Tuesday, December 05, 2006

PI proudly supports Jihad Watch

PI is stepping up our game to support the Counter Jihad. We are now helping to raise money to support Robert Spencer's website Jihad Watch.

Just click on our new graphic in our sidebar, the one near the top that reads "DEFEAT JIHAD". Clicking on this graphic will take you to a site that sells bumper stickers and t-shirts, whose proceeds go to support Mr. Spencer's website. If there ever was a cause worth support, this is one.

So, are you an infidel itching to irk the lefties, 'progressives' and other jihadis in your neighborhood? Counter-jihad stuff is now availble! And just in time for Christmas! Buy your Jihad Watch merchandise for not just for your entire family, but for all your friends too! Great stocking stuffers!

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