Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shall we laugh at this? Or is it just too scary?

I really don`t know how to react to this. The guy who played the "main role" here, used to be an islamic leader, who got killed by a car bomb in 2003. I really laughed hard when I first saw this video, that shows how crazy they are. But later... I figured that in fact... it`s rather scary.
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Ruggedtouch said...

It certainly is scary to envision people such as that character in the video, (who is having a major meltdown), with a hand on the nuclear trigger. It’s like allowing mentally handicapped children to play with matches.

baldeagle said...

When he took his hat off to show his bald pate, I thought "slaphead".
Then he did!
Hey thats great, it could catch on.
Push pineapple shake the tree,