Wednesday, February 07, 2007

LaughYourHeadOff Mohammed Cartoon Winners Announced announced the winners of their Muhammed cartoon contest. The three winning entries are below. Meanwhile in France, one of the papers that had the nerve to print the original Danish cartoons goes to trial for offending Muslims.


Cubed © said...

Good choices! The "toilet paper" one brings to mind a weapon of terror that I would like to see used: You get a golly-wump of pig poop, dilute it with whatever until it is the consistency of heavy cream, mix it with the kind of adhesives that were used in chemical weapons (so that the stuff would stick to the skin), and then drop it on every mosque (and every road leading to mosques) in town.

Poop is bad enough, no matter WHAT its source is, and for the Islamic aggressors, pig poop just might produce widespread cardiovascular collapse!

I think we should change the rules of engagement to allow the use of disgusting weapons!

John Sobieski said...

I think a caricature of Muslim being cornholed by a pig would be a WMD (Weapon of Mass Disgust).

Anonymous said...

PVA building adhesive would act as a suitable water-based carrier, which when dry, would set as a very tough "paint"
pig-poop-paint would be sprayable and with large agricultural/building spray apparatus, could be used to ppp a whole building, making it strictly haram and out of bounds!
Necessity is the Mothers of Invention.

Anonymous said...

OMG heads will literally roll...embassy's will burn and Nun's will be shot in the back. All infidels run for the hills...noone is safe!!!!! That being said...I am typing from the floor because I fell off my chair laughing! Good one I needed a good laugh!