Thursday, January 11, 2007

Garbage, garbage everywhere

If there's one thing that Kuala Lumpur has a lot of, it's lots and lots and lots of uncollected garbage. It just sits in ever-growing piles on the streets and sidewalks, rotting and festering in the tropical sun. Perhaps the locals are hoping that Allah, in addition to smiting the evil infidels, also runs an efficient garbage collection service? There's certainly no proof of that, but hope springs eternal...and so does KL street rubbish.

While the streets of my new Korean home are usually litter and garbage free, the same can most definitely not be said of Malaysia, as these photos will readily attest to. Muslims, it is often said, have basic problems even performing the basic maintenance to keep a contemporary society going. If you are looking for some visual manifestation of this primitive Muslim mindset, look no further.


murtad girl said...

I am familiar with the pile of garbage in Kuala Lumpur City. I am very disappointed with the authority whom did not take the responsibility on this issue. Visit Malaysia 2007 is nothing if The own country.

Urban_Infidel said...

Reminds me of the tons of garbage I saw in the streets of Istanbul.

Love your blog, btw. I've been reading it for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Garbage and muck aplenty in our uk equivalent areas.
Seems that cleanliness and Godliness do not go together with all religions equally.
Must be due to the sense of hopeless abandonment of Humanity, and the submission of the human spirit to predestiny.
Whats the point of cleaning up the crap if you believe that you are somehow superior and cleaning is only for "lesser" people?