Friday, December 01, 2006

Recently spotted scenes in Malaysia

These photos are ones I took here in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year (BTW, thats the Iranian flag prominently placed to the Malaysian one). They speak for themselves....and they speak volumes.


hutchrun said...

Not surprising when:

p.s. Had late lunch at a "halal" Chinese noodles restaurant in Telawi, met two ex-journos, one of them now a free-lance PR consultant, who said she was "so shocked" to hear the PM use the word "kafir" not once, not twice but thrice in his address to the Umno delegates.

"Extremely insensitive," she said. Not nice coming from someone who claims to be nice. Not what a non-Muslim (as against kafir) like her had expected from the Prime Minister.

Kafir is an Arabic word that means non-Muslim. In the Malaysian context, however, the word conjures such negative, unpleasant and even offensive connotations that it is hardly ever used as a substitute for "bukan Islam", which is Malay for "non Muslim".
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The comments thereafter are interesting.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit.

Wasn't Bush just over there, kow-towing to the Malaysians?

I am not surprised. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

hutchrun said...

Oops the earlier post link with comments is:

Beach Girl said...

Steve sent me over. Good blog. What is it going to take to "wake" up the Western world when even our leaders are selling us all out.

We just had a young man, returning vet from Iraq, and his young girlfriend killed in car accident - killed by drunk illegal from Mexico. We have gone nuts.

American Crusader said...

It's obvious why a picture is worth 1000 words. It would be hard to better make a point then these pictures have done.
Steve Harkonnen directed me to your post.
I'm glad he did.
We might as well realize that South East Asia under Islam is far more dangerous than it ever was under Communist régimes.
I see that the Malaysian flag has 14 stripes. The flag on the left resembles Mexico's flag.

Anonymous said...

I see that my email to my blogger buddies paid off. This is good. We should all share in discussion on this one. Now, we are witnessing Iranian influence in a financial high-growth area - the far east. This isn't good at all for anyone, mainly the Malaysians.