Friday, January 26, 2007

The Islamization of Europe

Someone in Europe is not idly sitting by as the (seemingly unstoppable) World Jihad goes on with its plotting of the destruction of non Muslim societies.A European blogger going by the name 'No Sharia' has authored a well-researched and carefully-written four-part series that examines this timely topic. If you have a few minutes, it's definitely worth your time:

Part 1: A theory of the Islamization process in European countries [07 Jan, 2007]
Part 2: A Theory of Policies and Laws That Prevents Islamization of a Country - An Integrated Approach [09 Jan, 2007]
Part 3: Reformation of Islam and Various Law and Policy Issues [12 Jan, 2007]
Part 4: Policy Area 4: Religious Freedom And Its Limits [22 Jan, 2007]

Have a look at 'No Sharia's" work, if you please, and let's support our fellow counter-jihadists. Remember, we can count on no true support from anyone other than ourselves.

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UPDATE: We have new sidebar links to No Sharia's site, Islam Watch, and to this series. The website Islam Watch looks like another excellent online resource about the Threat that we are all going to be grappling with for the rest of our lives.

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John Sobieski said...

The problem with 'reforming' Islam is that there is so little good there to work with. Jihad and subjugation of the others is central to Jihad. Oh sure, you got family, but that is the driving theme of Islam. At least not the pure Islam. Ergo, reforming is seen as distortion and destruction of Islam by the pious Muslim. It's a dead end.