Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Islam on Trial

Looking for some meaty reading this holiday season? Need some more ammo to take down the dhimmiwits, 'progressives', leftists and other fifth columnists that you will inevitably run into at the next Christmas party?

You're in luck; the PI team has a great read for you. It's a column called 'Islam on Trial: The Prosecution’s Case against Islam'. The author's name is Amber Pawlik.

A few months ago, I researched and wrote a piece that was superficially along the same lines. Namely, that Islam should be put on trial for numerous crimes and charges. Well, Ms. Pawlik tackles this same theme from a different angle, and does it in a much more effective, nay, devastating way. Amber shows everyone just how pathetic, violent and hateful the Islamic 'faith' is. Her research, particularly of the Koran, is thorough as it is damning.

If I were the jury, based on this case, I'd convict.

Furthermore, I'm impressed enough with the caliber of thisis counter-jihad work to place it permanently in the PI sidebar as one of our references on the Enemy.

Amber's column is too long to put here, but I'm urging you to read it. Do yourself a favor this Christmas, and read Amber's carefully researched and thought-out work.

Enjoy your reading...Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas.

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