Friday, November 17, 2006

Sparing Saddam: Why Europe is Morally Unserious

Courtesy of The American Thinker's James Lewis (hat tip Wits0)

A general estimate is that Saddam Hussein killed 300,000 people, started two major wars (the first against Iran, costing a million lives, and the second against Kuwait, with perhaps 100,000 dead); according to the New York Times’ latest zig-zag, he came within a year of producing a nuclear bomb that could have been used to kill additional millions, and ensured the survival of his tyranny for the foreseeable future. For sheer sadistic mayhem, like routine rape and murder, there has been no worse regime than Saddam.

For the first time in human history, a mass-murdering tyrant on this scale has been caught, tried, and convicted in an open court of law. The people of Iraq and surrounding countries have been able to see him tried on television. Saddam has been sentenced to hang, according to Iraqi law, legitimized by the only elected government in the Arab Middle East.

By any decent human standard this is an extraordinary victory for civilization over barbarism.

But rather than applaud a heroic achievement of Iraqi justice right in the middle of a war, Europe now noisily parades its opposition to capital punishment for Saddam.

Forget the usual pros and cons of capital punishment. Just ask yourself: Is Europe a morally serious place?

We know that its politicians constantly preach to the rest of the world. No doubt dinner conversations around the European continent echo the politicians. Tens of millions of Europeans obviously believe they are more moral than thou. But is there any truth to that?

Remember, for the first time in human history a major mass-murdering tyrant has been caught and brought to justice.

Hitler was never caught. Stalin and Mao died in their beds, and Jean-Paul Sartre, Europe’s most famous philosopher of the 20th century, passionately supported them at the height of their reigns of terror. The entire French intellectual elite worships Sartre as well as Nazis like Paul de Man and Martin Heidegger. The whole gang of bloody-minded European professors either sided with the Nazis or the worst Leftist tyrants, just as today they are passionately attracted to Hamas and Hezbollah.

None of the tyrants who were glorified and rationalized by millions of Europeans were ever caught. Europe’s ideological collusion was active and necessary for all those crimes to take place. Europe’s scribbling classes created the propaganda and the diversions necessary for mass murder, not once, but over and over again over the last century.

But now Saddam Hussein has been caught, tried, and convicted, and will be hanged if his conviction is approved on appeal.

And Europe wants to spare Saddam’s life.

Ten years ago Europeans looked on passively while genocide took place in the Balkans; finally they talked the United States into acting. The Europeans and their hero diplomat Kofi Annan, looked on and did nothing while genocide took place in Rwanda. Today a credible court case in France alleges that the French colluded and stirred up the genocidal parties for its own benefit. Today, Europe supports the Sudan being a member of the UN Human Rights Commission, and fails to do anything about yet another African genocide carried on by the Sudanese regime over a period of decades.

Yet Europe wants to spare Saddam’s life.

The dirty little secret is that every mass-murdering ideology in the last two centuries had its origins and supporters in Europe. Pol Pot was Cambodian by birth but learned his revolutionary ideology in Paris. He was trained by the French Communist Party and the Russian KGB, went home, and massacred two or three million of his countrymen. Even Saddam’s Baathist Party was modeled on the European fascist parties of the 1930s.

Yet Europe wants to spare Saddam’s life.

The most infamous massacres of the 20th century, the Nazi genocide of some six million Jews, was inspired by a European nativist ideology.

Yet Europe wants to spare Saddam’s life.

Belgium conducted mass murders in the Congo. France fought a vicious imperial war in Algeria. Russia, under the guise of the vaunted Soviet Union, the hope of mankind, created forced starvation in the Ukraine. And today, North Korea is still, responsible for systematically starving hundreds of thousands of its own people. Kim’s regime is a stereotypical Stalinist regime —a European ideology passionately supported by millions and millions of people on that dark and cruel continent. (I do not refer to Africa.)

Today, Europeans politicians are again in the world news, very proudly calling to spare Saddam’s life. It shows their sweet and moral nature.

Now we have new tyrants and terrorist at the gates. Three thousand innocent Americans were murdered five years ago, but Europe is urging us to forget all about it; and above all, not to take 9/11 as a warning of what is to come if we don’t fight now. It’s because they are so peaceful.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has promised to “wipe Israel off the map.” The Europeans have nominally taken the lead in negotiating with Ahmadinejad, to keep him from getting nukes. They have failed, because they are wishful weaklings, who rationalize any danger. The mullahs just laugh at them.

When sane nations take actions to stop Ahmadinejad, they will be viciously criticized by Europeans for doing so. We know that.

Europe is morally superior because it wants to spare Saddam.

If the whole world adopted Europe’s “higher morality” we would all be dead. Because their moralizing isn’t moral, it is merely flabby and self-indulgent.

We have protected Europe for a century with our blood and treasure. Under our protection they have constructed a Disneyland for adults, one that is utterly unable to defend itself. Instead, they have imported tens of millions of ideologues who want nothing more than to take over Europe.

Yet Europe is obnoxiously ready to preach morality to the decent nations of the world who are not as deluded as they are. True to their endless imperialistic arrogance, they are now exporting yet another world-conquering ideology, a fuzzier version of communism, aiming to actively hog-tie the United States through a hundred international treaties.

But this time they assure us that European-style world government will be paradise on earth. Trust us.

I’m curious – how is it that these people even dare to raise their heads when Iraq tries to punish Saddam?


KG said...

A wonderful post. Absolutely spot-on target.
I'll put up a quote from it together with a link at my blog--as many people as possible need to see this.

Miss Chris said...

Europe is weak. I agree with kg...great post.

Anonymous said...

We would hope that right after Saddam's appeal is denied, that a noose will be waiting outside the back door of the courtroom. Just like he executed those fellows in that b&w film we have seen from years back. Remember that? Bunch of guys in an auditorium - anybody complain and they are taken out and killed. Very European, no?

hutchrun said...

What Hitchens says does warrant some attention:

`If he is dropped through the trapdoor, we will never get to hear Saddam Hussein's response to two very important historic events—the Anfal campaign to exterminate the Kurds in the 1980s and the sanguinary way in which he restored himself to power after the Kuwait war. And there will always be the suspicion that he...`

Anonymous said...

I've lost all hope with Europe. Outstanding and fact-filled post you have here.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Did Goering, Ribbentrop and the other Nazis at Nuremberg try running the 'historical research' gambit at their trials or sentencing? Did anything even think of it or bring it up? I would hazard the answer of 'no', simply because those monsters could not pollute the world with their presence any longer.

I think Ted Bundy, one of the most notorious and evil serial killers in American history, tried the same tactic. He promised to reveal everything he knew, including unsolved cases, etc, in exchange for just a bit more time stealing air (i.e. breathing). Fortunately, the State of Florida didn't buy into that.

I'm an amateur historian, but I think the needs of Justice outweigh scholarly and historical considerations. This same argument carried no weight with the court at Nuremberg or the relevant authorities in Florida. Let the bastard drop.

Anonymous said...

I dont believe killing Saddam is about justice. This is victors justice. I support Europe's view 100%. It is shameful in this day and age we still execute peopel. Killing is murder no matter who does it. Killing a man and showing it as some sort of a show is barbaric there is no justice in that.
When good peopel say nothing evil flourishes. Allowing to watch a president of a sovereign country being murdered by an occupying force will go down in history as one of the historically distasteful things.
He dies like a brave man. His friends and family should be proud of him