Friday, February 16, 2007

Virgil Rocks The House!...and no one notices.

Virgil rocked the House and hardly anyone noticed but CAIR! You have got to see this speech here at YouTube. My position on Iraq is get out and not 'oppress' the Muslims urge to kill each other. But Virgil gets a lot of things right. At least the man reads a book and comprehends that book, unlike the rest of Congress. I gotta get me some of those "In Muhammed We Trust" bucks. Sounds like photoshop inspiration for those who have the software.

At youtube comments, the liberals are definitely out in force, and hatred for Christianity, and therefore defense of Islam is explained by darkgather '..... He's the guy. He seems to have a great amount of hate toward Muslims and somehow believes that freedom of religion has to [do] with making sure his country is dominated by Christianity, while everyone else takes a back seat. ' Completely ignoring what Virgil said. Those evil Christians killing and murdering wanting to destroy Western Civilization.


Eyes said...

That's great! Reading the comments are sobering though.... Most people are completely uneducated when it comes to islam.

Always On Watch said...

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