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Islam Started In A Shitty Sandhole Called Mecca...

and for 1380 years has terrorized the world. Yet many people who I am suppoed to believe are 'experts' or wise tell me lies out of ignorance or intent. I remember when I first realized the truth about Islam. It was a few months after 9/11 and a lot of research and reading. I was literally unable to eat for a day and after that did not have a decent appetite for a week. The torment of Islam would be with me for the rest of my life and many generations thereafter. To realize what fools we have been played by the Arabs, the Palestinians, the Muslims. Everything was a sham. Deception the rule. When I first read the Prophet of Doom site, I did not yet understand. I believed the Prophet of Doom site was 'too extreme', 'too unbelievable.' Recently I have gone back to read parts of the site again and now it is so real. So truthful with no political correctness. I give you the Prologue to Prophet of Doom. So many of our leaders do not really take religion seriously, not really. They consider the prophecies derived from the Bible as allegorical, stories. Likewise, they consider the Quran as allegorical where anything can be interpreted as kind as so many parts of the Bible are, especially the New Testament.

There is just no excuse. Political correctness and multiculturalism cannot be this blinding. This dumbing down of the senses looks ridiculous from my mind. Intelligent men seeking reality in denial; a folly I can only watch in disgust. Because political correctness and multiculturalism was never that glorious to me, I never closed on the purchase, but evidently a lot of our leaders have.

The Prophet ot Doom - Prologue

Suppose you stumbled upon the Constitution of an organization that was terrorizing the world. Would you ignore such a document, or would you read it? Suppose you discovered that this Constitution’s most prominent themes were pain and punishment, thievery and violence, intolerance and war. If the regime’s charter ordered its devotees to kill, plunder, and terrorize, would you sound an alarm?
What if this Constitution was supported by a manifesto that contained the only authorized biography of the regime’s founder, and the first devotees of this doctrine, its co-founders, said that their leader was a sexual predator, a pirate, and a terrorist? If you found such evidence, what would you do with it? What if this leader motivated his mercenaries to murder and mayhem by allowing them to keep what they had stolen in the name of the cause - their victim’s homes, businesses, money - even their women and children?
All right, no more hypotheticals. I'm going to share some passages from this Constitution - from the covenant of the world’s largest and most violent organization. I have changed the names to disguise the source without altering the message. "Your leader has sent you from your homes to fight for the cause. Your leader wished to confirm the truth by his words: wipe those who disagree with us out to the last. We shall terrorize everyone who is unlike us! So smite them on their necks and every joint, and incapacitate them, for they are opposed to our doctrine and our leader. Whosoever opposes our doctrine and our leader should know that we are severe in retribution. And know that one-fifth of what you acquire as booty in war is for our great leader (the rest is for you). The use of such spoils is lawful and good."
This popular and misunderstood Constitution says: "Fight them till all opposition ends and only our doctrine rules. If you meet anyone who disagrees with us in battle, inflict on them such a defeat as would be a lesson for those who come after them, that they may be warned. Slaughter those who disagree with us wherever you find them. Lie in wait for them. They are specimens of foolishness. Punish them so that our superior dogma and leader can put them to shame. If you apprehend treachery from a people with whom we have a treaty, retaliate by breaking it off. Those who do not think like us should know that they cannot bypass our doctrine. Surely they cannot get away. Fight them until they pay a heavy tax in submission to us; how perverse are they. Our leader and his doctrine will damn them. For anyone who offends our leader or opposes our doctrine will receive a painful punishment. We will burn them alive. So prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster, that you may strike terror in the enemies of our cause!"
This Constitution is genuine, and millions follow its message. Exposing it - understanding it - might actually save you from the wrath it inspires. The covenant goes on to say: "Our great leader urged all who agree with us to fight. If there are twenty among you with determination, you will vanquish two hundred; and if there are a hundred, then you will vanquish a thousand of our enemy, for they are a people devoid of understanding. Our great leader drove your enemy back in fury. He motivated our side in battle. He made their citizens flee from their homes and he terrorized them so that you killed some and made many captive. Our great leader made you inherit their lands, homes, and wealth, and gave you a country you had not traversed before."
This sounds like a terrorist manifesto - a covenant for war and genocide. Does anything this immoral, this out-of-touch with human decency, actually exist? If it did, and if it were this blatant, you'd expect to see its followers amassing their weaponry. You'd expect them to rise up and terrorize the world. Not only would they feel it was their duty to kill, you'd expect their fallen assassins to be immortalized - hailed as martyrs and paraded down crowded streets, banners waving, tears flowing, guns blazing, with angry diatribes spewing from hate-filled faces. You'd expect them to wage war under the guise of doctrinal supremacy, wouldn't you? And if there were such people, our journalists and politicians would have ferreted them out, exposed them, and protected us. Right?
Wrong! With the exception of changing the names of the perpetrators and their victims, what you read is from the actual Constitution of an enormous, rapidly growing, extremely well funded, and horrendously violent worldwide cult. And as bad as that sounds, it gets worse in context. The manifesto proudly proclaims that unarmed civilians were annihilated by armed gangs. Men were decapitated on the orders of the dogma’s founder. Thousands of children were sold into slavery. Women were raped - the leader himself participating. Townships were plundered, businesses were looted, and productive assets were destroyed. The villains slept in their victims' beds, abusing their wives and daughters. And each bloody affair was meticulously recorded by the founder’s companions and later chronicled by the regime’s most-esteemed clerics.
It’s time to turn the page. Let’s look at what the founder’s companions had to say about their leader in his manifesto. Once again, I will change the names but nothing else. "Kill them, for he who kills them will get a great reward. Our great leader said, 'Our doctrine assigns for a person who participates in battles in our cause to be rewarded with booty if he survives, or he will be admitted into the Hall of Heroes if he is killed in the battle as a martyr. Had I not found it difficult for my followers to do without me I would have remained in army units fighting great battles and would have loved to have been martyred for the cause.'"
The regime’s founder is quoted in the doctrine’s anti-Semitic manifesto saying, "Issue orders to kill every Jew in the country." He was asked, "What is the best deed?" by one of his devotees. The dictator replied, "To believe in me and our doctrine." "What is the next best deed?" the devotee queried. "To fight on behalf of our cause," he answered. At the end of one such conflict, one of the regime’s lieutenants told his commander, "We have conquered another nation. The captives and the booty have all been collected. Now, my leader, may I take a slave girl from among the prisoners?" "Take any one you like," the warlord replied, raping one himself. Ever mindful of his duty, this regime’s leader proclaimed, "Embrace our doctrine first and then fight." Followed by, "I have been made victorious with terror!"
You have stumbled upon the Constitution of the world’s largest nation - and it’s not China or Russia. You've just heard the words of its founding father, and he’s not Lenin, Mao, or Hitler. And today, this doctrine’s adherents are doing what their founder and Constitution ordered: fighting, ravaging civilians, stealing the world’s possessions, and using them to terrorize.
Since it’s happening according to plan, shouldn't we muster the courage to expose it - to speak out against it? Or should we remain silent for fear of offending them? The answer is obvious. Or is it? What if the names I substituted were Allah, Muhammad, and Islam? What if it’s a "religion?"
This "Constitution" is the Qur'an. The "manifesto" is the Islamic Hadith. The citizens of this nation are Muslims. They're doing what they were ordered to do. They left their homes to fight infidels; they stole our planes, ravaged our economy, and slaughtered innocents in the name of Allah. They even confessed to the crime. Yet not a single national spokesperson or politician has had the courage to hold Islam accountable.


Anonymous said...

Cubed here (not "Ann")


"Prophet of Doom" is an excellent book, one that belongs on the resource shelf of all of us who are oppose Islam. It was one of the first books about Islam that we got after reading the Koran itslef.

I enjoyed your initial reasponse, that what it had to say was "too extreme." Unfortunately, that's where far too many people remain today, including, it would appear, our President. Islam is "extreme." That's the bottom line.

You probably already know about the novel written by Winn and Power, but I'll mention it just to let other folks know too: it's "Tea with Terrorists."

Although it is a novel, many of the events are real, first-hand experiences of the author. It has been "fictionalized" in order to qualify as a novel, so while some of the story line is outdated (it was written in 2003), the facts remain, and it is an exciting adventure.

The authors say, as we now know, "This evil is Islam. Not some radical frincge group, not some fanatical terrorist organization like al-Qaeda or Hamas. Islam itself.

He goes on to say "You will learn why their demented doctrine causes them - commands them - to kill. You'll see what drives impressionable Islamic youth to madness and murder. You'll discover that terror is the true legacy of Muhammad. And you'll discern what can be done to save America, Israel, and the entire Free World from this cancerous scourge.

It's a great read.

cubed said...

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