Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Destruction of Europe: Burn Baby Burn

We constantly point out the suicide pact that Europe has made with Islam. In my lifetime, I will have seen the zenith of Europe, and the fall of Europe. How can a civilization destroy itself in a mere 60 years. Climb the peaks of freedom and wealth, only to fall off that peak into the abyss of islam and exterminate their culture, their children's future, without a fight. "They're nuts, right wing extremists, Islamhaters" the liberals chant. They ridicule us. Liberals always do. Deny the reality before their eyes, and punish those who say 'I told you so.'

HatTip: View from the Right

Case in point: City on Fire - Burning the Roots of Western Culture
From Larry Auster - View from the Right -

The purpose of the exhibit, its creators Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz tell us, is to invoke the destruction, and the destructiveness, of Western culture.

So, based on recent postings at VFR, here’s a partial sketch of the cultural lay of the land at the moment, going from left to, uh, “right.”

We’ve got Diaz and Hilden in mainstream museum events invoking the all-out Nihilism of Destruction against European civilization: “We want to die, we want our culture to go out of existince, we want to be taken over by Muslims—faster, please!”

To the right of Hilden and Diaz, we’ve got the moderate liberal Francis Fukuyama, who, concerned about the threat to the West posed by unassimilable Muslims, makes rhetorical moves in the direction of a renewed Western cultural identity, which turns out to be the same pallid universalist liberalism that permitted the Muslims to enter the West in the first place.

To the right of Fukuyama, we’ve got the newly minted social conservative Dinesh D’Souza who bracingly calls for the West to return to moral traditionalism, and who says the main way this traditionalism should manifest itself is by forming an alliance with traditional Muslims against the Western left, and, nota bene, by never criticizing Islam, because that might make our Muslim friends want to mass-murder us. D’Souza’s “social conservatism” is thus identical in its key features to the dhimmi pact.

And finally, to the right of D’Souza, we’ve got the Churchillian British conservative Leo McKinstry, who calls on the British people to defy the Muslim enemy and spit in his teeth and never surrender and, and … to keep letting him invade Britain.

Here is an excerpt from the City of Fire website (Note how they despise Western civilization and see no redeeming values in it.)-

City on Fire is a Symbolic, Iconoclastic project in which the ‘image’ itself – or the monument - is not destroyed but where the ideas of the history the monument represents are broken down in the symbolic burning.
As opposed to real iconoclasts, City on Fire does not wish to destroy or eradicate the actual monument or painting in question. Instead, the project wishes to destroy symbolic paintings tied in with the cultural history of the monument (and the cultural history of the people), hoping to create new awareness of our common Western cultural history and its destructive side through this symbolic destruction. Destructive sides that belong not only to history but live and flourish even today: Denmark and large parts of the Western world are at war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

City on Fire has roots in the Futuristic tradition where destruction was hailed as the only possible way forward for humanity. City on Fire represents more of a symbolic ‘Futurism’, however, where the destruction is not physical but symbolical. It is not actual fire that destroys actual buildings – but the idea of fire that destroys the historical and ideological roots of Western culture.

Imagine the dhimmis visiting this view into their future, and admiring it, cheering it own. Cultural genocide in realtime.


Anonymous said...

Europe's grand experiment with the libtard idea of "Multi-culturalism" finally goes over like a fart in church.

Lovin' every minute of it. Those stupid bastards in Europe are nothing but sorry-assed apologists.

They are reaping what they have sewn.

I can see America becoming that in ten years or less.

Always On Watch Two said...

[about D'Souza] the main way this traditionalism should manifest itself is by forming an alliance with traditional Muslims against the Western left, and, nota bene, by never criticizing Islam, because that might make our Muslim friends want to mass-murder us.

That is no solution!

Steve is right, IMO. Ten years or less. And the Democratic Party will see to the Islamification of America. Makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Speaking about Europe and Islam ...
You have to see this:

Anonymous said...

The correct link

La Guillotine

beachhead said...

anonymous,. thanks for the link to this new French blog.
stev h, aow2, all is not lost for Europe, though things look bad.
With trouble building daily, for the failing Nu-Labor Leftist-facist government of Britain, on the BBC "Today" news programme, I heard the otherwise wishy-washy David Cameron, the young leader of the Conservative opposition, state quite plainly his belief that Multi-Cult is dead in the water, and responsible for the growing militant young muslim population.
Many are calling for a re-evaluation of education and provision of everything in 10 languages for every kind of new arrival in UK.
There is a call for a new sense of "Britishness" that requires that we dump the dilution of National consciousness and the acquiescence to every kind of demand for funding for divisive education and the like.
It is a long way from here to the changes that are needed, of course.
The future of Europe is in flux, and we are in great peril, but the fight has yet to begin, and their are many allies from Africa and Eastern Europe now living in the Western sector, who are not so susceptible to islamification.
What a disgusting state of weakness Europe is being plunged towards. Beware, America.

Sarah said...

Eventually,Iraqi militiamen and corruption will kill Islam.Human beings are not stupid. Eveyome gets sick of killing. Except perhaps Rammstein.Which is part of that fine middle European tradition of Bloodlust. (which is perhaps what the Exhibition is about) Remember this part of Europe was bearing the brunt of incursion from the Ottoman Empire.Maybe that's where the bloodlust comes from.