Monday, February 12, 2007

Muslims Get Panties In A Wad Again - MoBomb Cartoon Returns

I have been trying to get an image of the page from the Crucification satire edition at Cambridge. There are a couple of side by side photos of MoBomb and the president of the Union of Clare Students. I have simulated the cartoon but the captions beneath is similar to the query about which text matched which figure. I never could find a copy on the web but I am sure it is coming.

Mr. Mumtaz, a busy by-tonque jihadi is just horrified, horrified, he thought there was an understanding with the infidels that they wouldn't dare, and he is ANGRY. Apparently they are lining up to kiss his ass as I write.

Muslims outraged by use of cartoon
MUSLIMS in Cambridge have demanded a public apology from a student who printed anti-Islamic material in a magazine.
The material included a cartoon depicting the prophet Mohammed which sparked worldwide outrage last year when it was published in Denmark. It is thought this is the first time the cartoon has appeared in a publication in England.
Asim Mumtaz, president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, said: "I'm horrified and shocked. In such a seat of learning, I am horrified that things could stoop to this level.
"I'm actually shocked that intelligent people know how offensive this cartoon is and that they have decided to reprint it in such a horrible manner. It's disgusting."
The cartoon was reprinted in Clare College's student magazine in a special edition on religious satire. The 19-year-old student who printed the cartoon has since gone into hiding and the college has called a rare Court of Discipline to decide how the student should be brought to account.
Mr Mumtaz, a former Cambridge University student himself, is now demanding that everyone involved with the publication of the cartoon should make a public apology.
He said: "I hope the magazine and the JCR apologise for what they have done. We thought we had gone past this and that people realised there is a difference between freedom of speech and outright insult.
"I am very shocked, I would not imagine this in Cambridge, maybe some other university, city or country. We have such intelligent people and they understand the consequences of their actions."
Mr Mumtaz added that although the student involved had behaved immaturely, he believed there was also some intent to be offensive.[Oh no, not 'intent.']

The cartoon was printed alongside a picture of the president of the Union of Clare Students, with the captions switched. There was also comment suggesting one was a "violent paedophile" and the other was "a prophet of God, great leader and an example to us all".
Abdul Arain, co-ordinator of the Cambridge Muslims website and a leading member of the Abu Bakar Saddiq Mosque in Mawson Road, also reacted with shock.
He said he believed the 19-year-old had deliberately tried to stir up racial hatred. He said: "I feel a mix of emotions, but I am absolutely abhorred this has happened on our backdoor."
Like Mr Mumtaz, he said he believed Muslims in Cambridge would be deeply offended by the publication, but would remain peaceful.
Mr Arain said: "These kind of inflammatory remarks brings about the worst kind of character. We need to rise above it. It's one man trying to set up tensions. The Prophet Mohammed in the Muslim world is the most revered figure."
He emphasised Islam was not a violent religion, but like Mr Mumtaz, said he believed muslims in Cambridge would be outraged by the publication.
Mr Arain also praised the quick action of Clare College in condemning the publication, and added he believed justice would be done through the college's disciplinary system.
He said: "What this person has printed is highly offensive and it has caused abhorrence and distress to many people. This person must realise what he has done and take responsibility for it and come out and make recompense for it." [Bow down bitch, and grovel for your life? Would that be enough?]


And did those feet? said...

Even the ancient halls of learning must bow to the oh so upset poor darlings.
Britain, where is your spine?

Always On Watch Two said...

What is it with Muslims and cartoons? See this about removing Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. Sheesh!