Monday, November 27, 2006

Moderate Muslim website?

I'm curious as to what our readers, the few of you out there, have to say about this website:

Arabs for Israel

Is this site genuine? Is this taqiyya? Can a Muslim still be a Muslim and recognize and respect the "Zionist entity'? Or does this make the Muslim an automatic apostate and traitor?


Dinah Lord said...

I can't speak to the authenticity of the site but I notice it mentions Nonie Darwish and that a "nonie" email address is listed to contact for speakers...perhaps Pamela over at Atlas Shrugs might know? IIRC she recently interviewed Nonie Darwish for her blog. And if she doesn't know she could probably ask Ms. Darwish about it??? Just a suggestion.

Cheers - love the site.

Miss Chris said...

Who knows if it's real but from what I've read, doesn't this make them an infidel? Hadn't they better watch their neck? Hopefully it's legit.

P.I.fan1year now said...

Are we readers "out here" really so few?
It seems there are those Moslems who think like this but only a very small number speak or are heard.
Humanity cannot just be black and white with no shades between.
If a person is brought up with mixed bloodline or mixed education and social relations, then their own experience of "the others" must have some influence on their thinking.
This is what the "absolutists" require to fuel their progress. They seek to deny the possibility of acceptability of the differences between us all, that are in fact the beauty of creation.
Did Allah create all birds the same?
Has not every life-form variety and difference.
Why should humans be different.
The mind needs structures not strictures.
Good luck to these folks who have done something very brave, ie; expressed their own identity as fully human.
If genuine, they are the enemy of the "thought-slavers."

Dinah,glad I found your blog.
right-wing, also, but did you know that in Firefox browser, all the type is munched-up?
I recommend the new free down loadable "Firefox 2" independent browser. It features an in line spell check and from now on my comments should have correct spelling etc.
Thanks a.j.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

BTW, for the curious out there, I'm inclined to think this site is genuine. There are a very few number of Muslims who really do think this way. However, I think the number of this group of people is so small as to be almost insignificant. And since this is a Muslim doctrinal dispute, how could we infidels have any influence over that?

Anonymous said...

that's like saying "Penguins in support of Seals."

Pastorius said...

Nonie Darwish started Arabs for Israel, and it is a genuine site. Here is a link to a bio about Ms. Darwish:

Pastorius said...

I link to Arabs for Israel on my site CUANAS.

I have corresponded with Ms. Darwish, and Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has interviewed her, if I am not mistaken.

Here is a video of Nonie speaking at a pro-Israel rally in San Francisco:

Pastorius said...

Note that Zombie put that up.

Nonie is supported by people who recognize taqiyya when they see it.

Arizona Anorak said...

Is this guy for real or is he trying to fool us? Just wait and see. If some moslem group calls for his death, then it's probably real. If they say nothing, I would be suspicious.

Winesy said...

its bluff and counter bluff.

theres a saying "keep your friends close, and your enemys closer"

wether that site is for real or not, they have a wrong interpretaion of there religion, lets not not foget, jews are "pigs"(koran) and we all know how they feel about the swine.

Always On Watch said...

Ms. Darwish is Arab, but no longer a Muslim.

Not all Arabs are Muslim, so I think that this site could be for real.

Anonymous said...

not buying it.