Friday, January 19, 2007

A Warning to Christians

I am a Christian, but I do not attend church. I see a lot of Christian folly as they appease and 'dialogue' with Muslims. We know this folly because we have studied Islam, through the history of Islam and Muslims, their actions, their scholars. It's deception by a hundred names and tactics. That is why the Ch4 expose on what the mosques are preaching is so important, not only in England, but Europe, America and Australia. Still you have to wonder how many of those foolish Christians will consider it best to believe the lies and deny their eyes. All you have to do is read their scholars.

The BNP site had this letter to Christians by a concerned Christian. Isn't it ironic in America that the religious leaders looked down upon, like Falwell and Robertson, get it right and reject Islam as an Abrahamic faith; they consider Islam a false religion with an evil false prophet. Then all the elite institutes, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Protestants, suck up to Islam. Why some Jews do, I will never understand.

A warning to Christians.

I do not attend church as often as I should, I nonetheless consider myself a Christian and regard Jesus Christ as my sole saviour and redeemer and I strive to live my life in accord with His teachings. To that end I turn the other cheek, I love my neighbour and I treat others, as I would like to be treated. But, it must also be recognised that we live in an imperfect world and there have to be limits to just how many times a cheek can be turned, for instance. Unfortunately I have learned this life experience the hard way, as they say, and although this may make me less of a Christian in some eyes I certainly don’t feel any less Christian as a consequence. Being a Christian does not require me to play the fool, at least not in my opinion. By that I mean serving Christ does not mean that I should recklessly entertain those who wish to do me and my kind harm. This brings me to the subject of Islam.

As a Christian the Lord teaches me to love my neighbour, a message brought to congregations in a thousand sermons, in a thousand churches, by those who, in the main, derive their experience of life not from the streets and workplaces – but from book theology and the relatively closeted and inward looking world of the Church itself. Should I love the neighbour who sets out to do me harm, should “love thy neighbour” be taken as an absolute commandment? I don’t think so although, admittedly, some do. I believe to do so would be folly and demonstrable folly at that.

This does not mean that you should hate such a neighbour, far from it. It means, in my opinion, you should recognise there are limitations to love and that such limitations are necessarily determined by commonsense exercised within the guiding context of our Christian teachings. Should one offer unlimited love on all occasions to the neighbour who seeks your destruction? Surely not! This is not the Biblical message as far as I am concerned. Yet this is precisely what the Church is doing by embracing Islam. It is holding to its naked bosom the viper that has reaffirmed its dedication, down the centuries, to the total destruction of our Christian Church. Its mission of oblivion for our Church, first formulated on the sands of Arabia and reaffirmed a million times since – even up until the present day – has not been moderated or even modified, far less rescinded at any time since!

The fact that the viper hasn’t bitten on the first occasion, or the second or, indeed, the hundredth is no guarantee of reciprocated brotherly love, anymore than it is a safeguard against that fatal bite – which will inevitably be struck - if that religion is to be true unto itself. For the Church to embrace Islam, even in its “moderate” form – which is, after all, merely the reverse of the same coin struck bearing its founding image of fundamentalism and intolerance - is to embrace its own destruction and constitutes folly, may I say, of biblical proportions.

The devil takes shapes in many ways to deceive those who believe in God.


Ernesto Ribeiro said...


My anti-Islam blogs INFERNO = ISLAM and DYSTOPIA finished being HACKED.

It looks like a hacker on service to the Islamics erased anti-Islam sites.

They put out also the site JahMusic, which was linked to my 2 deleted anti-Islam blogs.

Also hacked my third blog with my photos.

At same day, the periodic site Mídia Sem Máscara ( Media Without Mask) was blocked 2 times.

The right-wing newspaper, which supports the War on Terror, is mine main information source for the files, with endless number articles attacking the islamism.

They already have my name and my face.

To any moment, I can appear dead.

Or then, sooner or later, I’m going to disappear.

Always On Watch Two said...

What an outstanding piece of writing that letter is!

For my own part, here in America I'm done with the mainstream churches. They've been sliding for years and have now embraced the viper, as well as anti-Semitism.

What? Your identity is known?

hackanacka. said...

I believe their is real danger with Islamists who work for ISP's and who have access at network level. Such as Systems Administrators'and engineers.
This is against security rules of companies but these Jihadists will know to cover their tracks.
I have seen this with NTL.
It is also possible that Security personnel working for Government who have jobs monitoring the Network traffic on behalf of Homeland Security or similar, but have double agendas being Moslims, arabic speakers with a private jihad.
Bloggers with security knowledge should share details about protecting from hacks.
Good luck.

Dinah Lord said...

Great post.

Zrinyi's Last Stand said...

Christians need to reflect on their faith and the history of their faith. They have to decide what Islam is: just another sect of Protestantism, a heresy, or worse. I think Islam is slavery to Satan. A Muslim submits to Satan, selling their soul, to become a master in this world over women, children, and infidels. Islam is a religion of domination and power. That's what I've concluded, and thinking that, I'm afraid to go to my Church and hear the preacher call Christians and Muslims brothers in faith. But I'm probably crazy and a heretic.

Anonymous said...

Can you add the New Zealand flag with the other flags too, please.

Secondly Xtra network (a NZ Telecom ISP) is based in the Philippians (which currently has Islamic insurgents). So it pays to check where your ISP is hosted, i.e. what country too.