Sunday, February 18, 2007

A letter to Bloomberg

Re your article at:

Thank-you for your article. Although it tells a somewhat more accurate story of the practice of this religion than many, it still falls far short of what your readers must know.

May I point out something about Islam. When you say that '``But there are many varieties of Islam.'' There certainly are, ...' you leave the reader thinking that this religion allows for a variety of expressions.

I would like to tell you that it doesn't. Unless you recognize this together with your journalist friends, civilization & our freedom are in mortal danger.

Of course many 'Muslims' are peaceful, but these are no Muslims! You must understand that these so called peaceful Muslims are not practising what & how the Koran prescribes.

The most perfect expression of Islam is found in the life of Mohammed himself. The most perfect Muslims are those who emulate his life now. They do what is written in the Koran & what Mohammed did. They are responsible for the butchery and mayhem of innocent people just as demonstrated by Mohammed. You can read their essays on what it means to 'slaughter with patience', as demonstrated by the Prophet.

Look at what the Koran teaches. This is what these so-called radicals & fanatics are obeying. Don't be misled by the 'peaceful' and 'conciliatory' passages, because these have been 'abrogated' by the later passages of the Koran & Hadith that rant about the extermination of all Jews and Christians.

If you need any help finding these let me know, but I will recommend something now. The heart of Islam today is in Saudi Arabia. Here Sharia Law finds good expression. No Jew is allowed to set foot in the country. Why? Here is an example of what is taught children on Saudi TV:

Watch this short video & weep for this child. Weep for a whole generation.

Please stop & think about what is happening in the world. Please give your readers the truth.

Here you can read about the end-times view of Islam. This is widely preached. There is no comfort in that they recognize Jesus or Moses. Please read this & refer your friends to this:

Have a nice day.

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You should include a link to

in your letter and send it to Bloomberg. The possibility of it being published is remote, but one has to try.