Thursday, February 15, 2007

Madrid Train Bombers Were Terrorized and Humiliated After Arrest!

Oh the humanity. It doesn't matter that they were trying to kill thousands of infidels and only succeeded in killing less than 200. No what is more important is that their religion was not respected after they were arrested. These policeman and guards should be executed for insulting Islam. So goes this Bloomberg article. Can you believe it?

Madrid Bomb Ringleader Saw Koran Insulted in Jail, Court Hears
By Ben Sills
Feb. 15 (Bloomberg) -- One of the ringleaders of the group accused of carrying out the Madrid train bombings was stripped and insulted by Spanish prison guards who threw his Koran on the floor, Spain's National Court heard.
Rabei Osman el Sayed Ahmed, 35, faces Spain's maximum jail- term of 40 years for 191 counts of murder and more than 1,800 counts of attempted murder relating to the March, 11, 2004 attack on Madrid commuter trains.
``Three guards put him in a cold cell until three in the morning; they stripped him totally and forced him to take a cold shower,'' an account of Osman's December 2004 testimony read out in court said. ``One of the guards grabbed his Koran and threw it on the floor.''
Osman was part of a group of four who began planning for the attack in 2003, prosecution documents said. That group was led by Sarhane Ben Abdelmajid Faked, known as the Tunisian, who later died in an explosion in Leganes. Osman, alongside the Tunisian, then began recruiting and indoctrinating others who carried out the plan among his associates at Madrid main mosque alongside the M-30 ring road.
``I was prepared to be a martyr but certain circumstances prevented me,'' Osman told an associate after the attack, state prosecutor, Olga Sanchez, said.
Osman worked as a missile technician during his military service in Egypt, according to the testimony given to the Spanish investigators following his June 2004 arrest in Milan. He slept rough and in abandoned buildings when he came to Spain, selling clothes on the street.
Osman, dressed in jeans, a sweater and a cream-colored wind- cheater, declined to answer questions from prosecution lawyers during this morning's hearing. He will respond to questions from his defense attorney when the trial reconvenes at 4 p.m. Spanish time today.
Osman was kept in a dark cell and his watch was taken from him after being extradited to Spain, according to his testimony. That meant that he couldn't observe the Muslim prayer times and he didn't know in which direction he should turn to pray.

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Not only all that, but I got a rope that would fit around their necks, too, and I'd be happy to lend it to the Spanish Government.