Saturday, December 02, 2006

Partial List of Banned Books in Malaysia

Downtown Kuala Lumpur features what is billed as the world's largest Borders bookstore. This store has quite a nifty selection of titles...but remember, this is Malaysia, which is not a free country. Even the world's supposedly largest Borders has numerous titles that are, shall we say, 'not available'. Censorship is official state policy in Malaysia. Even the list of Officially Banned Books is not publically available.

Recently, I was able to obtain a partial copy of the list of books that are banned in Malaysia (never mind how). Mostly, the list has titles that expose the rotting cesspool that is Islam. It makes for interesting and sobering reading, seeing what the Islamic-Malaysian government is afraid of.

Partial List of Banned Books in Malaysia (list dated 27 June 2006)

Title . . . Author

"Rape of Nanking" . . . Iris Chang
"Muhammed" . . . Karen Armstrong
"History of God" . . . Karen Armstrong
"Battle for God" . . . Karen Armstrong
"Short History of Islam" . . . Karen Armstrong
"Islam" . . . Matthew Gordon
"What Everyone Needs to Know about Islam" . . . John Esposito
"Escape from Paradise – From Third World to First" . . . John Harding
"Battle Royale #3"
"Battle Royale #4"
"Battle Royale #7"
"Battle Royale #13"
"Beloved" . . . Khalil Gibran
"Prophet" . . . Khalil Gibran
"Sand & Foam" . . . Khalil Gibran
"Treasured Writing" . . . Khalil Gibran
"Wanderer" . . . Khalil Gibran
"Yellow (Manga)" . . . Makoto Tateno
"Islam Unveiled" . . . Robert Spencer
"Myth of Islam" . . . Robert Spencer
"Advs of Ibn Battuta" . . . Ross Dunn
"Alfarabi & Foundation of Islam" . . . Mahdi Muhsin
"Among Believers" . . . VS Naipaul
"Anecdotes from the Life of the Prophet" . . . Mumtaz Faruqui
"History of Prophets" . . . Ali M. Muhammed
"Islam and the West" . . . Bernard Lewis
"Islam for Beginners" . . . N. Matar
"Know Your Islam" . . . Y. Lalijee
"My Secret Garden" . . . Nancy Friday

Any Quran by these people are Banned:

Ali M. Muhammed
John Rodwell
A.J. Arberry
N. Dawood
M. Pickthall


Pastorius said...

So, they are banning even Islam-friendly books like those of Karen Armstrong.

That's funny.

Islam is so intolerant that it can't even be tolerant of those Westerners who are tolerant of it.

John Sobieski said...

Yes, Karen Armstrong, uberdhimmi, banned in Malaysia. Now that is funny.

hutchrun said...

Banning Khalil Gibran is madness.
Incidentally this lack of education is given some attention here:

Anonymous said...

To the best of my knowledge, Escape from Paradise is not banned in Malaysia. It is available at Kinokuniya in Kuala Lumpur ( In Singapore, lawyer Helen Yeo, wife of former Singapore Cabinet Minister Yeo Cheow Tong, did threaten to sue Kinokuniya if they carried our book. Escape from Paradise is, however, available from Amazon, where it has been the number one best seller for five years running.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Mr Harding,

Are you said author of the book that is (supposedly) banned? I shall doublecheck my sources and get back to you, if you would be interested in hearing more about this. My banned list comes directly from the Borders Superstore in downtown KL and I am convinced the list is genuine and accurate.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is now an "Islamic State". Non-muslims can leave if they are not happy. Thank you.

John said...

I am sure your are correct that my book, Escape from Paradise, is banned in many bookstores. Thanks for checking.

atikah w. said...

hmmm... that's odd. I have friends who own copies of Quran translated by M. Pickthall. We needed it for our Islamic studies in class.

I don't see why they ban John Esposito's book. He's the biggest Islam apologists in US. Ditto for Karen Armstrong.

Anonymous said...

Hello! As far as I know, many of my blogger friends have a copy or two of Karen Amstrong books. And I believe she was here in Malaysia at least once. (Compare that to America that doesn't allow some Muslims who are obviously not doing any harms from entering their countries? Sorry may be a bit off topic). And what about US school banning A Visit to Cuba?

Treasuretrove said...

I found 'The History of God' by Karen Armstrong at Popular bookstore @ Cheras Selatan. Very much to my surprise.

Where can I find the full list of banned books?

Martian said...

allah akhbar go fuck yourself. lets make malaysia a non-islam state and throw cunts like you to the south china sea. or the straits of malacca, if you prefer ;)