Saturday, December 02, 2006

“We want Turkey to be part of the EU”, Pope tells Erdogan!

THE TIMES: In just three days on his first visit to a Muslim country, Pope Benedict XVI has transformed himself from a hate figure in Turkey into a model of tolerance and politeness spoken of with warmth and affection.

He returned to Rome yesterday, winning more praise for a parting shot that he had “left part of his heart in Istanbul”. Turks warm to model of tolerance and finally learn to love the Pope by Richard Owen and Suna Erdem
Mark Alexander


hutchrun said...

Imagine: Sunni Saudi Arabia vs. Shi'ite Iran -- and nary an American soldier ordered to pull his PC punches in the crossfire. But there's more. Mr. Obaid continues: King Abdullah might also "decide to strangle Iranian funding of the [Shi'ite] militias through oil policy. If Saudi Arabia boosted production and cut the price of oil in half, the kingdom could still finance its current spending. But it would be devastating to Iran, which is facing economic difficulties ...The result would be to limit Tehran's ability to continue funneling hundreds of millions each year to Shi'ite militias is Iraq and elsewhere."

Mark said...


I'm sorry, but I cannot see how your comment refers to the blog about the Pope and Turkey. Am I missing something? Please explain.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Hutch often broadcasts the same comment onto multiple blogs.

Mark said...

Thank you, Anti-jihadist. It''s good to know. I thought I hadn't missed anything. :-)

hutchrun said...

Turkey bears get responsibility for the current mess that is Iraq.
In the opening shots of the war Turkey had agreed to allow passage of the troops from the North. The troops would the have gone through into `Kurdistan` and met up with the tropps moving up from the South.
This was refused when the war was well underway and the troops had to go all the way round africa.
Meanwhile, those troops on the ground were stretched too thin resulting in the current situation.
I`m all for encouraging the shiite-sunni rivalry to the hilt-despite what the pope may believe.
Popes in the past have paid jizya to the Turks/moslems

hutchrun said...

Something here from another religion:
`Smite Turks with immense vigour. A Singh who obeys the Rahit does not bow when he meets a Turk. Never serve Turks, never greet a Turk, never trust Turks. Serve only the Khalsa. Avoid Muslim huttha meat. By fighting them face to face the Muslims will be defeated. Remain ever alert against the Turks. A Turk should be neither accepted as a master nor treated with deference. Keep Muslims away from your cooking-square when preparing for a langar. Muslims are polluted.

Anonymous said...

Does the Pope eat Turkey for Christmas dinner?
I wonder what he will be thinking as he takes off the "wish-bone?"