Sunday, February 25, 2007

Anti-Semitism in Korea

Anti-semitism in Korea, sadly, is alive and well. For proof of that, look no further than this best-selling Korean comic book (10 million copies sold and still selling strong).

But it gets worse than that. Today in my English class, I asked my Korean students to write about this Korean comic book, to tell me if they agreed or not with its preposterous claims. Here are some of their answers, reproduced here word-for-word (any grammatical mistakes below are the student's, and not mine).

All the claims made in this comic book are based on the American financial world being completely dominated by the Jews. In other words, America can never possibly be free from the Jews. I agree with the claims made in the comic book.

Like the books says, American finance is controlled by the Jews and naturally the American economy controls the world economy which eventually leads to the controlling the world of politics. This enabled the Jews to succeed in creating the Federal Reserve System that regulates the American currency supply.

And another student wrote this:
It is true that Jews control the most part of the United States. The reason why America helps Israel is that Jews are play an important role in U.S.

In addition, Jews have a large amount of money of the world, so it is true that we (Koreans) feel the Jews as a huge wall. It is just feeling of our citizen, and the author (of the comic book) wrote it truely.

And finally, this student penned these words of wisdom:
...there can't be doubt that Jews control America...For instance, America conquered Iraq although there is no clear reason to conquer Iraq. By the way, Jews have been opponent of Iraq because their land was lost by Iraq in history. So, it is clear that the Jews control America and they commanded America to conquer Iraq.

Yes, they really think do this way!

Keep in mind, these are 17-18 year-old, well-educated, English-speaking Koreans that come from well-to-do families. These are precisely the sort of people who should know better!

But, sadly, they don't. Their blind acceptance and belief in such nonsense is alarming. And who is going to stand up for the Jews in this country?


European Kafir said...

Assuming that these students are not even Muslims, one has to really question their state of mind. Or rather, the educational system in North Korea. They seem to be just as brainwashed as Muslims... scary, sad and unbelievably stupid.

European Kafir said...

Correction: to above comment, I meant SOUTH Korea.

Anonymous said...


Interesting post.. The True Christians should stand up for the Jews.. and Israel..

My post may lend some light:

Keep up the good work..


Anonymous said...


Keep on doing whatever you can; you may actually reach an independent mind or two - one like yours.

You say, "Keep in mind, these are 17-18 year-old, well-educated, English-speaking Koreans that come from well-to-do families. These are precisely the sort of people who should know better!

I have to agree with European Kafir; it has a lot, if not everything, to do with the educational system of [South] Korea - just as it does with the educational systems in the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, etc. They have been in the clutches of the postmodernists far too long.

If they were truly "well educated" by the time they got to your class, they would know more about history, more about economics, more about philosophy, more about just about everything. Unfortunately, their acceptance of this kind of crap isn't "blind," it's "directed," just as it is in the U.S. - "directed" by the postmodernists (an umbrella term that includes, since about 1960, the Left, the Liberals, the Progressives, the Communists, the Fascists - all those who oppose "modernism," a.k.a. the Englightenment).

Young kids between puberty and around 30 are predisposed to accept these sorts of oppositional views of anything they regard as an authority for the same reasons that most active terrorists are young males; the medial prefrontal cortex is still immature.

The brain matures from back to front, and the medial prefrontal cortex, which deals with judgement, assessment of the significance of information, etc., is way up in the front of the brain (things like "vision" are in the back). Because of this, prior to the age of about 30, which is when the medial prefrontal cortex begins serious maturation, we see the attitudinal and behavioral problems typical of "The Young."

If you want to delve into the clinical details just a bit more, see this piece on why active terrorists are so often young males - the same mechanism is involved.

We can't rearrange the way the brain matures and organizes itself, but we can sure as hell see to it that elementary age kids are supplied with a good - make that an excellent - education that supplies them with the facts and mental set that are carried through puberty into adolesence and young adulthood, and provide them with the means of acquiring a rock-solid education and philosophy based on reason, not on postmodernist crap. The only elementary school I know of that's doing this 100% is the VanDamme Academy of Laguna Hills, California. The Founder/director says that we need a pedagogical revolution, and given what our young people (and their parents) all over the world are doing, saying, and thinking these days, I would have to agree. Talk about your "mob psychology!"

Always On Watch said...

Hints of The Protocols of Zion?

Eyes said...

I wonder if that lunatic in N Korea was somehow involved in the publication of this book?? Sounds like there's something rotten in Denmark. The young S Koreans definitely have a screw loose. The older ones remember the horrors of the Korean War, and aren't so stupid. But ignorance abounds all over the world.