Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bush and RINO's Plan to Destroy the Republican Party

Bush is planning to destroy the Republican Party by June 2007. How? Bush plans to armtwist a third of the Republicans in Congress to vote for the McCain/Kennedy/Pelosi/Reid/Bush AMNESTY bill now being cooked up by McCain and Kennedy. It will transform the US into a Hispanic majority nation within a generation. But it will destroy the Republican Party forever. As a lifelong Republican, I will abandon the Republican Party if this Amnesty Bill is passed. Don't write me for donations. Don't tell me it's no big deal. It is over. I must lookout for myself and work hard to isolate myself from America's coming destruction. The Republican Party will divide in two or will become a smaller RINO only party as I and others who feel betrayed leave the Party and in many cases, political activism. Why fight for any group when the most 'conservative' party hardly represents you but looks more and more like a copy of the Democrat socialist party. Corporate greed and liberalism will have consumed and destroyed the Republican party. Maybe it is as it should be. A corrupted party should be destroyed. Perhaps from its ashes in decades from now, a new conservative party can arise. Perhaps.


Flanders Fields said...

I am with you, John. If the republicans go with this, they are signing the death warrant for the party. The choice will no longer be between the lesser of two evils. Increased immigration will destroy our country and our rights as citizens in any real meaning of those rights. Leftist republicans who hide as neocons will be identifiable from thier support and votes. Both parties have already failed us.

Anonymous said...

Cubed here.

I used to think that Bush cared about his "legacy."

Let's see - he remained so ignorant about Islam that he refused to do what was necessary to win the damned war in Iraq, he tried to sell us out to Dubai, he utterly refuses to do anything about the borders (NAU, anyone?), he throws Border Patrol Agents who are doing their job into jail, and now, he wants to welcome 8000 - is that number correct? - Iraqis into the U.S. (I guess he figures that's some sort of "rescue mission" for those who worked with us before we retreat in defeat), and it goes on and on.

I don't know if he's evil or just plain overwhelmed by events he is incapable of understanding.

He doesn't have much time left to salvage his "legacy." Which, in my opinion, is burned toast.

A Free Man said...

I agree, that this 'amnesty' would be absurd! America has always been majority WASP, some people seem to think one's race and culture have little to no bearing on the wider culture of the nation!
This is a monumental folly, one that will just end in bloodshed!