Wednesday, December 13, 2006

CAIR Urges Jihad Against Airlines - Complain, Harrass and Sue Their Asses

Boy, that CAIR has some cajones. Now they are urging Muslims flying to Mecca to harrass airlines when they fly to Mecca. Civil rights you know. Muslims are special and require white glove treatment because they are better than the najis kafir. CAIR believes American infidels and corporations are scared of Muslims and will grovel at their feet and beg them not to kill us or sue us. JihadWatch points out the hyprocrisy - infidels can't go to Mecca - we're najis, but those same infidels had better not show the slightest indifference to the special position in our society the peaceful Muslim demands.

CAIR urges Muslims making pilgrimage to Mecca to file civil rights complaints against airlines

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Miss Chris said...

The Muslims will get their way because the Americans in charge here are a spineless bunch.