Monday, December 04, 2006

The Counter Jihad is picking up steam

PI is proud to add three additional organizations to our counter-jihad lineup.

The first group is the brainchild of the incredibly brave and passionate Brigitte Gabriel (in photo to the left). She is an infidel from Lebanon who grew up in close proximity to Islamic thugs (Hez and the like) who tried to kill her and her family on more than one occasion. Ms. Gabriel has since emigrated to the US, became a citizen of a free country, and now dedicates her time raising awareness of the Islamic threat to our way of life.

Ms. Gabriel has a must-read book, 'Because They Hate' (banned in Malaysia). If you're in Dar-al-Harb, buy the book here. Ms. Gabriel also has a number of videos available (as of today) on YouTube that show some of this remarkable woman's speeches. Have a look at these videos if you can, before our enemies have them yanked down.

Here's Ms. Gabriel's website, American Congress for Truth. Do take a look.

Our second addition to the counter-jihadist groups is Anti-Jihad International, a group I first learned about in a recent email exchange with Steve "Don't Tread On Me" Harkonnen. This is the group that originated the handy Islamic-crescent-with-a-slash-through-it symbol, and is the symbol I stole, er, borrowed some time ago for my own blogger persona. Thanks again, Steve.

The third group is 'The 910 Group'--as in 9-10-2001, the last day that we could have stopped the Islamic atrocity that was about to come to fruition, if we had but known. This group also has a blog thats worth a few minutes of eyeball time.

This is an exciting time, as the forces of the Counter-Jihad are even now marshalling and gathering strength. Courage, friends!


Miss Chris said...

She is my new hero. I watched her talk on and she was phenominal!
I can't wait to read it her book. She's giving a talk today in Michigan and there is lots of talk about the crazy left wing radicals being in cahoots to do whatever they can to stop it. I pray she does well and gets the chance to speak. Everyone needs to hear what she has to say. It could be life changing.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for a huge gathering at the Embassy Suites - a blogger's convention, in Washington DC. Imagine having a convergence there, happy hour, etc.

Something to think about.