Monday, January 22, 2007

England Plans to Bus By Force White Children to Muslim Dominated Schools for Early Dhimmitude Lessons

From the Daily Mail. Isn't this hysterical! Have you ever seen so many dhimmis runing around with their heads cut off in your life? Exactly what are these Muslim dominated public schools doing? Plotting the dhimmi's extinction? Heavens no.

Muslim majority schools 'pose security threat and should be closed'
Last updated at 10:59am on 22nd January 2007

The concentration of ethnic minorities and religious groups in certain schools had created a 'strategic security problem'

An influential government education adviser said today that schools dominated by Muslim children should be closed and replaced with 'multi-faith' academies to integrate pupils.

Sir Cyril Taylor, chairman of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, said the concentration of ethnic minorities and religious groups in certain schools had created a 'strategic security problem'.

He said that allowing significant numbers of ethnic minority children to lead virtually separate lives was fuelling extremism and harming academic standards.

The call for forced integration came as a Government commissioned report is this week set to recommend that values such as justice and tolerance should be at the centre of citizenship classes for secondary pupils.

The citizenship curriculum review by former headmaster and Home Office adviser Sir Keith Ajegbo is expected to conclude that more emphasis should be placed on British identity and more must be done to proved the 'essential glue' that holds society together.

The SSAT has identified 20 urban areas it says could benefit from the closure of comprehensives dominated by a particular ethnic group.

Sir Cyril said: "In some parts of the country, for example, where children only speak Bangla at home and do not mix with other communities at school, it has become a real strategic security problem.

"They would be much more likely to collaborate with the police and tell them [whether] people within their own community are doing things they shouldn't be doing if they were better integrated.

"Where you have two schools, one that is predominantly white and the other that is majority Bangladeshi or Pakistani, the answer is to close them both and put them together in a new academy operating on a multifaith basis."


roundincircles said...

Welcome to the brave new world of our one-eyed masters.
The lunatics are running the asylum.
The porcine livestock are perfecting farming.
Wait till the Gordon Brownstain NU Labour freakshow is driving Britains ship of state!

Linda Morgan said...

Can you imagine! The government tells you to send your kids to school with those other kids *specifically* because those kids and their families are becoming increasingly dangerous. And without your kids, the government stands little chance of finding out whose big brothers are making the bomb belts to be detonated at the shiny new government schools where your kids' attendance is required.

Well. At least the English government is honest about the whole thing.

Cubed © said...

Oh, I'm SURE that the presence of British (the real McCoy) kids in the predominantly Muslim schools will "dilute" the influence of Islam in the schools.

Yeah, like there's been a lot of success in doing that, what with all the requirement for appeasment and accommodation that's going on.

Sure, unh-hunh, you bet! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Haedline should read.."UK nu-Labour government abandon war on terror, and hand the job over to schoolkids."