Friday, January 05, 2007

We're still here

Apologies to all for my dirth of posting, but since my arrival here in Korea (the free half), most of the time, I've been as sick as a (infidel) dog. Apparently my body hasn't been coping well with the change of countries, cultures, climate and food. I'm feeling a bit better today, thankfully.

Let's get back to business, shall we? I'll try to catch up.

Rehashing old news a bit...Saddam's dead, watch the snuff video here. Videographer of said video has already been arrested.

Ubercounterjihadin' blogger Steve Harkonnen is planning a Blogger's Bash the weekend of June 1st at Embassy Suites in Crystal City, Virginia. I will regrettably be unable to attend, but I'm sure Steve would appreciate stateside bloggers who can find the time and money to go. Wishing Steve the best of luck for his planned function and hoping he has a decent turnout. You can go to Steve's website for more and updated info.

The World Jihad suffers a slight setback in Somalia. Glory to the infidel armed forces of Ethiopia who engineered the rout. Sadly, the Somalian jihadists of Al Qaeda who one second ago were promising a fight 'to martydom' have ignominously retreated from the battle. This isn't over--watch this space.

We got an intriguing email about an effort in the US to set up a counterjihad third party. This new party is calling itself the Loyalist Party. PI has broached the topic of the need for a third political party before, but this seems to be the first time anyone anywhere has tried to actually do it. I'm curious and hopeful, but at the same time, I'm not trying to get my hopes up too much, as the Dems and 'Publicans have a vicegrip lock on the whole electoral process from top to bottom.

There's our wrap-up for now. Shabbat Shalom and see you all again soon.

UPDATE: Have added a link to the Loyalist Party in our sidebar near the top. Do pay them a visit if you can.


Eyes said...

Hey PI, Sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather. Watch out for the MSG. They put it in everything and some people are allergic (my husband for example).

I'll check out the Loyalist Party, but normally a 3rd party just splinters the party which is closest in ideology. Nadar - dems and Perot - repubs... Clinton wouldn't have won the first time if it wasn't for Perot. So, that's the risk...

Always On Watch Two said...

Take care of yourself. Blog when you can. We understand.

Emerson Twain said...

Glad to hear you're out of islamia. Live long and prosper.

thanx said...

Hey have you tried the traditional Korean National dish?
Kum-Shi, I think its's called.
It's a bit like Sauerkraut with the addition of massive amounts of garlic, chillies and everything hot!
It has been shown to cure bird-flu in some chickens.
Trouble is they could not lay eggs again, ever!
If you get my drift.
Keep well.