Saturday, October 14, 2006

Why Do Blacks Believe Islam Is Their True Religion?

I spend a lot of time at the Clerk's office of Charlotte/Mecklenburg County. Among handling death certificates, special proceedings, etc., that is also where you go to file a name change. A few weeks ago, an imam came in with about a dozen black men, new reverts to Islam. A new batch came a couple of weeks later. The imam has gotten more proficient at being prepared with all the paperwork compared to the first time. All the reverts are black. This begs the question, "Don't they know that blacks are looked down upon and discriminated against by Arab Muslims, the inventors and 'holders of the keys' to Islam?" In fact, the Arabs look down upon all non-Arabs, but on that bottom rung are blacks. Even Mo commented about his 'nappy headed slave.' From what I have been told, many of these blacks believe Islam is the 'true religion' of their African forefathers. How wrong and ignorant and misinformed can you be? First of all, other than the northern edge of Africa and at the time of their ancestors being sold into slavery, Islam was not dominant in their ancestral homeland. The greatest irony is that the 'wholesaleers' of slaves to the middlemen who brought them to the West were Muslims. That's right, just like in eastern Africa today, the native blacks are being enslaved and exterminated.

Islam is such a lie. Why can't our leaders see this? Islam should be stripped of those 'religious rights.' That veneer of monotheism that Mo created. Islam is nothing more than the worship of Mohammed. That is why Muslims were often desribed as Mohammedans. But the Muslims objected. They know if that stuck, the infidels would see that there is no Allah. It's Mo. Worship Mo, obey hateful evil Mo. Yet here are these young black men filing papers to change their name to Mo this or Mo that. Multiculturalism and the Left's 'hate America' propaganda is poisoning young people's minds. It's clever alright. Hate America, hate Christianity, promote Islam. Apparently many blacks are buying this wicked storyline. If they only knew...


hutchrun said...

Same reason why malays beleive in snake oil

The Anti-Jihadist said...

I believe that in Arabic, the word for "black" (as in black person) is the same term used for "slave".

Southern(USA)whiteboy said...

Right down the road from you here in Columbia the first secession state muslims are doing their thing. I don't know how to link it but if you search- gervais mosque columbia- you will find a picture of one of our four mosques. One picture shows the "women's entrance." These peaceful guys probably put their women where slave owners used to put their slaves, i.e., the slave balcony.

Now: did we fight a war over slavery in this country to have this? Right here in Columbia, South Carolina? nah.

Mark said...

Islam is nothing more than the worship of Mohammed. That is why Muslims were often desribed as Mohammedans.

That's exactly what it is! The worship of Muhammad. And that's why the West did itself a disservice years ago to stop calling Islam Muhammadanism and start calling it Islam. For the old term is far more accurate.

Some time ago, I came across an Islamic website on which THEY stated that Muslims should worship Muhammad! It was there in black and white! Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the link. It could be bookmarked on my old computer. If I come across it, I'll let you have it.

Americans have got a huge problem on their hands with Islam appealing to so many blacks. I get very disturbed by what's happening both sides of the Atlantic with regards to Islam. What will the West look like in twenty years' time? I shudder to contemplate it. The changes are happening so rapidly now that one can hardly keep up with them.

Mark said...

And what about all those Hispanics converting to Islam, too, John?

Anonymous said...

"...That is why Muslims were often desribed as Mohammedans."

Even in Churchill's time this usage of that word was still there. Afterwards, the emergence of political correctness saw its demise....losing and inch and now the islamo demand has become that of a mile.

The Blacks and the Left share the same illogic and (even wilfull)ignorance in their choice. The Hispanics perhaps out of being Left leaning and anti-establishment.

In any case the West has been forgetful and influenced by unreal experimentaling elitists who persist in suppressing and eroding the commonsense of their masses. Their school syllabus on history is dismally deficient perhaps out of the past "guilt" factor.

Unfortunately islam in return never apologise and cannot compromise or appreciate. It operates on a one-way street methodology and immutable ambition.


rocky said...

Blacks in the States know nothing about the Zanj rebellion, when Black slaves were mass-murdered by Muslim Arabs for daring to revolt.

They also know nothing about Futuh-ul-Habasha of Ahmed Gragn, who was hellbent to destroy the most highly developed Black African kingdom and mass-murdered Ethiopians casually, like one kills flies.
Their complaints against anyoen else oppressing them pale by comparison.

But they choose to remain ignorant.

Mohamed Adan said...

I laugh at how bias you are. Prophet Mohamed made a sermon shortly before his death, proclaiming all of creation is equal before God. Prophet Mohamed insulting the God given texture of blacks hair is ridiculous at best. Islam is not the religion of whites, blacks, Arabs, or any other ethnic group. Its the divine religion of Allah, revealed to his Earthly servants so they may worship like they were created to do.