conversions in many cases, I'm sure) of Islam was an unmitigated disaster for them and their descendents.

Anonymous said...

Correction - typo:
"...Nor do they preach hatred. On the contrary, THEY WON'T oblige YOU BY THE effecting of evil on your enemies."

The ancients have a saying, "Beware of the god you worship...."

q/ The only way we humans can experience God is through love. A religion is true to the extent that it teaches love and is false to the extent that it instills hate. u/q

Apparently only the araby culture/meme was that diseased enough to play host to perversion of this sort and inflict itself on others this way in its haste to plagiarise the Monotheistic Concept and attempt to relentlessly usurp IT completely for the basest of reasons.


Anonymous said...

An Indian version of Lennon's "Imagine" :


Anonymous said...

"The Malay acceptance (and forced conversions in many cases, I'm sure) of Islam was an unmitigated disaster for them and their descendents. "

How true!

Because of this the fascistic racial divide is further promoted and entrenched, whereas one can easily imagine a definitely better state of affair without such an albatross.


Right Wing said...

I agree with Steve Harkonnen, keep up your efforts. Keep showing your strength and fight dhimmitude.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. I shall keep this going as long as I can.