Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Malaysian-Iranian Alliance

Last year I wrote a post (link here) about the growing friendship between Malaysia and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Bearing these past developments in mind, more recent happenings of Malaysian-Iranian dealings (and the possible consequences) cannot be too terribly surprising.

The news from al-Reuters:

Iran signs $16 billion prelim LNG deal with Malaysia

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran and Malaysia's SKS have signed a $16 billion preliminary deal to develop Iran's southern Golshan and Ferdos gas fields and build plants to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG), state television reported on Sunday.

"The preliminary agreement to develop the fields was signed with Malaysia's SKS," Gholamhossein Nozari, head of National Iranian Oil Company(NIOC) told state television.

"This contract includes $16 billion investment and will take 25 years to complete" he told semi-official Mehr news agency.

He said SKS would have a 50 percent share of the produced LNG.

$16 billion dollars is some serious money. The mullahs in Teheran, not to mention the Fuhrer-in-waiting himself, have to be really pleased with this turn of events.

Meanwhile, the largest trading partner of Malaysia, the United States, is most definitely not pleased. So unpleased, that the US is threatening to scrap the ongoing Free Trade Agreement negotiations with Kuala Lumpur if the Malaysians do not renege on the deal.

However, Malaysia is standing firmly by their Iranian friends.

PM: Malaysia won't bow to US pressure over Iran energy deal

KEPALA BATAS: Malaysia will not bow to any pressure from the United States to stop its US$16bil (RM57bil) energy deal with Iran.

"We are a sovereign nation and we reserve the right to foster ties with any country to protect our interests," said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

He was responding to the US threat to suspend free trade agreement (FTA) talks with Malaysia over the matter.

I can assure the alleged 'moderate' Malaysian Prime Minister that the US, another 'sovereign nation', also has the right to protect its own interests. If that means giving their supposed allies in Malaysia the shaft, so be it.

Clearly, the US is better off not having an FTA with Malaysia or any other Muslim state. An FTA with any Muslim government can only increase Muslim power, money and influence within Dar-al Harb, and would be used as a Trojan Horse for the jihadists of the world. This must be avoided at all costs.

Malaysia may keep quiet, but make no mistake, they are a majority Muslim state; hence they are an implicit threat to all infidels. They would willingly export the Islamic virus anywhere at the slightest opportunity.


European Kafir said...
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European Kafir said...

So Malaysia is not bowing to USA?? But creeping up to ape Ahmadinejad...? WOW!!! WHAT an accomplisment!!! They are setting a real high benchmark there...NOT!

Not that this comes much of a surprise, though.

Ernesto Ribeiro said...

The 2° largest Egyptian newspaper thanks Adolph Hitler for his work, denounced also in the film The Islamic Mein Kampf :

Already it is being filled in all of the countries of the civilized world the International Petition for UNO, requiring the immediate removal of the dictator of the Iran, if possible the whole nazi regime of that country. The problem is the origin: all the Islamic religion is nazi.

That happens in extraordinary character in the History, soon after Iran and Hezbollah call the Muslims in the whole world to execute the Big Holocaust and the New Final Solution for exterminate all of the Jews and Americans on Earth, "wipping off the map" Israel and America.

The reaction was immediate:

The United Nations Convention for the Crimes Against the Humanity and Prevention of the Crime of Genocide fits the Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in its clause c) : "Incitement for the crime of genocide."

The International Petition will be delivered in the Court of the UN in Hague.

For sign the International Petition, click the link:

Ernesto Ribeiro said...

Of course, the petition will leads to nothing. Everyone knows that there's only one way to stop that Iranian psichopatic rat. It's the same way used against the first Hitler. Americans are preparing for the new World War against the new Nazi Axis. And Israelis are ready.

By the way, the French, too. President Jacques Chirac already notified in interview in the last Thursday that France "NEVER will accept" an Iran with atomic weapons; and before of the first Iranian missile travel through the skies, "Teheran will be DEVASTATED."

But the (desperate) objective of the Petition is get a peaceful solution for avoid a war - the first nuclear war in the History, that maybe will be the last one. Why? Because, in order to destroy the subterranean nuclear installations, isolated by tick walls of metal, the only possible way is an atomic bombardment. By the way, several.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

"Iran is a superpower. (..) The acomplishment of a new world without the infidels is possible and already is visible. (..) After Israel and America, goes Europe, with the end of all of the westerners, all of the infidels in the world (..) "

In a few words... EXTERMINATE "a minority" of 80% of the Humanity. Of course that everything that is a delirium of psychopaths. But when they got mass destruction power, the worst nightmares become real. Any doubt, study the History of the Twentieth century and see the real results of the Communist and Nazi dreams.

Anonymous said...

Dictator Mahatir Muhammad nominated for 2007 Nobel Peace Prize:

Anonymous said...

Thankyou,PI,and Ernesto for the links.
What more will it take for people to waken to the nearing clamor of war-drums?
Thankyou all for your mighty work.

Anonymous said...

Chirac has got balls?
Vive la belle France!