Friday, October 27, 2006

Runaway Nun Laments Her Chosen Hell

Karen Armstrong chose to be a nun. Now, as an uberdhimmi for Muslims lecturing the ignorant infidel masses, she distorts history and facts, and, of course, throws in some pity votes for her horrific experience as a nun. This bitter hag has found her ticket and it's Islam. Of course the veil controversy is all the blame of ..... colonialism!

My years in a habit taught me the paradox of veiling

If ministers really want a proper debate, they must learn that where the veil is forbidden, women hasten to wear it

Karen Armstrong
Thursday October 26, 2006
The Guardian

... Lord Cromer (General Counsel over Egypt late 19th/early 20th century) made the originally marginal practice of veiling problematic in the first place. When women are forbidden to wear the veil, they hasten in ever greater numbers to put it on.

and of course it's a symbol of defiance against the mean, nasty immoral West.

....The demand that they abandon the veil will exacerbate these fears, and make some women cling more fiercely to the garment that now symbolises their resistance to oppression.

According to Karen, the West is intolerant. There is no pause to ask, 'Why should the West accomodate this stupid hateful imperialistic cult? Why, multiculturalism, of course, where all cultures no matter how cruel, how asinine are equal to yours. Karen and JohnEspo have gone way beyond their country allegiance, they are part of that dystopia dream where whites are not a majority in any country. If you aren't part of it, you are racist, you are 'islamophobic.' These dhimmi 'scholars', I mock thee because that is all you are worthy of.


Anonymous said...

The Guardian will find much harmony with the views of such apologist Dhimmis. One can only wonder how much oily largesse they were greased with as well.


Anonymous said...

Good blog you have here. I'll be visiting more often.

I believe we have a lot in common; after all, that symbol you have is strikingly familiar with me.

Anonymous said...

The sudden growth of "islamic fashion" stores in any UK town with a muslim population, must indicate something.

How does one equate these women's public statements that
"the veil brings them closer to God" and,
"We wear the veil because of God's commands to be modestly dressed,"
how does that equate with the notion of "fashion" and how if these symbols of religious purity are to be bartered like knickers and bras in a branch of WalMart or Marks and Spencer, how, I ask, can one view these garments as anything other than a passing frippery of fashion, no different to the mini-skirt or the G-string?
Underneath the outward show of these women's garents, they often wear jeans and fashionable shoes, and other despicable Western clothing.
Is this not just another example of hippocracy and double standards.
Unlike these deluded fashion victims, who believe that one can mix 'n match shallow notions of beauty with religious piety, Relgious Sisters or nuns, wore the habit not as "prison-wear" or fashion icon, but as a statement of their chastity and removal from many worldy scenarios such as sex and vanity.
I do not take the veil wearers pushing their multiple baby-buggies as an indication of their sexual modesty, but rather of their rampant intercourse and child-bearing.
This is a million miles from the Religious Sisters of Christendom.

It is true that the Orders of nuns have lost numbers greatly of recent times, but that is another issue.

I suggest that in the true spirit of our muslim cousins that burn flags of Free States like USA and Britain, and who insist in foisting on their friendly gullible hosts, these fake notions of modesty, that we take these items of clothing and in the spirit of our female "womens lierationalists" of the recent past, who famously burned their brassiers in protest at male domination of half the human population/ that we take effigies clad with the veil and jijab and all those famous varieties of so called religious fashion, and BURN THEM in full public view of the media.
Burn a veil today.

Anonymous said...

nakedtruth said: "I do not take the veil wearers pushing their multiple baby-buggies as an indication of their sexual modesty, but rather of their rampant intercourse and child-bearing.
This is a million miles from the Religious Sisters of Christendom."

100% agreed, beautifully put and I'm not a Christian btw. The veil wearers' travesty of Spiritual values is simply grotesque and impossible to reconcile. Furthermore it's an enforced political statement by a "religion" which one can't leave. Does it qualified to be regarded as a religion by universal considerations?

The Leftard MSM is very deliberately playing dumb on such questions to the detriment of their unwary readers.