Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Addition to the Sidebar--The Malaysian Section

PI has consistently had a fair number of its readers coming from Malaysia. For these readers, PI introduces a new section of its ever-growing sidebar, entitled "The truth about Malaysia, the so-called "moderate Muslim" state". This new part is more than halfway down.

Malaysians deserve to know the truth about what is happening with their own country. And so does the outside world, who are usually shown the patently false "Moderate Muslim Malaysian" facade by the mainstream media.

Here is our Malaysian article line-up:

- "Progressive" Malaysia -- Hugh Fitzgerald
- Malaysia's 'Writing on the Wall'
- Malaysia: A Model of Muslim Tyranny

Excellent articles, all of them. Do take a look. And if anyone has an addition to this section that they would like to recommend to PI, please leave us a comment, and thanks.

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hutchrun said...

He also called on the Muslim world to launch an Islamic currency to counter dealing in dollar. Muslim countries should not peg their currencies to the dollar. "By that time the individuals and businessmen should stop dealing in dollar," he said.

He said he has been mobilizing the people wherever he goes asking them not to keep dollar accounts or even the currency. The moment you exchange dollars you simply convert that amount with any currency such as riyal, dirham, dinar or be it yen or euro "but not to keep in dollar-denomination account," he said.

He wants an interfaith dialogue with the pope. The comments on this blog are interesting.