Friday, December 15, 2006

Wake up Europe! Wake up America! Speak the Truth.

Have you heard? Reid, England's Michael Chertoff, has just given up. Terror attacks are just the way it's going to be. And in the Netherlands, they are in a panic about how radicalized the 'youth' have become. Oh and those converts - becoming a problem, especially the women. Eurabia rises from the bloody cesspool. No one knows what to do. To even think the thought that Islam should be banned, why it's unthinkable. Isn't it so obvious. They just don't know what to do. Just cannot figure it out. That is what political correctness has done to the West. Wake up America, you are next!

Oh and all those 'youths' in the Netherlands. I believe Rotterdam will be majority Muslim far sooner than the optimistic 2020 date I see bandied about. It is already a majority in the maternity ward.

Isn't it ironic! Amsterdam, swinger's paradise, pot haven, secular madness, altruism in action, now they are being consumed by a religion, but a very different religion. A cult perfected. All those 'mechanics' of a cult to keep the ball rolling, justifying violence against criticism, or heaven forbid, those who choose to abandon the crap. All approved by Allah. Who is by the way our God, it's all in the books, those vile, hateful evil books, the Qu'ran, a rambling mess of hate, and those Hadiths - 'let me help you get the gist of the Quran', and the Surah Biography of Mo - 'look what I can do!'

It's infuriating watching the ignorance, fighting the ignorance.

There's always tomorrow, they say. You see Europe collapsing, the first Muslim in Congress. It is just shocking. Isn't it lemmings that walk in mass off a cliff? Sounds like Europe, no change that, the 'West' is a leaping. We dare not say it. Islam should be banned. Can't say it! Don't you dare!

You had better wake up America! You cannot win if you do not face the enemy and spit in his face. And that face is Islam.


Miss Chris said...

Well said. I don't think that country will realize what is happening until it's too late. Hopefully by then, the rest of the world will learn from The Netherland's mistake.

Anonymous said...

One thing. The radicalised youth may be a problem.
But wait until the European Right becomes radicalised.
When they are bored with the soccer, when they see economic meltdown, when the obvious becomes transparent, when someone points towards a "solution," then we will see the Thirties relived.

Mad Hungarian said...

The solution is so simple.


Wake up and do something Europe and get out of your slumber of donothingness and stop drinking the poison of multiculturalism that will lead to national suiicde.

Anonymous said...

Good one here, you're linked, thanks!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe knows
Iran never nuke Europe

if they swear to Allah
or embrace full dhimmi life