Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Muslims spread religious hysteria

A Muslim woman here in the glorious Melayu Islamic Republic got caught spreading lies about a supposed mass conversion ceremony of Muslims becoming Christians. Allah forbid such horrors! Who would do such a thing? Everyone knows that such atrocities are illegal.

MALAYSIAN police said yesterday they have arrested a woman who had allegedly used SMS messages to spread false information about the baptism of Muslim Malays as Christians.


The mobile-phone text messages, allegedly originating from a person named Raja Sherina, sparked religious tension in Ipoh earlier this month. Some 1,000 Muslim Malays protested outside a Catholic church where the conversions were expected to take place. However, the crowd dispersed after learning that the ceremony was actually for about 100 ethnic Indian Catholics who were receiving their first Communion.

The case was the latest in a spate of recent incidents that have raised concerns about race relations in the country. Religious conversion is a thorny subject in majority-Muslim Malaysia, where Muslims are not allowed to convert. Proselytising of Muslims by other faiths is also prohibited.


There was also concern about the role in the case of the Perak Mufti (senior Islamic cleric), who owned up to being partly responsible for the spread of the SMS messages. He told the media that the woman, a graduate of the International Islamic University of Malaysia and the Al-Azhar University in Cairo, had conveyed information to him about the supposed baptism of Muslims at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Silibin.


Southern(USA)whiteboy said...

Our muslim friends are very good at doing this. The Soviets should have studied them more closely, perhaps they could have beaten us.

Anonymous said...

I didnt find thing that i need... :-(

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