Friday, December 08, 2006

The Counterjihad will not die

This is not a good time for those of us in the counterjihad. If it's not the 'Iraq Surrender Group' being the present-day darlings of the media, it's the Dems meeting up with their allies Hamas (perhaps to swap ideas and tactics, perchance?) Or Hez's ongoing coup attempt in Lebanon, spineless allies overseas, traitors at home, Iran's unstoppable nuclear weapons program...the list is lengthy and none too encouraging, to say the least.

Well, I know about all this, but I refuse to give in to pessimism, or to despair. Counterjihad is the dream that must not and will not die. The dream to live free exists within all of us, even in the brainwashed Muslim masses that march so swiftly (knowingly or otherwise) to their deaths.

Indeed, Islam and jihad is the slavery that will chain the species Homo Sapiens to this planetary speck forever, and doom us to eventual extinction. Only true freedom can give humanity and civilization survival and let us soar to other world, and someday, the stars. These basic truths cannot be denied.

No system of mind and information control is perfect, not even the tyranny of Mohammed.

So, I stay hopeful, no matter how dark our future may seem. And sometimes, I even find other reasons out there to remain optimistic.


Miss Chris said...

Thanks for the reminder that those of us fighting for our freedom aren't alone. Even though the msm would like us to think we are.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Thanks, Mr. Right Wing, but I do envy my fellow counter jihadists in Australia, the US and elsewhere in Dar al Harb. At least there you're able to at least somewhat operate in a more open fashion.

Miss Chris said...

More power to you for keeping up the fight...especially in your country.

Dag said...

We are still at it here on the left coast of Canada, in Vancouver, meeting each Thursday evening at the local library atrium. Soon we'll meet our first anniversary.

Along with my blog we have Covenant Zone where Truepeers and Charles Henry do most of the contributing, and nicely so. We have our weekly meetings on Thursday, and now we have too meetings of a similar sort though somewhat different on Fridays at a local hangout for those who are less politically motivated than our group on Thursdays. We also have a friend who is working very hard and increasingly successfully at undermining the socialist bastion of a local M.P., a task that might well end in harm if we don't ensure our friend's safety. In short, there are a number of avenues we take to defeat in our own small ways the global threat of jihad and dhimmitude here in our small city. Yes, we make the national news on occasion, that being partially the reason for my long absence from the blogosphere.

We are making progress toward our goals of informing the public and thereby shifting public opinion from it's p.c. dhimitude toward an activist and rebellious stance against the strangehold of public discourse the Left and the Muslim interests have created. And it's fun! You should see the Leftists go crazy as they are exposed daily in the blogs. No kidding. They go outright apoplectic. And people here are watching and making new assumptions from that experience. Our groups grow in support and members. Very cool.