Saturday, February 17, 2007

Jew Thrown Under The Bus by Jews!

In my previous article about Hebrew University Professor Raphi Israeli, who is on a speaking tour in Australia and his warning about Muslim immigration. He was supposed to be on a 6 week lecture tour in Australia sponsored by Australian Jews. Canceled, and apologies and groveling to the Muslims engaged. So many messengers, but are there enough buses? At least he is still standing proud after getting hit by a dhimmibus.

Read more about it at Israpundit but I'll post Prof. Israeli's personal communique regarding his abandonment by the Jews of Australia:

‘I became a celebrity two days after I arrived, and that subsumed all the rest of my activities. And then the storm erupted which made the dhimmi-like Jewish leadership [] cancel all activities, in a shameful submission to the Muslim thugs and under the false claims of a “multi-cultural society” in Australia, which they know is not true.

The story is two-sided: I gave an interview and said many harsh words about Islam in Europe which the reporter extrapolated as applying to Australia too. The other issue is the political correctness which does not allow those things to be said, though privately, everyone supports what I said. In any case, my teaching on Islam stands and it even increased recruitment, but the public lecturing tour was cancelled and the Jewish leadership shamefully disowned me instead ofstanding up for me. I blamed the violence of Muslim in the world (and by implication here), but they chose to accuse the messenger, apologized to the thugs and brought upon themselves the disgrace of unconditional submission.
They do not want to rock the boat, they are scared to stir the mood and the easiest way for them was to sacrifice the guest they invited, thus punishing, not me, but the Jewish audiences who need the education for which I was brought here.
I was also struck by the provinciality of the place, where a minor item of gossip of an individual who said something becomes a national issue. I am not the Minister of Immigration. Before me the PM and Minister of Finance Costello have said harsher things after Muslim riots, but someone elected to seize upon this opportunity now and sweep Australia into a storm in a tea-cup.’

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