Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Gathering of Eagles

From PI's inbox...hat tip Steve Harkonnen

On March 17th, there will be a meeting in Washington D.C. of several left-wing agitation groups. They plan to protest against the war and other aspects of American foreign and domestice policy.

In attendance will be the usual suspects along with several leftist, anti-American Islamic groups. The plan is for the demonstration to begin at the Viet Nam War Memorial and end at the Pentagon.

As a veteran, I can think of few more disgusting acts than for America haters to set foot on soil dedicated to the preservation of the memories of America’s warriors whom have given their lives to safeguard our country.

A group, “Gathering of Eagles” has called for all Americans interested in safeguarding the Viet Nam War Memorial to meet in Washington on the 17th of March. There will be a counter-demonstration.

Please visit them at: http://gatheringofeagles.org/ for more information.

I want to stress that many of the Islamist groups that may attend have reputations for violence. Be wary of your surroundings, always have an exit strategy, pay attention to the police and comply with their requests. If you have children, you may want to seriously consider not bringing them.

Andrew WhiteheadDirector, Anti-Council on American-Islamic Relations (ACAIR)


Always On Watch Two said...

I see that Steve notified you as well. I, too, posted this information.

Anonymous said...

You should hear the uk human righteousness lawyers crowing about the EU report on secret-rendition accusations, over here.
They amount to a full blown attack on the US.
Some of us will never forget America's sacrifices for Freedom in the West.
So some things get dirty, but can you fight a war with custard pies?
Just what do the leftist loony-bin think they will get if ever US withdraws from Europe?
How did these fools get their hatred of their own blood cousins?
I s==t on them from a great height.