Monday, October 02, 2006

Ramadan—AKA "Starving for Allah"

The month of Ramadan is the holiest month in the Hijri (Islamic) calendar. This is the month when it is the duty of all Muslims 12 years and older to fast from dawn till dusk. How long one fasts depends on where that Muslim is—in Dubai the duration of a fast is roughly 14 hours. As I am old enough to fast according to Islamic laws, it is my duty too to fast and so I must.

I wake up everyday at 4am in the morning to have my breakfast with my parents and my siblings. It is one big meal, not your regular breakfast. After we’re done having breakfast, my father recites the prayer and from that time on, we neither eat nor drink. I go back to sleep after the morning prayers but my parents stay up to recite the Quran. I then wake up at 7am and go to college.

That’s how my usual Ramadan day usually starts—but today it was slightly different. Today when I went to college, I wasn’t feeling alright. Now according to Islamic rules, once you have decided to fast, you can’t break your fast at any time, no matter what, or you’re going to hell. But I don’t give a rat’s butt about that. What I do care a little about is my parents’ happiness (and my own skin) and how upset they will be if they find out I have broken the fast before dusk.

But today I forgot about all the consequences as soon as when I felt that slight little headache that I feel when I don’t eat (and I love food). I said to myself, ‘ah! To hell with all the rules and the laws, I’m eating!!’ I ran down to the food court and committed the terrible sin of having a huge lunch with all the infidels who were there eating merrily, Ramadan or no Ramadan.

My forbidden food consumed, my headache was gone and I felt really good. I then came home, and my mom was still reciting the Quran in her room. I went into her room and told her, ‘I broke my fast, because I wasn’t feeling well…’ and she looked up at me like I had just committed murder. Not remaining in her presence a second longer than that, I closed the door to her room, went to my room and went to sleep. Good thing they don’t wake me up out of my sleep around my house.

My dad hasn’t come home yet, but when he does, I will surely have to face whatever he has to tell me. Maybe it will be a lecture and a warning, or my Hindu friends may get blamed, who knows!


European Kafir said...

My forbidden food consumed, my headache was gone and I felt really good.

Avenging: this should tell you all about it: your headache was gone and you felt good!!! And I think this was not only food for your stomach... but also for your soul.

Keep going! :-D... keep feeling well!


Demosthenes said...

Avenging Apostate,

I understand why you told your mother. I would have done the same at your age, but perhaps you should take a different approach. Why don't you just whine here and keep your mother in the dark? It will be easier to escape after you get your college degree. Maybe you should put all effort into good grades and getting into grad school in a foreign country.

To help you get those good grades, I would suggest keep some food hidden around so you can eat every day. Fasting really isn't a healthy practice and will hurt your studies.

Best of luck!

John Kaafir جون كفير said...

I went into her room and told her, ‘I broke my fast, because I wasn’t feeling well…’

You set-up your explanation wisely. Dad will accept it, as Islam permits under such circumstance of illness.

As tempting as it is to rebel, please go with the flow and hide your thoughts and actions. Christ doesn't need a new Martyr. He needs you in "Disbeliever Land" to speak his word, to help guide his new followers, apostates like yourself. You will have a new land to do your work soon enough. Be patient, study, bide your time. Your life on this planet is 80 to 90 years long. Your're only 20% done, hardly begun. Your faith will carry you through.

defiant_infidel said...

AA, I agree with demosthenes and john kaafir wholeheartedly. Do not give in to your impulses. You will change no one's mind there around you. But you well may arouse enough suspicion to effect your religious conversion's discovery.

God has a higher purpose for you. Contain your feelings to rebel and survive to live in freedom and do the work He has assigned to you.

Prayers to you and may God bless.

Always On Watch said...

You didn't feel well, so you ate. In other words, you took care of your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit. In addition, you served God--and not Allah.

I doubt that your parents will approve of your breaking the fast. But they will likely blame your "slip" on your infidel friends. Anyway, I hope that's what your parents will do.

Anonymous said...

I thought it's ok if you break your fast if you're sick and under certain conditions? Over here in malaysia I *think* they allow you to break your fast for some reasons.

But then, you see so many muslim malays smoking and drinking and eating during ramadan it's so funny. And yet there are those who want malaysia to be a strict muslim country. I don't think they realise that most people just want to get on with life instead of having to be so religious over everything.

The Merry Widow said...

Low blood sugar is not good. i know, headaches, then shakes and even horrendous mood swings. Maybe that is why mohammadins go bonkers during ramada, their bloodsugar levels are low and they lose it. Eat protien to regulate the breakdown of carbohydrates during the day, and do keep something with protein in it handy(and hidden!) It will help balance out your emotions! And speak only to G*D about it!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Anonymous said...

That's the problem when you do something that you don't understand. You should study Islam a little more before calling yourself a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

im nor, im from malaysia. we as a muslim knows that if u are in sickness or u r a traveller, it is permissible for u to break fast. Allah is most compassionate. why dun u refers back to Al-Quran in case u have long forgotten bout it. i know in malaysia theres a lot but not all who didnt fast n making up reasons but we do know the reward and punishment for it rite?im sorry if i offended u in any way but the thing is u urself offended me n other muslims especially malaysians. if u r a muslims, please strengthen ur faith. ur dad will understand it if u r really sick, n if he scold and mad at u, at least u have the quranic verses to back u up.Allah will help u if u do it the rite way.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Yo, Mr Apostate AINT A MUSLIM! Get that thru your thick Muzzie skulls!