Wednesday, February 28, 2007

PI's anti-dhimmi of the week

Some members of the GLBT (Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgender) community, rather than succumbing to the usual Kos Kidz-style 'progressive' leftie Bush hatred, actually know who their real enemies are.

This was recently sent to me and comes from a gay blogger named Michael, who is responding to a typical piece of Muzzie hate mail. Michael proves here that he is definitely smarter than the average bear.


Rio wrote:

Michael, you are a hypocrite!why do you always preach hatred towards arabs and muslims??Your blog seems to always have some racial comment.I find it disgusting. I am an arab and a muslim, i have jewish friends and i have had jewish partners in the past, we dont have a problem against the jews, Israeli politics is another matter. Get your facts straight...maybe a copy of Chomsky will do you good.

My response:

Dear Son of Allah,

First, you should educate yourself a little bit. My blog has no racial comments, as Islam is not a race, it is a religion. Someone much more intelligent than I stated, "speaking of racism in relation to a religion and not a race is a disservice to language and intelligence."

In my blogs I am speaking of Islam and its followers, Muslims. Now how am I a hypocrite? I think you need a vocabulary lesson. Am I a hypocrite because I call things by their names, or because I show a video clip that shows the fact that Muslims collaborated with Nazis in murdering innocent people during the second World War?

You want to know why I despise followers of Islam? The list would be far too long, but I will give you my favorite points and I will not go very far back in time. Tell me brother, who's been terrorizing the world for the past 50 years? Who commits 99% of the world's terrorist activities? Who is committing all of the suicide bombings in the name of Allah? Who's behind every major terrorist plot, executed or not, from that of September 11th in the U.S. to the bombings in London several months ago? Who is responsible for the security checks at airports and government buildings all over the world? Who is responsible for us paying exorbitant costs to secure our ports, buildings, airports, and tunnels, etc.? Isn't it because of your people? Yet, you are still proud to tell me that you are a Muslim, that you live by this book, which is no better than Mein Kampf?

Yes I absolutely despise, hate, and fear Islam and my reasons are so obvious and clear, if one cannot understand my anger, he is a fool. In fact I hate the religion which in most Islamic countries imposes burkas on women, denies women an education, visits to doctors, in which polygamy is a norm, where gay people are publicly executed in front of entire towns, where for drinking alcohol you receive the death penalty. And yes, I said that I fear Islam, not just because of what they inflict on their own people, but because they try to impose their insanity on the entire Western world.

In the name of the Qur'an, Muslims have terrorized the entire world for centuries. Can you name a single part of the Western world where in the name of Allah, your brothers have not executed or planned a terrorist attack? Muslims feel that they have the authority to kill people just because they don't grow long beards, wear burkas, or because they drink alcohol or watch movies, love music, television, and simply love life. Your brothers want to kill infidels because we make love with whomever we want whenever we want.

Why the fuck would I respect your people, if they don't respect mine? What would be the point?

There is not a single Islamic country in the world that has a democratic regime, or even a shade of democracy. In the 21st century, Muslims still cut people's heads off for violating archaic religious principles, cut off women's fingers for wearing nail polish, cut people's hands off for stealing, et cetera.Now, you are telling me that you personally do not have a "problem" with Israel and have Jewish friends and I suppose you are homosexual as well. So how the hell are you a Muslim?

Bravo, Michael! Fine writing and directly on target.

Our kudos here at PI goes out to Michael, and to all the others that see the truth about Islam, be they gay, straight, or whatever.


Henry said...

Go Michael, go!

Flanders Fields said...

Michael may be homosexual, but he definately is not an eunuch! The indignation he expresses is that which many of us feel with this totalitarian statist philosophy masking itself as religion, which allows it's follows to try to ride roughshod over the rest of the world.

John Sobieski said...

He msut be a very BAD Muslim since having jewish friends is haram, or doesn't he read the Quran.

Always On Watch Two said...

Outstanding post! Michael has passionately summed up the hateful ideology called "Islam."

Yankee Doodle said...

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

God gave us all three.

Islam seeks to take all three away.

Where does Islam come from? Not from God....

USpace said...

Excellent! Very cool, may I suggest you link to his blog in this post so we can go visit and maybe leave encouraging and supporting comments on his site and help to debate the dhimmidiots that are attacking him.

I read a comment earlier on one of the anti-LGF sites where some woman said something naive like: "I'm a gay woman who does not want to live under Sharia, maybe Charles Johnson will begin to realize that Islam is against women and gays", or something like that. Obviously she is new to LGF and doesn't realize CJ has known this for a very long time.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
surrender to jihad

sell out your great grandchildren
so theirs live Taliban life

The Anti-Jihadist said...

I did not post a link to the original material because, quite frankly, it's a gay porn site, filled with a lot of images that are not suitable for anyone under 21, or anyone surfing our site from work.

I respect Michael's right of free speech, even including the porn, but I don't want to link PI to a site with any pornograpic images.