Thursday, December 28, 2006

Nobody Wants to Sit With Kerry

Just desserts for a bitter man. I'm sure it will make his hatred of the military intensify, but it is just dessert for this loser.

Kerry in Iraq at the dining hall and no one wants to talk to him. Note I adjusted the brightness of the image going around the web because it was dark.


Mary*Ann said...

Still snickering over this photo...since no one is sitting with you think he is talking to his imaginary friends?

Anonymous said...

"Please pass me the ketchup?"

"Oh. never mind. I thought it was Heinz."

Miss Chris said...

Steve harkonnen: Funny comment. I make it a point never to buy Heinz.

I hope he was embarassed sitting there all alone. Serves him right.

Always On Watch said...

I love seeing John Fonda Kerry humiliated. But he's too much of a airhead to know that he's being humiliated.


Happy New Year to all here at Pedestrian Infidel!

Anonymous said...

Blogger's convention being planned early in 2007. Stop by my blog for the details and provide feedback.

Pastorius said...

Happy New Year, guys.

defiant_infidel said...

I have seen this nowhere else and will post and link credit to you immediately! HA! I can't imagine this wasn't "Kerried" as the lead story on MSNBC!

Great catch!