Monday, January 29, 2007

The Enemy takes note of us (again)

The Other Side has (once again) taken note of our humble little blog here. Even though our readership is comparitively tiny, especially compared to giants in the cyber-counterjihad like LGF and Powerline, sometimes our Islamic Enemies notice us. Of course, that means we're doing our job.

Quiet jihadist, Fifth Columnist and terrorist apologist Sheila Musaji over at "The American Muslim" (TAM) has recently compiled a list of, ahem, "Islamophobia - Alarming statements 3 - 2006 to 2007." We're honored to have been added to that list, with not one but two of our blog posts at the very top of the "Islamophobic" blog list. In case you're too pressed for time to follow the link, here are our two award-winning money quotes with the Official TAM Islam-o-phobic 'Seal of Approval':

- We have several million Muslims in the US and all of them are terrorists, some use the tonque and the pen, not bombs, but all are scheming liars deceiving the naive infidels and our stupid leaders. Why don’t we BAN ISLAM and deport all Muslims? Political correctness and multiculturalism will destroy the West.
- Comparing Hitler’s Mein Kampf to the Qur’an “Commenters have noted the remarkable similarities between the two, and indeed, the resemblances are more than skin deep and are worth examining in more detail. A closer look at the facts reveals that Islam (not ‘Islamism’) and Nazism are two kindred ideologies with many, many commonalities."

Fellow co-blogger and ally Alwaysonwatch also gets an honorable mention on this same list. Great work!

As for us, we're very happy to be put on a list that has the names of many other luminaries in the counterjihad, including (but not limited to) Robert Spencer, Hugh Fitzgerald, Brigitte Gabriel, Ann Coulter, Franklin Graham, and many other giants who are fighting the Evil of the Ages.

Thus encouraged, we the Islam-o-phobes of Pedestrian Infidel humbly accept this honor and would like to thank our enemies at "The American Muslim" for this recognition. "TAM" is an oxymoronic name if I ever heard one!


Idontbelievetheircrap said...

TAM-pering with the truth!
I wonder is there a similar anti-jihadist list of anti-western blog articles, although I suspect that most folks are too busy with their lives to become full-time jihad watchers. And what a bore to read all that **** crap full time.
Anyway, congratulations on the award, they just can't stand people sussing them out.

European Kafir said...

I FEEL HONORED!!! This makes our fight even more worthwile... we`ll keep going!

John Sobieski said...

When is the MSM going to go after us? Aren't they TAM's lapdog?

Anonymous said...

The noun "Islamophobia" implies an irrational fear of Islam and is frequently used to smear persons who actually have a rational fear of Islam. In the interest of countering this propaganda, I have coined the term "islamoprudentia" (note the deliberate lower case first 'i') to describe what people with common sense feel about Islam, i.e., prudence in the face of danger. The Latin meaning of prudentia:
(1) foresight
(2) wisdom
(3) discretion
Taken from the Latin dictionary at
I hope this is useful and that you will disseminate usage of this term widely.

Always On Watch Two said...

I'm on the list? Heading over there to check out whether or not I've received a fatwah.