Friday, November 03, 2006

Senator Kerry, here's your sign

Courtesy of a Minnesota National Guard unit, currently deployed to the sandbox.

God bless the troops, and to hell with Jean Kerry.


Anonymous said...

Having a horse face is no immunity from a Donk's kick:


Anonymous said...

It’s not just what he said, it’s a symptom of the derangement of a Party:


Máquina Zero said...

Just a very curious opening page, from Yahoo, changing the tittle of a AFP news about Bush... You can see a image here:

John Sobieski said...

I know I don't agree with Jon Stewart on many, many things but his impersonation of John Kerry is dead on. JK is a pompous man, bitter about his military experience and seems to have a vendetta against the military. As Atlas Shrugs wrote, Kerry not being elected proves there is a God.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Where is that damn kennedy curse when we need it the most?

Anonymous said...

Initially, some ppl came up with a concept that sounds right, even desireable, called multiculturalism. It then became an eggshell within which became filled with the wrong idiosycratic content that is self-servingly distorted by faulty reasoning, such as (anti-establishment) self loathing and fanatical pacifism.

The narcissistic proponents think all foreigners would also support such a "golden egg" as well. Self deluded elites jump on such a bandwagon to promote an idiotarian ideology that sounds so good despite what a mess the UN has already created historically and visibly wrt to embracing it from the sixties.

Leftist America(and socialist led Europe) is in the thrall of of this insidious idiocy and horse face wants to foist this sort of moribund dovernment on to you.

Nay, I like your rednecks far better than your Leftist Liberal Donks, if only because the former are generally more sane and less deluded.