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"Ethnic cleansing" in the Middle East

First of all, I have to admit that I don't have much sympathies for Palestinians, but I found the following article (Jerusalem Post online) rather interesting. Am I wrong or doesn't the UN and many governments keep condemning Israel for "oppressing" or "abusing" (whatever terms some Islamists might whisper into the ears of certain politicians) Palestinians?

It's well known that no Arab country wants them, and the article only proves what has been known for a long time. Isn`t it rather hypocritical that the very same countries which don`t want Palestinian people to immigrate to their own lands, are the ones who are the first to attack Israel for even stepping onto any Palestinian's foot.

And sad but true...our Western politicians are joining into each round of anti-Israeli whining. Where are our politicians when Hamas and Fatah are killing each other? Not that this really bothers me, don`t get me wrong here, but I am just wondering why it seems to be a big issue each time when a Palestinian gets killed or "abused" by the regular IDF (Israeli DEFENSE Forces). Meanwhile, when they are killing each other, and it looks like they are getting rather badly treated in Iraq and other "brother" countries...we don`t hear any official protests.

Are Western politicians really that blind and deaf? Would it prove them having been wrong in the past for quietly accepting any attack on Israel by the Palestinian/Arab side?

Do they keep quiet about the "Ethnic cleansing" (refering to the article below), because they might to finally have to admit that the problem is NOT Israel but the other side, the one whom they keep siding with?

Again... lots of questions, ones that no politician will answer.

Palestinians: 'Ethnic cleansing' in Iraq

After 18 members of her family were brutally murdered by Shi'ite militiamen in Baghdad, Nadia Othman, a 36-year-old Palestinian mother of three, finally managed to escape to Jordan together with hundreds of Palestinian families that had been living in Iraq for decades.

In 2006, more than 600 Palestinians were killed in the Iraqi capital in what Palestinian leaders and political activists are describing as a "systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing." Thousands of Palestinian families have been forced to flee Iraq since the downfall of Saddam Hussein, but many still have no place to go to.

Iraq's Arab neighbors, Syria and Jordan, have imposed stringent restrictions on the entry of the refugees, leaving many of them stranded along the border in harsh and inhuman conditions.
Until three years ago, the number of Palestinians living in Iraq was estimated at 30,000. Under Saddam, Palestinians enjoyed many privileges that only a few Iraqis were entitled to: free accommodation, free health services and free education.

Today, Nadia said, "There are less than 10,000 Palestinians living in Iraq and most of them are afraid to walk out of their homes. My sister, who stayed behind, told me this week that she hasn't left her apartment in the Baladiyat suburb of Baghdad for the past three weeks for fear of being killed by Shi'ite militiamen. I'm very concerned for the safety of my mother and five brothers who have still not been able to escape from Iraq."

Nadia's decision to leave her home came shortly after one of her brothers, Muhammad Rashid, was killed by Shi'ite gunmen as he was on his way to the school where he worked as an Arabic language teacher.

"The murderers stopped him in the street, asked for his ID documents, and when they saw that he was a Palestinian refugee, they immediately fired three bullets at his head," she said. "On the same day, they kidnapped and murdered Farid Al-Sayed, chairman of the Palestinian-controlled Haifa Sports Club in Iraq."

Another Palestinian who fled Iraq and was recently reunited with his family in the northern West Bank described the campaign against the Palestinians in Iraq as "genocide." The Shi'ites, particularly the pro-Iranian Mahdi Army, are waging a war to eliminate the entire Palestinian population in Iraq, he told The Jerusalem Post. "This is a real genocide. Why isn't the international community doing anything to stop this? How come none of the Arab countries has even issued a statement condemning the atrocities?"

He said Palestinians who were still living in Baghdad are so afraid that they are using forged documents to conceal their true identity. "It's very dangerous to be a Palestinian in Iraq," he said. "The murderers stop you in the street and ask you to say a few sentences. If they see that you have a Palestinian accent, they make you stand against the wall and shoot you. These are ruthless murderers."

In the past few months, he added, he heard "horror" stories about Palestinians who were kidnapped and brutally tortured by the Shi'ite militiamen. "Some have had their ears and noses cut off," he said. "I saw them with my own eyes. The heads of some victims were severed and sent to their families. Many families have had their homes ransacked before they were forced to leave."

Zakariya Al-Agha, head of the PLO Refugees Department, expressed deep concern over the fate of the Palestinians in Iraq.

"A large number of Palestinians who ran away from Iraq are now living in a makeshift refugee camp in the Ruwaished area near the Iraq-Jordan border," he said. "The Jordanian authorities have allowed many to enter the kingdom, especially those families whose parents carry Jordanian citizenship, but that is not enough."

Agha said another 400 Palestinians were now living in tents provided by humanitarian organizations along the border between Syria and Iraq after the Syrian authorities denied them entry. "Others were more fortunate to find shelter in Egypt and Yemen," he said. "Just last week another four Palestinians were abducted and brutally murdered in Baghdad. Our people in Iraq are facing ethnic cleansing and this is a real tragedy."

According to information gathered by Agha's department, some 100 Palestinians who were kidnapped in the past few months are still missing and presumed dead. In addition, the Iraqi authorities have arrested dozens of Palestinians for unspecified charges.

A Palestinian man who was released two weeks ago from prison in Iraq said his interrogators repeatedly accused him and all Palestinians of supporting Saddam Hussein's suppression of the Shi'ites over the past three decades. He had been kidnapped together with 40 Palestinians from the Amin neighborhood in Iraq.

"When we arrived at the prison," he said, "the Shi'ite militiamen began shouting, 'We have brought the Palestinians, we have brought the terrorists!' After they beat us for hours, they took us for questioning. They kept asking, 'Why do you Palestinians love Saddam Hussein so much? Why did you take to the streets to protest against his execution? We want all the Palestinians out of Iraq or else we will finish off all of you.'"

Khairiyeh Yehya, director of a think-tank organization in Jenin, said Palestinians in Iraq were paying a heavy price "just because of their nationality."

"The defenseless Palestinians... have become easy prey for the agents of the American occupation and all those who hate our people," she said. "How can anyone justify these killings?"
Atef Udwan, minister for refugees affairs in the Hamas-led government, said his office was searching for a way to allow the Palestinians in Iraq to move to the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

"This requires a political solution," he said. "We need to persuade Israel to give these poor people permission to enter our territories. This is a purely humanitarian issue that must be addressed urgently."

UPDATE: Link to original article now included (just click on this post's title).


Lizzy said...

I don't feel sorry for them...if you lay with dogs you get fleas! Why should the solution be to ship them back where they can become suicide bombers? There are no Palestinians these people are fakes, thieves and murderers from Syria Jordan and Egypt. The so-called refuges of Israel were in the same number as the refugees at the same time of the jewish people coming in....diffrence is as Jews we were welcomed to our brothers country and intergrated in. They still sit and wallow and don't even try to fact they are discouraged from integrating. thanks
Ra'anana, Israel

European Kafir said...

lizzzz thank you for your comment, I couldn`t agree more!

John Sobieski said...

Exactly Liz. That article forgets to tell you that they are SUNNIS and of course, they chose Saddam as their hero and protector. They loved getting free housing and money from Saddam and had no problem with his tyranny. Sounds just the PALs in the palestinian territories doesn't it. Just different 'hosts.' Now the parasites are looking for another host. I'm sure Condi will get thousands into America so they can live off us and plot our destruction. Count me in the zero sympathy column. Do you think for a minute they would grieve for America if there was a nuclear attack here. Not for a second.

Anonymous said...

Well, I DO feel sorry for them.

Islam's borders are bloody, but so are Islam's innards. And, there is a tribal ingredient, too. The blame for all of this needs to get dumped right in the lap of the Islamic Arab nations, because that's where it belongs.

There was no such a thing as a "Palestinian" -- they were Arabs. Then, when modern Israel was born as a nation, the Islamic Arab nations decided to hate Israel and try to destroy it, and the "Palestinians" became a convenient issue they could cynically use. Instead of welcoming the "Palestinians" into their nations and resolving their issues peacefully, they chose to keep those people in the most miserable conditions they could, stuck next to Israel's borders, hoping to use them to fight Israel.

The oil-producing Islamic Arab world certainly has enough wealth to peacefully develop areas now under the Palestinian Authority; but they learned from their Prophet not to build and love, but to destroy and hate. Even as many Palestinians commit terrorist atrocities against Israel, yet the Palestinians themselves are victims of the hatred from their "brothers".

Liz, I feel bad for anyone stuck in that Empire of Hatred established by Allah's Apostle.

Lizzy said...

I have seen far too many dead on my side of the fence to feel compassion compassion has become limited to my own family and friends effected by this religion of peace. I used to feel more but I am human after all and when I hear over and over that the Leaders of these people want me and my family and friends dead and wiped out "from the river to the Sea" I quote their words,and when you see them march in streets calling for the death of all zionist(code word for Jews) and when they elect a Government in a democratic process that basically wants Israel wiped out....It makes all compassion go out the window. YEs the leadership is to blame for not allowing these people to inntegrate but that is not my problem. I wil worry about my problems first like making sure I only go to shopping areas that do metal checks or pat downs at the door for men and bag checks for both sexes or if we are on high alert because someone got through a check point that shouldn't have ect.... So no I refuse to feel sorry for a people that is a thorn in our side, thier very exsistance is one of the biggest lies that the the arabs ever told and as Jews we continue to pay in blood.
I kindly agree to disagree.
Ra'anana Israel

Anonymous said...

Hey, Liz!

I hear you! Believe me, I feel much worse for the innocent, decent people in Israel who have this insanity stuck right on their border.

Israel constantly gets attacked in what you point out is a fight for its very survival; when Israel finally takes decisive action to fight back in self-defense, Israel is the side that gets condemned.

History has shown that weakness only encourages these folks. And Israel's military strength gets undercut by the world's diplomatic weakness. So, Israel's battlefield victories -- in a war of self-defense and survival! -- are given away at the negotiating table, so those guys can try again to drive Israel into the sea the next time they feel strong enough.

And you are absolutely right to worry about your problems first; anything less would be dereliction of duty -- your duty to innocent people.

If the rest of the world had any guts in dealing with bullies of the Middle East (and of the world, these days -- Islamic terrorism has been worldwide for decades), instead of taking the wimpy way out and blaming the victim, the other side would back down, and things would be better, not just for Israel, but for the Arabs, too. As Netanyahu said: "It's the regimes, stupid."

Things will get better, Liz. Meanwhile, have a laugh on the terrorists: We Do This for Allah (and Our Seventy-Two Virgins)

European Kafir said...

nevsky, i would like to have a laugh too, but your link does not seem to work. :-(