Monday, October 02, 2006

Yay! The Palestinians are Killing Each Other

Isn't this what we want? Have the Muslims killing each other rather than killing infidels? It's what they do best, kill someone, anything. I am sure Condi will rush to the scene to try to stop it. Why? Let them have their civil war in Palestine, in Iraq, in Saudi Arabia, in Algeria, in Iran, in Pakistan. everywhere in the Muslim world. Let them fight each other and leave the infidels be. Let the killing machine kill their own. It's what they do best, the only thing they are productive at.

Calls for calm after Gaza and West Bank violence

At least eight people have died as a result of violent clashes between rival Palestinian forces in Gaza and the West Bank. Dozens more were injured in the biggest outbreak of fighting in months. Gunmen set fire to government offices and stormed hospitals, schools and other buildings belonging to the opposing faction. A protester died when violence erupted during an anti-Hamas rally, while three civilians including a young boy were killed in earlier clashes. A Hamas militant, two Palestinian security officers and a member of Mahmoud Abbas' presidential guard also died.

Abbas appeared on television in a bid to defuse the situation. He said he would not allow it to escalate into a civil war and vowed to punish those responsible. His Fatah Party has been locked in an increasingly bitter power-struggle with the Hamas-led government. Hamas trounced Fatah in parliamentary elections in January. Subsequent attempts to form a unity coalition have foundered.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh also called for an end to the violence. The country's Interior Ministry has ordered its Hamas-led security force to pull back from some positions in Gaza. They had been deployed there to stop protests by police officers over unpaid wages.


Anonymous said...

After sowing hatred for so bloody long and is so obsessed by it, why shouldn't they reap the whirlwind? The fairest thing that can happen to such lovely people.


The Anti-Jihadist said...

Whatever nightmares are now unfolding in the rump "Palestinian" state, you can bet your next paycheck that the UN will blame it all on Israel.