Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Your Individual Counter-Jihad Checklist

Gates of Vienna has concisely summed up the upshot of the Dem’s electoral victory last month, and the recent Iraq Surrender Group report.

Namely, we of the counter jihad are on our own. Government is not going to help us, not any time soon. And what about the private sector? The media, academia, major corporations, most charitable organizations, are in the hands of the uncaring, the dhimmis, or the Treasonist Left. To put it mildly, these people are not our friends, and they will not help us either.

If anyone will wage the counter jihad, it will be ourselves, as individuals, and no one else.

This is not a time for talking. This is a time for action, and no one is going to act on our behalf. With this salient point in mind, I humbly offer some steps you can undertake right now (hat tip to the commenters at GoV):

  1. Stop biting your tongue when a friend, family member or colleague starts spouting PC platitudes. Don't be afraid of speaking your mind with composure and firmness. Don't improvise--be articulate and speak from reason, but with emotion.

  2. Contribute your money or time (preferably both) to the few counterjihad organizations that are already out there. Anti-CAIR and Jihadwatch are good places to start.

  3. Seek like-minded individuals in your area or neighborhood, and join forces with them.

  4. Stop supporting establishments that are sympathetic to Islamist extremism (there's a redundancy right there). If you already have, start actively boycotting them and making their lives difficult--all within the laws of civility, of course.

  5. Conserve gasoline and energy as much as possible. Most fossil fuel energy production is in the hands of our enemies or their allies (Venezuela, Russia, and the entire Middle East). Remember, oil fuels terrorism and Jihad.

  6. If you do not have any involvement with public or semi-public institutions (schools, city councils, hospital boards, etc.), become involved and speak up. Better yet, get your friends to do so as well.

  7. Go to the public planning meetings, whenever an Islamic project is the topic, that these projects must go through. Take your like-minded friends to these meetings, and vociferously protest.

  8. Are you an attorney, or do you know one? Take school boards to court if they capitulate to Muslim pressure. Bog down every application to build mosques, ‘Islamic Centers’, madrassas, etc in the courts.

  9. Don't employ or work for Muslims, sell or rent property to them.

  10. Refuse to engage in converstion with any person in Muslim attire, such as a veil, headscarf or hijab.

  11. Be as hostile as it's possible to be (while staying within the law) to any Muslims or Muslim organizations.

  12. Boycott any company that caves in to pressure from Muslim groups for any reason whatsoever. And publicize the boycott.

  13. Improve your marksmanship and weapons-handling skills.

  14. Report any suspicious activities or behavior to the police immediately, especially if it involves Muslims.

  15. Be vigilant, protect your family and never think "it won't happen here/it won't happen to me."
The following have been just a few ideas, from myself and others. If you have something to add, I look forward to seeing that in the comments.

I am not advocating anyone to break the law, but there is much free citizens can do, right now, to fight for our civilization and against Islam. There is no more time to waste.

Let’s roll!


Anonymous said...

A very good list indeed! I already live very close to these "commandments", and anyone who wants to keep his freedom, should do likewise.

Infidel hails from a Norwegian Kafir

dag said...

In mid-Jan we will reach our first anniversary of Blue Revolution meetings here in Vancouver, Canada. Every Thursday evening from 7-9;00 p.m. we sit in the publiic library atrium and discuss issues related to Islam and Left dhimmi fascism. We do so openly and in a very public place. The point is to show our neighbours and fellows that this can be done by ordinary people who do small things for a larger struggle. We sit and talk, sip coffee, exchange ideas and conversation. What we do is the most radical activity in this city: we speak out loud, saying Islam is a bad thing, that the Left is fascist.

We blog daily, at Covenant zone and no Dhimmitude. We drum up sopport for our meetings and encourage others to join in their own. We have never shot anyone. We have not broken any laws. We have never been arrested or even been questioned by the police. We are ordinary middle class people. We sit and talk.

Does this have any effect? Thanks to the efforts of Charles Henry we are in touch with the Revolution Bleue in France, the orginators of our group's attempts to inform and organise the public. They spread across Europe, and they find themselves at times in serious trouble with the civil authorities for speaking in public. This nation, Canada, is still a democracy, which many nations in Europe are not. They speak, we speak. What they face, we will face. We do our parts to defend the French as well as we can from here, and the Belgians, the Dutch, the Swedes, ourselves, and you. We meet and we talk.

On occasion we march at rallies held by the Death Hippies who support jihad and world fascist barbarism. We arry picket signs and hand out leaflets as teenaged hippie kids rant through loudspeakers about American imperialism. It hurts our ears, especially when they play hip-hop music. but we demonstrate anyway. We talk to passers-by. We meet, we talk, we blog. We get lots of flak from the Death Hippies. (I feel like a kid again.)

We meet, we talk, we blog. We have friends now who do things similar to our efforts. Our friend Jane is in the thick of a campaign to expose those she calls the "poverty pimps" in the Lower Eastside of Vancouver, those professional 'social activists' who live on government grants and employ each other in their government funded-social agencies.

Jane is a courageous woman taking on one of the most forrupt and sinister rganisations in this nation, the camp of Libby Davies, m.p., socialist leader of the poverty industry in Vancouver. Jane's efforts not only cause "apoplectic fits" among some members of the DTES mafia that rules the section of town recently described in a leading local newspaper as "Hell," she also rouses our local media to produce front-page coverage of the coruption of the poverty pimps here. There's more to come when Jane's blog is restored to the Net after being hacked recently and destroyed. What Jane does we can all do, legally and morally. Jane's success depends in part on a social network of supporters, those she finds partly from our Thursday evening meetings.

At Covenent zone, Truepeers has written a stunning expose of a Canadian/Iranian university professor attending the holocaust-denial fest in Iran. Shortly after his piece hit the aether the google news page filled with articles held back till he published. This isn't new: the same thing happend in Jan. this year when it was only when we and Spencer at Jihad Watch exposed the jihai take-over of a commuter train in Nice, France that the MSM got on the story. We network, we meet, we act, and in our small ways we win.

We urge you to abandon all hopes of a revolution in thought among the population at large, and instead we suggest that you simply take a friend for coffee at your local library on Thursday evening to discuss jihad and Left fascism. Next time bring another friend. Let people in your neighbourhood know they are not alone in their fears of the dhimmitude creeping into our nations. With some encouragemnet ands suipport your friends will go on to do some great thing, like our friend Jane is doing.

It's not only fun, I have met good friends who make me proud to sit in their company. That is reward enough, but we also do good in our comunities. It's legal, too, so far.

kg said...

"let's roll" indeed. Some of those suggestions were mine, in comments over at G.O.V. and I really do believe we can make a difference.
We have to. Governments and the "elites" in the West aren't going to do it.

Nilk said...

I talk to everyone.

The lady at the department store wearing the red, christmassy tshirt with the words "JESUS is the reason for the season" got my best wishes and congratulations as the checkout. She works there, and after some chitchat I left her with the url for JihadWatch.

The ladies at work have at one time or other all been questioned by me regarding the islamification of our world and the perils of pc.

One woman with a 14yo daughter was of the attitude that 'it won't affect me so it doesn't bother me.'

Which was fine until I asked her if she ever thinks something, and then berates herself as being racist or bigoted. And if it didn't bother her, then why was she censoring herself? Why was she afraid to even think in her mind let alone speak it.

She also was given JihadWatch to check out for homework.

The blokes in the office have been gently sounded out on their opinions, and it's remarkable how open they become once it's made clear that I'm on their side.

People have been so cowed by the legislature and the labels that they need the validation of another person before they are comfortable enough to speak out.

Heh. These days I never shut up, but since the truth will set us free, and it paves the way for others to find their own courage to talk above a whisper, I'm happy to continue.