Monday, January 22, 2007

When Europe Goes Islamic, What Will America Do?

Europe will be an Islamic nation within the next 50 years. And not much a a battle will occur. Channel 4's mosque expose shows how the Fifth Column is actively and openly plotting the demise of England. And hardly a ripple of dissent is heard from the political elite. Paris and all French cities are now surrounded by the Fifth Column. The same phenomena is happening in Brussels, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Yet the criticsm of Islam by the political elite is practically nil. As the European countries fall into the deathgrip of Islam, what will America do? Will we establish relations with the new Eurabian Caliphate? Will we continue to allow the Muslims to islamize America? Will we continue to allow Muslims to come to America? Will we continue to pretend it is a natural evolution of civilization? Is it fate that Islam will conquer the West? It is discouraging to see so many intellectuals eager to see the destruction of the West. Perhaps they believe they will have a favored seat in the new Caliphate? That is what a lot of the Euro elites believe. They have their cake, their wealth, their luxurious home and fine material goods. They don't believe Islam will impact their lifestyle because their money and favoritism by their new masters will assure the good life continues for them.

Europe is drowning in the Muslim cesspool they have dumped onto themselves. The elites are in their boats, merrily buzzing through the sludge, only occasionally commenting about the stench, but oblivious to their citizens who fear the Muslims. Europe has so few leaders of any integrity. The Europe I admired is sinking and all America can do is watch. Our leaders are ignorant and confused. To think the truth, to speak the truth is politically incorrect, so the West thrashes about, taking their final breath before they go under. Then what will America do?


Miss Chris said...

America better wake up and smell the coffee before it's too late. I'm afraid for us and Europe too. Honestly, I don't know what the U.S. would do regarding your proposed question.

John Sobieski said...

I do not know either. That will leave only America and Australia. Our only hope is to fuel the natural divisions in Islam so that Islam is constantly at war with itself and not the infidels.

wagonslit said...

A new Exodus of what remains of the Britons. You will have to contend with a nuclear Britain and France.
Rwing, you may need smelling salts along with the Javalava.
The usurpers know the history of the Europeans and lust for possession of their birthright, and all the wealth and technology, ready made.
It's kind of "CivlisationRus" for the taking. And our dear leaders are preparing the sleeping draughts for the populace. Feel no pain, just go to sleep, 3000 years of growth and development swept away to the darkness of erased memory.

Maybe world climate change, food shortages, and unpredictable natural forces may thwart those who are so cock-sure of their stolen inheritance.
Will they reap the whirlwind?

Cubed © said...

What will we do? We'll fight like hell.

We have been so damned brainwashed by the postmodernists that many of us (but obviously, not ALL of us) have trouble getting our heads out of the sand.

When we hit bottom - and I know that it may take "hitting bottom" like an addict - we will wake up and do what's necessary, I'm confident of it.

I, for one, am so bleeping mad that I could chew nails and spit rust. What makes me foaming-at-the-mouth maddest is the fact that we could do it today, and in about ten days, we would not have to deal with the buggers.

That day will come, but every day we wait, it gets harder and involves more problems for us.

Oh, well, better late than never, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

You presume America will survive Europes fall?

That seems naive to me! America is allowing tens of millions of turd world immigrants to pour into America!

Millions of Africans, Arabs, Oreintals and Hispanics.

By 2050, Europe may be Islamic, but America will be the new South Africa, overrun by animals in human form, with the civilised people in hiding!

Anonymous said...

Jesus, and what about Russia, expected to go Muslim within 30 years. The world's larget supply of nukes in the hands of nutjobs....