Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Big News Day in the States

Voters Hand Congress to the Dems
Rummy Resigns

In a big rebuke to the GOP, the Dems now control the House, and quite likely, the Senate as well. This midterm election has been very tight and hotly contested nationwide, so recounts, court challenges and other legalities look sure to be in the cards. Those are theatrics, however, and not likely to make much difference in the end.

The election was the Republican's to lose, and they deserve the shame of their defeat. They seemed to me to be more interested in perks and holding onto their 12-year monopoly on legislative power, more than the reforms that they were voted in for. It wasn't so much the "war" in Iraq than scandal at home that did in the 'Publicans. If Foley had been quietly ushered out years ago, if Hastert had resigned, if Abramoff had been handled differently, the results might have been very different.

With Rummy heading back to the private sector, and the Defeat-o-crats holding the purse strings and chairs of various influential committees, the enemies of America have to be smiling today. Dems running the Congress and hamstringing an ever-more-beleaguered Prez at every opportunity is a recipe for an American government that's going to be a lot less lethal to the Global Jihad.


Right Wing said...

The jihadists are rejoicing over the win of the Dems. Now it will be so much easier to cram their will down our throats.

Always On Watch said...

Of all the many reasons for not having voted for the Democrats in the midterm elections yesterday, the overriding one should have been "What message would voting for a Democratic candidate send to the jihadomaniacs?"

Too many Americans simply refuse to be that the West is in a war for survival!

MK said...

I read in one of the news reports that the American people are unhappy with the conduct of the war in Iraq, they feel people abroad still dislike America and that they feel no safer now than before 9/11.

I was really stunned by that, since 9/11, no embassies have been bombed, no more 9/11s, no warships have been attacked, the US Army has not lost a single battle with the jihadists in Iraq or Afghanistan and continues to kill them. I also assumed all those attacks prior to 9/11 weren't out of love.

Maybe its just me, the American people obviously feel differently.

Right Wing said...

Always on Watch and mk: I agree with both of you. It's unfortunate that people see things in such a way. Unfortunate for the entire U.S. population.
I got some anonymous hate-mailer commenting on my blog post today...he says I'm a racist in a KKK hood. I think he's really just looking at himself. We still have freedom of speech, right? At least for the time being.

Anonymous said...

I'll give it a year and we'll suffer from another Muslim attack.

Demosthenes said...

It is the nature of democracies to change those in power. Churchill was voted out immediately after World War II. It's not that unhealthy of thing, however inconvenient it may in terms of fighting Islam and even more importantly for the next years: not giving amnesty to criminal immigrants.

Let's not be too harsh on everyone who voted Democrat. I voted against the vilest Republican, Rick Santorum, a man more popularly known for opposition to gay marriage and abortion than any other cause. In my conversations about him, I have brought up his good side about the War on Terror and economics, but everyone I meet--and I meet a diverse range of people--in my college neighborhood including eighteen year old freshmen who voted in this election bring up his stance on social issues. Santorum's stance lost him the vote of gay Republicans who care intensely about the muslim threat. Admittedly, Santorum was somewhat exceptional in attracting high levels of oppositions from people opposed to Jihad.

There is one positive outcome in this election: Bush won't be able to appoint another theocratic Justice to the Supreme Court. I'm certainly not fighting a muslim theocracy so I can I have a Christian one. Another positive one is that the chance of Republican president is much higher in 2008, because the Democrats can be blamed. I have hopes that Tom Tancredo is well-positioned to win that race.