Saturday, March 31, 2007

May He Rot in Hell

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Today is another grand ‘holiday’ in Islam, the Religion of Explosions, Violence, Intolerance, and Lies (AKA the Religion of E.V.I.L.). On second thought, that’s a misnomer; today is not a ‘holiday’ per se. There is nothing at all holy about celebrating the birthday of a 7th century psychopath, pedophile, warlord, terrorist, brigand, slave-trader, and rapist. Nevertheless, in Dar al Islam, March 31st 2007 marks the anniversary of the birthday of Mo, and is called “Milad un Nabi”, or “birth of the (alleged) prophet” in Arabic. I’m just so freakin’ thrilled about this glorious event, can’t you tell?

So, how shall we kufrs, monkeys, apes, pigs and other assorted infidels mark this auspicious occasion this year? Try these ideas on for size:

1. Send money to Jihadwatch, Anti CAIR, or any other reputable counterjihad organization. Even the little donations help!

2. Invest in Israel or buy products from Israeli companies. Try here, here, or here, for starters.

3. Read up on the Religion of Hatred. I recommend buying some titles in the counterjihad realm, such as The Truth about Mohammed or The Dawning of a New Dark Age. Place your book orders today to mark this special occasion!

4. Share your insights on Islam with your family, friends, casual acquaintances, and complete strangers.

5. Make sure you attend your temple, synagogue, or church this weekend. Thank the selected deity of your choice that you aren’t a Muslim.

6. Print up some little cards of your choice (Motoons, blog/website addresses, choice quotations from Muslims, titles of good books to curl up with) and put them in all the Korans etc. at every bookstore in town, ESPECIALLY Borders (HT Cubed).

7. Visit the nearest Muslim chatroom online and shine a light of infidel truth within those dark corners of cyberspace. Watch the cockroaches scatter! Consternation to the enemy!

8. Buy pork, eat pork. Wash it down with some good Danish brew. Repeat.

9. Turn a Muslim into an apostate. Better yet, turn three Muslims into Christians.

10. Flag a few hundred pro-jihad videos on Youtube for deletion.

Any other ideas? Let’s hear ‘em!

Anyhow, it’s more important, and fitting, for us kuffar to commemorate the death of crazy jihadin’ Mo (MHRIH). That’s coming up on June 8th, so mark your calendars, folks!

Friday, March 30, 2007

A Tale of Two Houses


You may have already seen part of this story, but…

HOUSE # 1:

A 20-room mansion (not including 8 bathrooms) heated by natural gas. Add on a pool (and a pool house) and a separate guesthouse, all heated by gas. In ONE MONTH ALONE this mansion consumes more energy than the average American household in an ENTIRE YEAR. The average bill for electricity and natural gas is over $2,400.00 per month.

In natural gas alone (which last time I checked was a fossil fuel), this property consumes more than 20 times the national average for an American home. This house is not in a northern or Midwestern “snow belt,” either. It’s in the South.

HOUSE # 2:

Designed by an architecture professor at a leading national university, this house incorporates every “green” feature current home construction can provide. The house contains only 4,000 square feet (4 bedrooms) and is nestled on arid high prairie in the American southwest.

A central closet in the house holds geothermal heat pumps drawing ground water through pipes sunk 300 feet into the ground. The water (usually 67 degrees F.) heats the house in winter and cools it in summer. The system uses no fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas, and it consumes 25% of the electricity required for a conventional heating/cooling system.

Rainwater from the roof is collected and funneled into a 25,000-gallon underground cistern. Wastewater from showers, sinks and toilets goes into underground purifying tanks and then into the cistern. The collected water then irrigates the land surrounding the house. Flowers and shrubs native to the area blend the property into the surrounding rural landscape.

HOUSE # 1 (20 Room Energy Guzzling Mansion) is outside of Nashville, Tennessee. It is the abode of that renowned environmentalist (and filmmaker) Al Gore.

HOUSE # 2 (Model Eco-Friendly House) is on a ranch near Crawford, Texas. Also known as “the Texas White House,” it is the private residence of the President of the United States, George W. Bush.

So whose house is gentler on the environment? Yet another story you won’t hear or see on CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, or read about in the New York Times or the Washington Post. Indeed, for Mr. Gore, it is truly “an inconvenient truth”!

Verified as accurate by Snopes

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Yutes of Europe

Paris got another taste of terror at a central train station this week, and not a single newspaper or mainstream newswebsite said the word 'Islam' or 'Muslim.' Not a word. It was surreal. Does the media of Europe actually believe to ignore the 'i' word, the problem will not exist? Does the elite and their media pets live behind gated exclusive communities where they do not experince the dragdown of communities and neighborhoods caused by Islam and Muslims? If Islam is the "secretion of the Arab mind" (Andre Servier, Mind of the Musulman, 1913, French foreign affairs advisor, historian), the heads of the EU elites and media are its slopbucket, catching the oozing slime. Except for the Danes and a few brave souls here and there (Gilders, Philips, Bauer), this denial is absurd beyond belief. But it is more than that. Islam has invaded Europe's institutes and strictly enforces political correctness. Apparently the elites of Europe don't put up a fight.

If a member of the EU wants to escape, they must institute harsh immigration laws and aggressively remove all non-citizens who are Muslim. If that could ever happen, when could it happen? Could we be optimistic and say in the next few years? The problem is demographics. The Muslims are the youthful ones. Their birthrate is 4, the indigenous 1.3. Because welfare allows the Muslims to have many children and not work, but get by, the Muslims see no problem with breeding themselves into power. That has to stop. Time is short, no more than five years in my opinion. Europe needs a revolution by the indigenous population, but most seem submissive.

At least it's a little better here in the US. US citizens need to fight a political elite that refuses to recognize Islam as the enemy and wants even more wild out of control immigration. The Democratic party is so liberal it is hard to believe they have the support they do. With all the liberal professors pouring Islamic secretions into our yutes minds, the liberals and their party are hatching a scheme. Bush, a terrible president, has screwed the Republican party and the Democrats see the opportunity. I so wish that Bush and Condi and their highly paid and way overrated 'advisors' and 'experts' weren't so stupid.

It really isn't so complicated. Islam, by their texts and history, makes it clear. They are imperialists, consider their enemy, i.e., non-Muslims, only worthy of enslavement or death, and owe allegiance to only one, the Ummah, the Mohammad worshippers. They are Satan's slaves. Lieing, cheating, stealing, parasitic actions inside Western societies, it's all good. Why would we want more of them? We don't. We want less of them.

There is a big event in Europe right now, the French elections. Royal, a Socialist and bimbo, paid her dhimmi tribute to the yutes, but Sarkozy did not. Royal blames Sarkozy for the yute problem, but what is her solution? Jizya and lots of it. It won't work. Never has. It only drains the state's coffers and allows the Muslims to infiltrate further, creating institutes to 'study' and help the Muslims be more successful. If Sarkozy is going to face down the yutes after he is elected, he needs to really arm his men and be ready to do a lot of killing. Western society will have to get its hands dirty. It's the only way.

Fighting back against Dhimmitude

Part of our mission of the counterjihad is to educate those that are less well informed (or are misinformed) as to Islam's genuine nature and actual intentions.

This especially includes the media. To be honest, it's very tempting to just write off the media as just another arm of the jihad. I have certainly succumbed to this.

Here is part of a typical Treason Media piece on the Death Cult. This was recently posted on the front page of the internet edition of the Toronto Star:

"Well, I want to be a part of the change. If we study the era of the Prophet Muhammad we know women were strong participants in society. And then somewhere along the way we fell into decline, poverty, neglect and deterioration. Islamic values were scrambled and mixed up with tribal and traditional social habits. And out of this came men who want to lock away their women in the name of Islam."

So she will count herself among those working toward "redefining the basis of real Islam. I want to help set our compass back to where it belongs.

"The important thing now is that we open our minds, read more, strive for knowledge. And in the end, there can be a renaissance of the open, inclusive, peaceful, science-loving Islam that appeals to me so much."

As usual, no reality to be seen here, right? This is typical of what I see in the papers, on the news, everyday. I just tune it out. But fortunately, not everyone is like me.

A determined member of the counterjihad movement (who wishes to remain anonymous) authored the following letter in reply to the author.

Dear Mr. Potter,

I was surprised to read your article for 2 reasons: that in this day & age someone could still attribute moderate peace-loving ideas to Islam, secondly, that such a non-news story of religious evangelism would be allowed onto the front page (at least the internet edition) of a renowned newspaper.

Are you inventing a new religion? By now you should be aware that some of the ideas this lady attributes to Islam are in fact what this religion is trying to take away from the civilised world. The Islam you describe exists only in the minds of poorly read western journalists who have been raised in a post Christian world. These journalists eagerly see values around them which are but remnants left by a once powerful & ascendant Christian civilization. They come from nowhere else. These are totally alien to the true form of the religion that is so frequently named in your article. A quick reading of the Koran & the Hadiths will soon show that this unfortunate lady is quite out of line with Islam. At least if we believe that she really believes what she says.

Just check with a few so called 'radical Islamists'. While they kill with one face, the other is saying publicly to the world, in essence, the words you wrote in your article:

"The important thing now is that we open our minds, read more, strive for knowledge. And in the end, there can be a renaissance of the open, inclusive, peaceful, science-loving Islam that appeals to me so much."

Nothing could be further from Islam than this phrase quoted above, nowhere are these ideas found in true Islam. And yet that is what they say to the infidels, or

How & why? You should understand the concept of al-Taqiya in Islam. This is the act of lying and hiding the true nature of Islam from infidels for the purpose of waging Jihad against them. This is perfectly acceptable in Islam. Al-Taqiyya is being used on many levels today, & sorry to say, you yourself & your newspaper are acting as vehicles for the spreading horror that this poor woman is trying to cover up.

For further reading on this may I refer you to the following?:


Fine piece of writing. Kudos and bravo!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stand up to Ahmadinejad

A supporter of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, stands with a placard outside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, during a demonstration calling on Britain to stand firm against Tehran, and to accept the ruling of the European Court of Justice to remove People's Mujahdeen Organisation of Iran from the European Union terror list, Tuesday, March 27, 2007. Iran is currently holding 15 British sailors and marines, seized while patrolling the Shatt al Arab waterway on the Iraq-Iran border. (AP Photo/Sang Tan)

For more information, please go here.
As a European citizen (though, not too proud of being so, regarding European Middle East politics) I truly wished that the British government will stand up to Ahmadinejad. Fighting terrorism, terrorists, terrorist supporters and terroristic governments should go without saying nowadays! All other European governments failed; let's hope that the British won't!

The Wolves are on the loose

In 'jolly ole England', the wolves are not just at the door. They are on the rampage, and no one is able, or inclined, to stop them. Certainly not the police or the authorities! These wolves are the wolves of the demon named 'Allah', and they have formidable allies. Not just the silence (if not the consent) of the media (al Beeb), but the British criminal justice system.

Read this chilling tale from British counterjihad blogger "Lionheart", dated 23 March 2007:

I was chased last night by a small turquoise Vauxhall people carrier type car by 3 Pakistani Moslem Men.

I know that a Knight should never run unless there are more than 3 enemies in front of him but we are not living in the Holy Land in 1191, we are living in England in 2007. Our Moslem neighbours living in Our land do not think like us or live like us; this we see has not changed over that period in history.

These Moslem murderers have the greatest weapon on their side - "The British Justice System".

If I pulled over and shot all 3 of these people I would be locked up forever for mass murder and never see the light of day again. If these people murdered me which is their intention then they would go to court and argue the case and end up with pathetic prison sentences, I expect 10 years or a mandatory life sentence where the tariff is 13 years, that is if they were even caught.

Where is the British justice?

These Moslem Terrorists know the British legal system; they know how to play it and the Prison system is full of them and their drug addicted slaves, so they have no problem doing a bit of prison time to make examples of people.

This is the situation I face on a daily basis and the Wolves have now caught my scent...I stand completely alone with God in the face of these Moslem savages. If you read my articles you will realise that these Moslem psychopaths living in Britain who should be locked away from society are left walking Our streets and as a Divine duty commanded by the devil Allah will have to kill me for my words and actions, and eventually you if you do not conform to Islam's ways if their Kingdom in England is not stopped.

Dunstable and Luton are over flowing with Pakistani taxis; they act as the eyes and ears for these Terrorists; they are parked up everywhere throughout the Towns with Our communities under constant surveillance by them. They run drugs around for cover and when needed they can carry guns into the Town for any of their Moslem brothers to use. These Pakistani Taxi men who view Our women as second class citizens and pieces of meat to rape are carrying Our half naked daughters, mothers and sisters around when they go out at weekends and during the week and to some are pumping them with Heroin and Crack cocaine. Don't kid yourself-- this is the reality in Dunstable.

Enough is Enough and I would welcome any suggestions because I do not want to have to move away into deep hiding, I am ready and willing to defend myself and my community as I am showing.

Actions speak louder than words - "Please read my articles".

Civil War is upon us and there can only be one winner in War.

My life is in God's hands.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

UAE takes action against bloggers

Avenging Apostate has resurfaced in Dubai and reports the following:

I just heard today from my teacher that some bloggers were arrested for posting stuff that the government deemed anti-Islamic. They are being held without trial and their families (who are under their sponsorship) are not being helped in any way.

So, this information is second-hand (or worse). However, the UAE has been consistently rated as 'not free' by Freedom House, and this is Islamic state, so this development is not terribly surprising to me. The only real surprise to me is that this hasn't happened sooner. So, I am inclined to agree with the validity of AA's info, unless someone out there has some very specific information to the contrary.

He goes on to say:
The bloggers have been in prison, without any contact with their families, for over two weeks. This, and this isn't something my teacher told me but is based on my own assumption, would come under the law in the UAE constitution that says that if you say anything against the religion of Islam, you will be held in prison for a year and a half and will be fined some amount and then finally deported (provided you're not a national of the UAE).

Anyway, the whole reason for mentioning all this is that I think, now, they're also tracking the blogs and tracing the IP addresses. Just wanted to inform you about it. ... You won't find anything about that in the newspapers--my teacher knows about this because she said she knew one of the families that were affected by it.

Looks like AA may have to lie very low for quite awhile, as his posting to PI could be very dangerous for him personally from here on out. I don't want him to be arrested, and I think I speak for everyone on this. So, I may be posting on AA's behalf in the future.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Iran goes unpunished.. always did...

This is in addtion to anti-jihadists yesterdays post (article: Jerusalem Post online, link in this post's title)

Analysis: Iran thumbs its nose at the world
by Dr. Ely Karmon

The abduction of the 15 British soldiers aboard the HMS Cornwall three days ago is Iran's way of telling or reminding the world that it is a powerful military and regional force, and that the international community should be advised against overstepping its boundaries when it comes to the Islamic Republic's national interests.

By removing 15 British soldiers at gunpoint the day before the UN Security Council decided on new sanctions directed at Iran, the Iranians were saying quite clearly that they just don't give a damn.

Though President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad felt the sting of being refused audience in New York for the UN meetings on the sanctions, his audacious disregard for international peace and security is a message to the UN and the Security Council that Teheran is not scared of sanctions, and furthermore, the sanctions being discussed at the moment are not enough to deter the government from its course.

The kidnapping of foreign personnel is nothing new for the Iranian regime. This is a pattern that we have seen since the hostage crisis in 1979, when 66 American hostages were held for 444 days.

Since then, Iran has gone unpunished for all of its aggression directed at the West. As we have seen in the cases of the French and the British before them, Iranian scare tactics play along the lines of attacking foreign embassies in Teheran, or reverting to kidnappings of foreign officials in Lebanon or in Iran itself.

In 2003, when Iran viewed British foreign policy as leaning unfavorably against them, revolutionary guards fired at the British Embassy to reverse the pressure and relieve the strains dictated by Britain's application of foreign policy. The Iranians have even been so bold to attack an American military base in Lebanon, through its proxy Hizbullah (in 1983).

Israel has had the greatest opportunity to reprimand Iran for its aggressive tactics, but its failure in the war has allowed Iran to grow bolder and stronger.

Only the United States stands capable of putting an end to Iranian attacks, but the Americans are showing too much indecisiveness to convince the world they are about to do so. Iran has not yet attacked the US directly, which seems to be the only thing that would force the Americans into a military conflict with Iran. However, the American military presence in the Gulf is not the deterrent that many attribute to the fact that Iranian and American clashes have not yet erupted. And the Iranians have not yet had retribution for their five revolutionary guards arrested by American forces in Iraq!

The kidnapping of the British sailors in the Shatt al-Arab waterway separating Iraq and Iran is as significant as it is symbolic. The waterway is not only the main artery for Iraqi oil shipments, but it is been the center of a territorial feud between Iraq and Iran which has been going on for nearly 30 years. The claim by the Iranian Foreign Ministry that the sailors were in Iranian waters was a way for the Iranian government to let the new Iraqi government know that they still believe the waterway belongs to them.

If the Iranians go so far as to make a lot of noise over this incident, they may find themselves in a very strong position to attract a deal from the West. The Iranians hope that there are enough political implications in this ordeal to provoke an international incident and drive a wedge between the US and the UK, but the reality of the situation dictates that neither side would let tensions escalate to such a point.

The British could be persuaded to trade assets in exchange for their soldiers. The British know that any of their soldiers being tried for espionage in Teheran would mean unbearable amounts of pressure from inside their own country to get them out before an execution.

It seems strange that during a time of war, and with a heavy military presence, the British did not defend the unfortunate 15. If the British are scared of a full-scale conflict with the Iranians, the future does not look good for the 14 men and one woman of the HMS Cornwall.

Dr. Ely Karmon is a senior researcher at the Institute for Counterterrorism at the Interdisciplinary Center at Herzliya, and was interviewed by Yaniv Salama-Scheer.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Casus Belli

"Casus Belli" is Latin for "cause for war."

And that is what the Free World faces now. The arch-enemy of freedom, the epicenter of terror, the Islamic Republic of Iran, has seized 15 British sailors and marines who were carrying out their official duties in Iraqi territorial waters. Iran has given the West a crystal-clear, unmistakable Casus Belli.

To add injury to insult, Iran haughtily has announced its intentions to try these men as spies, an enormous and flagrant violation of International Law. In Iran, the penalty for espionage is death. In fact, the British diplomats have been denied all access to their captured countrymen, and are not even sure where their imprisoned brethren are.

So, where is the outrage and condemnation for these gigantic violations of human rights? Oh that's right, only America's enemies are entitled to such rights. Only people who use children as suicide bombers, or murder women and children outright, or behead journalists and engineers on video, are allowed to have these rights.

If Britain, the US and the West wanted a clear Casus Belli on Iran, this provocation fits the bill as few others could. But will the West's leaders rise to the occasion? The initial signs are not promising.

The Iranians have (either unwittingly, or by design) attacked the junior member of the US-British alliance. Frankly, the Brits are the weaker member, not just militarily, but politically as well. Blair is on his way out of power and, with only a few months to go until his departure from Whitehall, is not in a good position to influence the situation or steer his country through yet another Muslim-engineered crisis. Furthermore, the UK is weakened by a significant Muslim-Leftist-Jihadist movement within its borders, both publically and within its government. The US will not make any moves without taking its cues from or following London's lead. And London looks fairly paralyzed at the moment.

As for now, the Brits are said to be "pursuing aggressive diplomacy" to win the freedom of their servicemen. Issuing "strongly worded letters" and "protesting vociferously through diplomatic channels." Yup, I'm sure that's got the Mullahs quaking in their sandals.

Might I suggest that the Brits expel all Iranian diplomats and agents from the UK as an opening gambit in this game that Iran insists on playing. Failing that, an ultimatum sent to Teheran to release the prisoners--an ultimatum written in blood perhaps, so our 'friends' in Teheran better understand. And then, after the predictable Iranian thumbing of the nose, the Royal Navy should sink a few Iranian naval assets in response, and then sit back and see if the Mullahs would like to reconsider their bellicosity. After that, if the sailors are not released immediately unharmed, I would tactfully suggest that every tangible asset of the Islamic Republic be obliterated. They've had it coming for quite a long time, after all.

But the Brits aint got no spine, sad to say. I desperately hope I am wrong on this, but I don't think so.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Koreans for Jihad

It's worth mentioning again here that there are rather a lot of Koreans who are all for the Great Jihad. But they aren't Muslims. Rather, they are playing the classic game of 'realpolitik'--namely, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Lil' Kim and the thug-o-crats of North Korea, the official card-carrying friends of the Jihad.
North Korea helping Iran with nuclear testing
Wednesday, 24 January 2007...By Con Coughlin

North Korea is helping Iran to prepare an underground nuclear test similar to the one Pyongyang carried out last year.
Under the terms of a new understanding between the two countries, the North Koreans have agreed to share all the data and information they received from their successful test last October with Teheran’s nuclear scientists.
A senior European defence official told The Daily Telegraph that North Korea had invited a team of Iranian nuclear scientists to study the results of last October’s underground test to assist Teheran’s preparations to conduct its own — possibly by the end of this year.
There were unconfirmed reports at the time of the Korean firing that an Iranian team was present. Iranian military advisers regularly visit North Korea to participate in missile tests.
Now the long-standing military co-operation between the countries has been extended to nuclear issues.
“The Iranians are working closely with the North Koreans to study the results of last year’s North Korean nuclear bomb test,” said the European defence official.
“We have identified increased activity at all of Iran’s nuclear facilities since the turn of the year,” he said.
“All the indications are that the Iranians are working hard to prepare for their own underground nuclear test.”

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Anti-dhimmitude in New Zealand

This article is some welcome good news from down under. Specifically, a brave group of Christians is organizing a conference to spread the truth about the 'Religion of Peace'. Their brain-dead opponents are reacting in the usual way.

Bravo to our counterparts in the Kiwi branch of the counterjihad. Let's keep up the fight!

Muslims slam conference of Christians
By IAN STEWARD - The Press Friday, 23 March 2007

A conference of Christian church leaders on the "threat" of Islam to New Zealand is being condemned as a "conference of bigots" by senior New Zealand Muslims.

The organiser of the Mosque and Miracles conferences, national director of Middle East Christian Outreach Murray Dillner, said the conference would address the threat posed by Islam to New Zealand society – a threat he likened to the terrorist attacks in the United States of September 11, 2001.

"It's an underlying threat, but it's like the twin towers – they imploded. Islam does the same thing to a society – it makes it implode," he said.

"The mindset of Islam is to take over the world. They will do that by any means they can.

"The church in England ignored Islam. If the church in New Zealand doesn't rise up, we will be in the same situation."

Federation of Islamic Associations president Javed Khan said it was a "conference of bigots".

"It's fearmongering; Islamophobia. The organisers are prejudiced, biased bigots," he said.

"For heaven's sake, we are less than 1 per cent of the population. Muslims have been in New Zealand for a century. No Muslim has ever done anything like what they are afraid of."

The conference, scheduled for the Spreydon Baptist Church on July 23 and 24, will feature three Australian speakers.

Pastor Stuart Robinson, the author of the book Mosques and Miracles, lived among Muslims in Southeast Asia and has spoken at conferences in Australia and South Africa.

One of the speakers at the Australian conferences, Pastor Daniel Scot, was tried under Australian religious vilification laws in 2004.

Dillner said another speaker on the New Zealand tour, Daniel Sheyesteh, knew the militant side of Islam from his early years as a trainer for Hezbollah and from his involvement in the Iranian Islamic revolution.

Sheyesteh fell foul of the Iranian authorities and escaped execution by fleeing to Turkey, where he converted to Christianity, Dillner said.

"He speaks out very clearly about what Islam really is. Muslims don't have the freedom to change religion. If you do, they'll do their best to eradicate you," Dillner said.

A fellow organiser, Open Doors New Zealand director Bruce Quedley, said Islam was often portrayed as a religion of peace, but "realistically that's not what happens".

He said the conference was important as "we have adjusted to accommodate parts of society at the expense of Christianity".

Quedley said the conferences were restricted to church leaders to prevent those who may seek to "disrupt" the proceedings.

Acting Christchurch imam (religious leader) Mohammad Alayan said: "What do you make of it other than blind hatred?

"If they are going to criticise Islam, they should invite us to come and discuss it with them. There are many good Christians out there and I hope ... they will not go along with this."

Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres said freedom of speech meant viewpoints could not be suppressed "unless they lead to hostility".

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The World Upside Down

This article was first published in October 2006 by German anti-jihad activist Dr. Udo Ulfkotte (in photo). Everybody is free to copy and paste or to link the following article.

Dealing with dangerous Islamists means living dangerously. However, sometimes the danger doesn't stem from Islamists in Germany, but rather from the German administration itself. Describing historical processes, complete with background information, is the historian's task. The report here will help future generations to understand why Christian and Western Culture may have lost the battle against hate-filled, extremists Islamists, with their eyes wide open.
I am not important in this story. My person is interchangeable. Others have had the same experience when dealing with Islamists in Germany. They have kept silent because they have children. They have kept silent because they fear for their jobs. My readers should know that I don't know Islamists from dusty books, but rather have observed them for over 15 years in their own countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Syria, The Emirates, Algeria, Jordan, Indonesia and Malysia. I met the group of Islamists around Osama bin Laden in the middle of the 1990s in the Sudan capital of Khartoum. Where the White and Blue Nile meet, they had a plot of land of about eight acres.
Bin Laden was already gone from Khartoum when I visited: some of his followers were still there. By dawn the men were already sitting together in prayer, only 100 yards from the sheds of an air-conditioned dairy farm, where the only Jewish family in Sudan produced milk. The black-and-white cows came from Friesland, the flat countryside of Northern Germany. The Al Qaeda followers were also customers. In the Western World, Al Qaeda was not an issue, no newspaper reported anything about the self-identified "holy warriors".
I met the same holy warriors again later, in Afghanistan. They tried hard to convert me to Islam. I have had the same kind of experience at hundreds of meetings with the followers of Hamas, Hezbollah, Hisb ut-Tahrer and other groups which appear again and again in today's headlines. All of them are convinced that their actions will lead the world to an allegedly better future. I could observe these Islamists building booby-traps and shooting their AK-47 automatic rifles at empty cans in the desert. They invited me to shoot as well, and I was always the worst shot. While they were trying to convert me to Islam, they told me of their plans. They talked about the renewal of the Caliphate. They talked about how Europe would be significantly Musilm in just a few decades. They glorified their terror. They were sure that they could destroy the culture of the "infidels".
I remember an Islamist leader telling me in Teheren that Chancellor Helmut Kohl should better start flattering him, otherwise he would regret it later. I wrote that down and laughed internally. I did not take this man seriously. At that time I asked myself: How naive these these holy warriors could possibly be? In retrospect, the naive one was me. The Islamist leader in Teheran would later become known internationally as the leader of the terrorist group organizing bomb attacks on international troops in Iraq after the US invasion. He, and most of my acquiantances from that time, appear on the Most-Wanted-Lists in the West today.
During longer assignments in regions of crisis and war, one inevitably gets to know members of intelligence services. People talk about their experiences, exchanging information. Over the years this develops into a network: the doors of the chancellory open, the list of contacts widen to several thousand names. Documents get leaked: from intelligence services, political administrations, companies. Thousand of puzzle parts fall slowly into place to form the big picture. All of a sudden this was of public interest after 9/11. In the months that followed, I summarized what I knew in newspaper articles and books, and now teach security management and defense against terror at a University in Northern Germany.
Many respectable civil servants have given me unsolicited information, talking to me after lectures. Ministers on both the state and federal level invited me for discussion. This is the background of my book "The War In Our Cities - How Radical Islamists Undermine Germany (Der Krieg in unseren Staedten - Wie radikale Islamisten Deutschland unterwandern), published in German in the Spring of 2003. While the media bashed me for its content, it is not a work of fiction. It is truthful: I compiled the findings of German and other intelligence services on terror networks in Germany. The Muslim Brotherhood, gathering nearly all radical groups under its umbrella, preaches "dialogue" to the outside world while inciting hatred within: it's spin-offs pretend to be peaceful while they secretly support violent actions. When re-reading the reviews I am still surprised at the scorn and sneering of the media. Many critics put me into the extreme right-wing corner of politics because of the actions I demanded should be implemented. But even when the Minister of the Interior, Otto Schilly, went beyond what I suggested by far with his security measures in the following months, my image in the media did not improve. With time, one gets used to being blamed for being the bearer of bad news. Therefore I was pleased to be the recipient of the "Staatsbuergerlicher Preis" (Civic prize) for my research on defense against terror, presented by Bavaria's Minister of the Interior, Guenther Beckstein, who gave the laudation.
At the same time, more and more Islamists filed injunctions against my book. Dozens of injunctions and threatened law suits didn't disturb me at the beginning. Had I not exhaustively documented every sentence I wrote in my book? I was glad for having done that. Engraved in the red-colored sandstone over the entrance to Freiburg University, where I studied in the 1980s, is the sentence "The Truth Will Make You Free". I memorized that sentence. Thousands of times I walked under those letters on my way to the law faculty. The truth could not be suppressed, could it?
However, my documentation came from the documents of intelligence services. Wire-tapped phone conversations, secret photos of Islamist meetings, manhunts, exchange of findings between European intelligence services. I had not taken into account that in a court, no intelligence service will disclose its sources and processes of gaining information to become part of the public record. I alone was therefore going on trial. The documents did not help, for the Islamists from the camouflaged fronts of the Muslim Brotherhood simply denied their content. Even when public, official reports - for example, from the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Germany - confirmed my statements, those suing me deinied their content and filed another lawsuit agains the relevant government office. The whole exercise was getting expensive, and soon my legal costs exceeded €50 000. My impression was that some of the claimants were cynically exploting the opportunities offered by the German constitution while seeking at the same time to destroy that very same constitution and the state. I remember an Islamist from Marburg who got legal aid and denied all passages concerning him, pretending to be destitute. He lost the suit before it began, as he owned several apartments. My publisher and I have had several such experiences. The son of this one particular Islamist is today one of the best known spokespeople for Musilim organizations in Germany, My time in court was very interesting: plaintiffs claimed they never celebrated, for instance, the attacks on 9/11, although they were filmed doing so by intelligence services. They knew that members of these services would never show their face in court.
If somone had told me then that several German intelligence services were investigating me because of treasonous disclosure, I would not have believed them. The representatices of the intelligence services were encouraging me during the trials and continued to leak documents to me. This way I could inform the public of terror structures and their networks. On March 11th, 2004, Islamist terrorists attacked in Madrid. Several sources told me a few days later that leads to the identity of the attackers led to Germany. I spoke about this on TV on March 25th and 26th. Otto Schilly, the Minister of the Interior at that point in time, was reportedly furious. He repudiated the accuracy of my statements. Hans Leyendecker attacked me in the Sueddeutsch Zeitung, obviously informed about my "false alarm" and titled the article "Empty Bragging - An Expert on Terror". Six weeks later, both Focus and Spiegel reported that one of the Spanish attackers had lived in Germany and the leads that the administation had denied did indeed lead to Germany. Hans Leyendecker was wrong.
In the meantime, my fortunes changed. In March 2004, my home and the offices of my wife, in a different building, were searched. The allegation? Bribery of civil servants and Assistance to Treason. I felt like I was in a movie. Never had I offered money for information to any civil servant. The authorities had actively leaked information to me for over a decade, and their representatives had always encouraged me to publish. However, the investigating prosecutor once was able to prove that journalists were bribing to get information, and thus my destiny took a turn for the worst. The bearer of bad news was to be publicly executed.
On the Internet, Islamists celebrated the statements of the Office of the Prosecution in Frankfurt . Most of the media joined them in their triumph. Suddely I was a criminal. Old friends started avoiding me, neighbors started to refuse to accept packages for a "criminal", and my wife lost her means of income. A picture of her offices from the outside appeared in a yellow-journalism newspaper and made sure that the clients of her accounting service were warned not to do business with a "criminal". As her lease ran for another 12 months, my wife had to pay rent for a full year without income from clients, collateral damage from the German security authorities. At the same time, Lueneburg Universitry had decided to give me a full professorship. Now I have to wait for the criminal charges against me to be dismissed.
Since no evidence of bribery could be found, further searches followed. Between March 2004 and March 2005, my private home and the offices of my wife were searched twice, my tax accountant was searched in order to find evidence of my entertaining civil servants. In spite of the fact that I never had an office at the Lueneburg University and that the Prosecutor was aware of my pending professorship, the University of Lueneburg was also searched in the hope of finding evidence that I entertained someone there, fleshing out the charge of bribery of civil servants. The Dean and the other Professors have lasting impressions of that investigation. I have never entertained any civil servants, with the exception of Minister Beckstein (my wife baked three cakes for him and his body guards), so I was confident that the Frankfurt Prosecution Office would publically apologize for the false accusations. As it was, the case was closed in 2005, both on bribery and on assisting treason. Unfortunately, the Prosecutor can't be forced to announce the dismissal of a case with the same kind of publicity that the investigations had opened with, and the public continues to have the impression that I may have bribed civil servants.
Replacing these false and libelous accusations, the Prosecutor has been investigatin me for over two and one-half years on the charge of incitement to betray state secrets. The case was brought over a year ago. Unfortunately, the court, where I could quickly prove that I never incited any civil servant to betry state secrets, seems to have better things to do than give me my day in court: as I write these lines, there is not even a gimmer of hope that a date will be set for this case to come before the court. After over two and one-half years I will be moving away from the German state of Hessen, since I don't want to co-finance my own prosecution with my taxes.
I have heard from many civil servants that anti-terror manhunts are strapped because of a lack of money. Urgently requested wire-tapping within the environment of violent Islamists are not approved be the prosecution, even without the money problems that this office apparently lacks. Money obvioulsy flows and flew freely in my case, however. According to documents I've been able to see, my book mentioned above has been fact-checked by several clerks, sentence for sentence to see where my information might have come from overa a period of several weeks. There was also money for wire-tapping. When I talked to journalists, the security authorities were in the know. For a while I was "PBO" - marked for observation by the police. Six searches, wire-tapping, observation by specialists coming from far away and the analysis of my book cost a lot of money - money that is lacking to investigate terror networks.
For the record, once again: nobody accuses me of spreading untrue information in public statements or in books on the terror networks in Germany and the danger they represent to the public. On the contrary, this information is based on the truth, but is obviously perceived as being such a threat to the public that it cannot be allowed to spread. However, if you concentrate too much on the bearer of bad news, the real danger sometimes gets forgotten.
In February of 2006, the magazine "Park Avenue" published a long report of mine on the relation between phone shops and terror cells in Germany. The Federal Office of Criminal Investigation always had responded to my inquiries that there was no such connection, while German security authorities had the evidence that this was the case. Had I published this evidence and thus exposed the Federal Criminal Police Office, the next series of searches, the seventh, would have followed. It took the discovery of the suitcase bombing conspiracy, fortunately prevented more or less by accident, until the Federal Criminal Police Office was made aware of the connection between call-shops and terror cells. Today, we know that Lebanese terrorists built their conspirancy via the call-shop scene in Hamburg and Kiel. In Madrid and London the security authorities found this as well - but only after the attacks.
My book mentioned above is no longer available. You can only buy it second-hand on Amazon and eBay. Most of the forecasts I made in the book have been confirmed by reality, but Islamists have succeeded in forcing the publisher to quietly take it off the market in the Summer of 2006, after the book had passed all legal hurdles and was selling strongly. Islamists from Birmingham and Vienna threatened a flood of law suits, which obviously had no basis. One of the claimants stated that he had never been a member of the radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, while when seeking asylum in Germany he had justified his petition by stating that he was persecuted in his home country as a member of "Al ikhwan muslimoun". This is the Arabic term for the Muslim Brotherhood.
These threats were backed by the announcement that further legal suits by other Islamists would follow until the book was taken off the market. Both the publisher and the author took the book off the market, since not even on politician was willing to give his or her support. Nobody was interested. An end to the case against the "criminal" Ulfkotte is not in sight. A civil servant recently let me know that an "anonymous note" with suspicion of pedophile pornography on my computer" is all that is needed to justify another search warrant. At the same time, I regularly find offical documents of the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation and the Federal Intelliegence Service, marked "confidential" or "secret", in my mailbox, against my will and uncalled for. The first set of such documents I returned to the proper authorities by registered mail. But the "fun" didn't end there: when I call to ask to whom I should return the documents, I don't get an answer.
Immediately after the numerous searches I was furious with the German administration. Today, I only feel pity. And dismay that politicains prefer to close their eyes while those who disclose the Islamist networks are prosecuted. In Islamist cirlces, the name Udo Ulfkotte is not proof that the fundamentalists and those willing to use violence are on the "right" path. A young Muslim that my students know told me that it must be a sign of Allah that the author of the book revealing their terror networks is now a defendant in a criminal process, while Islamists continue to recruit unimpared.
For many years I have been going to the Forest Chapel in the Taunus forest in the mornings, where I light a candle and find strength for the new day in prayer. During all those years of fighting and indignity this chapel was a place where I could gather confidence. Since February 2006, the chapel has been vandalized several times. On the 5th of Juiy I found it in the worst state yet: candle holders had been struck off the walls, and the Madonna, carved from the wood of the Lime tree, had served as the target for thrown bottles. When I told the police what happened, they asked me what I expected them to do. I am not complaining about the police officers in charge, but rather I have realized that our society's values have changed so much, Had a Muslim prayer room been vandalized, the Office for Criminal Investigation would certainly have not hesitated to open an investigation. In this case nothing happened - nothing. Two weeks later, a local paper reported the vandalism. That was it. In the meantime, the Chapel has been vandalized for the fourth and fifth time, after which it was painstakingly restored and repainted with donations from the local population. I no longer bother the police with such information. The world I live in is obviously upside down.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Tale of Two Countries

Having spent some time in both Korea and Malaysia, I can make some conclusions on these two countries based on my observations.

South Korea, by any measure, is a huge success story. In just fifty years, the country has catapulted itself from a bombed-out, resource-poor, dictator-run Third World craphole to First World status. Korea’s infrastructure and technologies are world-class; its government is reasonably efficient and accountable. South Korea’s GNP per capita is as good as most European countries. The newspapers are full of stories of Korean chaebol (conglomerates) like Samsung, Hyundai or LG developing new technologies, winning sizable overseas contracts, or opening new production plants in places like Eastern Europe. While Korea has shown an unfortunate propensity to favor ridiculous/dangerous ideas like anti-Semitism or anti-Americanism (these dysfunctional ideas often go hand-in-hand), Korea has done a lot of things right. Through an enormous labor effort, Korea has created a wealthy, secular, capitalistic democracy. Koreans have a powerful work ethic, and they are not averse to doing a tremendous amount of hard work. Now, Koreans are reaping the rewards of decades of effort. And they deserve their success—they’ve earned it.

Compare Korea’s story to Malaysia’s. Malaysia became independent in 1957 with a significant number of advantages compared to Korea. Malaysia was emerging from a century of relatively benign British rule in 1957, not forty years of oppressive Japanese occupation as the Koreans had endured. Malaysia possessed at the time of its founding, thanks to the British, a comprehensive national infrastructure and an excellent education system based on the British model. True, Malaysia was struggling through its own civil war at the time of independence (AKA “the Malayan Emergency”), but this was not nearly as deadly or destructive as the Korean conflict (which technically is still going on). Unlike Korea, Malaysia possesses significant natural resources, namely petroleum, timber, tin, palm oil and rubber. Malaysia’s beneficial geographic position gives it access to the Straits of Malacca, the world’s most important shipping channel. And Malaysia in 1963 gained control of Singapore, which is Southeast Asia’s regional center of commerce, and an enormous wealth-generating machine in its own right.

So many advantages. But Korea has succeeded, far beyond anything the Malaysians have achieved, or can hope to achieve.

What does Malaysia have to show for 50 years of independence? Let’s review the track record. Other than Petronas, the Malaysian state-owned oil company, there are no major Malaysian-based international corporations in existence today. Its state-owned car company, Proton, is widely seen as a failure that continues to survive only through massive taxpayer subsidies and significant trade barriers to foreign carmakers. Malaysia’s infrastructure is in many areas still unchanged from what the Brits bequeathed over half-a-century ago. Malaysia is still forced to import or otherwise buy critical technologies—the country has failed to innovate in any meaningful way. The education system, following independence, eventually resorted to expelling ‘colonial’ ideas like teaching classes in English, and even worse, became heavily Islamasized. Critical thinking was dumped in favor of mindless memorization and learning-by-rote. To illustrate this gutless system, there are no Malaysian universities on numerous lists of the top 500 universities worldwide, and there haven’t been in years. Just how bad has the Malaysian education system become? Nowadays, anyone in Malaysia who is rich enough to send their children overseas for education, does. This especially holds true for college-level students.

And what about Singapore? Singapore, the Chinese-majority cash engine of the region, was kicked out of the federation of Malaysia in 1965, only two years after joining, over political, racial and religious differences. In other words, the Singaporeans were a bit too ‘uppity’ for the likings of their Muslim overlords in Kuala Lumpur, so they were shown the door. As an independent city-state, Singapore has become as rich (per capita speaking) and as advanced as Korea, or as anywhere else in the First World. Meanwhile, their former countrymen and now much poorer neighbors to the north can only watch enviously from across the narrow straits that separate the two countries.

Korea allows freedom of religion, and its citizens are split into three roughly equal groups—Christians, Buddhists, and the non-religious. On the other hand, Malaysia is and always has been a majority Malay/Muslim state. By law, the majority Malays must be Muslim. But the Muslims, essentially, don’t carry their load and don’t work. Even now, Malaysia still heavily relies on its more entrepreneurial, non Muslim minority to generate the majority of the Gross National Product. In a scheme that is jizya in all but name, these non Muslims pay most of the taxes. This minority, mainly Straits Chinese, are also largely responsible for what economic growth Malaysia has enjoyed as an independent state. This dependence is a fact of national life and continues to this day.

Korea has a multitude of political parties who jockey for votes and compete for power. Malaysia, however, is an entirely different story. It is the only country in the world, to my knowledge, where the reins of power have been held by one race-based political party (United Malay National Organization, or UMNO) since the country’s founding. Imagine the US being run by a political party for over 200 years that openly (and proudly) calls itself the United White People’s Party, and you will begin to comprehend Malaysia. Where are the other political parties? Well, they are either bullied into a UMNO-controlled ‘umbrella political group’ called the ‘Barisan Nasional’ (National Front), or otherwise marginalized into impotence. The only genuine opposition party is PAS, a hard-core Jihadist Muslim party that wants to turn Malaysian into a Sharia state just like Malaysia’s allies Iran and Saudi Arabia already are. In other words, tweedle dee and tweedle dumb—there are damn few alternatives in the voting booth come election time.

Malay supremacy is hard-wired into the national constitution. Islam is the state religion. Malays are entitled, again by law, to an outsized proportion of the tax revenues, government spending and benefits. The unbreakable Malay monopoly on power ensures this dysfunctional arrangement will continue indefinitely…unless the whole house of cards collapses.

So, Korea succeeds, and Malaysia, well, doesn’t succeed very much at all. And why do you suppose that is? What makes Korea different from Malaysia?

Let me give you a clue…it starts with an “I” and ends with a “SLAM”.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

After Action Report--A Gathering of Eagles

AAR courtesy of Steve Harkonnen:

Pics from the protest are HERE and HERE.

From the warfront up in DC, it was plain to see that most of the anti-war protesters were in need of a bath. They hadn't bathed for days as they came in by buses that were provided to the dregs of society by none other than the cashflow of George Soros.

Silly Liberals! Paychecks are for Workers!

This lot obviously didn't know what the word "work" meant. I sat on the side of the Lincoln memorial and managed to hear a portion of Cindy Sheehan's speech:

"..and so we'll show them that we are patriots too!"

Yeah, right, Cindy. I'm sure they're all patriots - but patriots for another cause other than America. When you dissent from the defense of our nation, which is against Jihad, you are, in effect, teaming up with the enemy. Therefore, dissent, in this case, is not patriotism.

What stunned me was the unusually large amount of Kufayeh that was being worn by the anti-war protesters. The Kufayeh is the scarf worn by the palestinian terrorists. Again, this told me that it was blatantly obvious that the terrorists are on the same side as the protesters. This also made me question if palestinian terrorist cash was used to help kick off this carnival of morally bankrupt losers. Seriously, I wouldn't doubt this for a second.

The Fifth Column is alive and well in America - and the liberals are the embodiment of the Fifth Column.It was like a circus parade. One of the protesters was apparently blitzed out of her mind on acid. But this is the ilk of the left - drug abusers and hippies. We couldn't take their protest seriously. Some of them brought their kids along, even their dogs. I felt sorry for the children and the dogs. Some of those kids didn't even have coats to wear even as they crossed the Potomac River, but that's expected from the moonbats.

One thing I admired - I spoke with five different DC park police officers. All of them said they were in support of our side and felt that the hippy moonbats were a bunch of crazed lunatics.

After the moonbats left their rallying area to the right end of the Lincoln Memorial, it was totally trashed. Some porta-potties were tipped over and the whole area was littered by the scum that had occupied it. Yeah, I expected this scene and I was right.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Religion of Slavery

Here's some light weekend reading for all you infidels, kafirs, monkeys and pigs out there: a treatise of Islam and slavery.

Here's some choice bits:

Islam institutionalized slavery. Muhammad began to take slaves after he moved to Medina, and had power. Slaves were usually taken in raids on nearby Arab tribes, or war, either through offensive or defensive actions. Islam allows the taking of slaves as "booty", or reward for fighting. This has led to numerous "jihads" by Muslim states and tribes to attack other non-Muslim groups and obtain slaves. Islamic jurisprudence laid down regulations for the proper treatment of slaves. However, abuses have occurred throughout history.

Read the rest's well worth your time.

Have a great infidel weekend.

Friday, March 16, 2007

What young Koreans think about Iraq

Just like some vile views about the Jews, it seems like a distressingly high number of Korean kids are ‘absolutely sure’ that America invaded Iraq for the sole purpose of stealing Iraq’s oil, and for no other reason whatsoever.

To illustrate this, yesterday I had a conversation with one of my students in class that (sort of) went along these lines:

ME: So, was the American invasion of Iraq an evil act?

STUDENT: Yes it was.

ME: Why was it an evil act?

STUDENT: They invaded to steal the oil.

ME: So, why did America steal this oil?


ME: So, when and how did America start sending this stolen Iraqi oil back to the US?

STUDENT: I don’t know.

ME: So, who took all this money, all those billions this oil was worth?

STUDENT: Bush (and who else…?)

ME: So, where is this money now?

STUDENT: In the US government.

ME: Where in the US government are these stolen billions?


ME: Where is this money?

STUDENT: With the American people.

ME: So, why didn’t I get my royalty check?

Uncomfortable squirming, and more silence

This particular student as quoted above is not the only one who has shown this remarkably fashionable political statement. If you ask ten students in Korea about Operation Iraqi Freedom (or its drawn-out aftermath) you will hear ten virtually identical replies that match the student’s thoughts shown above, if not word for word. And how do they know this? Well, they just *know* it, like they *know* that Jews are the people who really run things in the US and G-d knows where else.

But when a Korean teen is forced into confronting this paper-thin twisted version of reality, the one they have ingested in place of the real thing, well, they rudely discover to their horror how much there is that they don’t know.

I wish I could reach out to all the poor misguided souls in this country. But, I suppose, one is better than none.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Children of Jihad

Ensuring that the torch of Jihad is passed to a new generation of Muslims.

Islam = child abuse.

(HT Euro Kafir)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Muslim Terrorist Front Groups (MPAC, CAIR) Threaten Lawsuits To Silence Infidels In The USA

Muslims terrorist front groups like MPAC are bringing out the big guns, and threatening infidels who stand up to their harassments and threats. Fortunately Steve Emerson is not going to be the good dhimmi these terrorists demand. Hopefully our Congress will wake up and see this terrorist cult for what it is = a threat to our civilization.

Threatened by the Jihad
By Steven Emerson | March 14, 2007

On January 26, 2007, I appeared on Fox News Channel’s Hannity and Colmes program to discuss a January 8, 2007 meeting between the Attorney General of the United States and various Muslim and Arab groups, some of which have a long history of supporting terrorist groups and extremist ideologies. In response to a question from Alan Colmes about the importance of “good relations” between Attorney General Gonzales and the Muslim community, I stated, “[b]ut when you say the ‘Muslim community’ – [the Attorney General] is anointing them representatives of the Muslim community, when in fact there are many others who support the war on terrorism, who don't tell their members not to cooperate with the FBI, who don't support Hamas and Hezbollah, unlike members of this group. So, in fact, I think it's wrong to confer legitimacy on those very organizations that inhibit cooperation with the FBI, that support Hamas or justify Hezbollah, and who are radical in terms of portraying the war on terrorism as a war against Islam.” ....Read the rest at Front Page

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How McCain's Website Reflects His Lies and Deceit of the Republican Party

I had a few minutes to check out the McCain for President website. I looked at the "Issues" section specifically. Guess what! No mention of his immigration position! Isn't this the McCain who claims America's citizens want amnesty and open borders? Isn't this the McCain that calls conservatives who disagree with his open borders as racist and against America. Yeah it sure is. Now ask yourself, Why would McCain hide his open borders and must have amnesty and no fence position hide it from Republicans that visit his website? Why indeed? After all McCain says his position represents the majority of the citizens of America, and I assume preferably the Republican citizens? McCain does this because he is a fraud, a liar and hopes to deceive the American public and the Republicans. He doesn't care for what Republicans believe! They are stupid to him and wrong. And that my friend is why McCain is falling like a rock off a cliff in the Presidential polls. And besides that good news, consider also that McCain on the road deceiving the citizens in Iowa and elsewhere means there is less time for McCain to be plotting with Kennedy to destroy America in that center of d.e.c.e.i.t., DC.

You can always tell a RINO, a liberal in drag, a leftist with two left feet by their website. They are always the one who keep telling you their position represents the 'true' position of the citizens, but hide, or in this case, delete from their website the explanation of their position they claim represents 'us.' McCain you are a liar and a fraud.

Muslims Threaten To Kill Aussie Politicians Calling for Muslim Immigration Moratorium To Study If Islam Is Violent

That didn't take long did it?

Christian Democrats recieve death threatsBy Peter Jean and Drew Cratchley

March 13, 2007 05:56pm

NSW Christian Democratic Party leader Reverend Fred Nile said today he had received death threats over his call for a moratorium on Islamic immigration to Australia.

Mr Nile, who is recontesting his upper house seat at the March 24 state election, on Saturday called for a 10-year ban on Islamic immigration.

He wants the immigration department to give preference to persecuted Christians while studies on the impact of Islamic immigration are carried out during the moratorium.

Mr Nile has previously called for a ban on the wearing of full-face scarves in NSW.

Today, he said he and another Christian Democratic Party (CDP) candidate had received death threats in recent days.

On Friday, a man had telephoned Allan Lotfizadeh, the CDP candidate for the western Sydney electorate of Auburn, and said: "You Christian pig. You are dead", Mr Nile said.

Yesterday, Mr Nile said, a man approached a CDP election worker at Granville and asked her where he (Mr Nile) lived, and what he had against Muslims.

She had then said: "Tell Fred Nile I am going to act out my faith on him".

Mr Nile said he believed the threats were linked to his statements on Islamic immigration and full-face scarves.

"I think, if they're talking about the Muslim issue it's related to the Muslim issue," he said.

Mr Nile said the threats, which have been reported to police, highlighted the need for the immigration moratorium.

"The reason why I called for the moratorium is because of what's happening in France and Holland where the Muslim minority are becoming militant," he said.

Prominent Muslim community leader Keysar Trad condemned the threats against Mr Nile.

"Anybody who thinks of making death threats should cease and desist and anybody who knows anybody who's making threats should call the police," he said.

Mr Trad said many members of the Islamic community had been the victims of threats and verbal or physical abuse. [See! The Muslims are the REAL victims!]

"Now he (Mr Nile) has an idea what it's like for us," Mr Trad said. [Oh yes, those Christian death threats and Christian CDs and books urging Christians to kill Muslims are everywhere. Puhleeze.]
A split appeared to emerge in the CDP over the immigration issue today, with Mr Nile's fellow upper house MP Gordon Moyes indicating he had reservations about the policy.

"In the Christian Democratic Party we are instructed to vote on issues according to our conscience and therefore we can have different points of view on some issues," Dr Moyes said.

"I have some differences with Fred on this matter but Fred is the one standing for election so I'm not getting into that debate."

Upper house MPs are elected for eight-year terms and Dr Moyes is not due to face the voters again until 2011.

Last month, former broadcaster Maxine McKew, who is seeking Labor preselection for Prime Minister John Howard's seat of Bennelong for this year's federal election, reported she'd received death threats.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Democrats Plot with Terror Group CAIR in the House

The Democrats are planning to meet with CAIR to work on the Islamization of America. In the House no less! The Dhimmicrats are such whores, they will sleep with the lowlifes at CAIR in the House.

House Republicans Don't Want Muslim Group Using Capitol Conference Room [CAIR.........]Fox News ^
Posted on 03/12/2007 12:17:22 PM PDT by Sub-Driver
House Republicans Don't Want Muslim Group Using Capitol Conference Room
Monday , March 12, 2007
WASHINGTON — A House Republican leadership group said Monday that Democrats should retract an offer to let the nation's largest Islamic civil liberties organization use a Capitol conference room for a seminar.
The House Republican Conference referred to the Council on American-Islamic Relations as "terrorist apologists" and called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to cancel the forum scheduled for Tuesday.
"Democrats arrange official meeting with pro-Hamas, pro-Hezbollah group in U.S. Capitol," headlined a Conference press release carrying a Washington Times article on the planned meeting.
"It's really disappointing," said CAIR national communications director Ibrahim Hooper, that whenever there's an attack from elective officials "we don't even ask any more which party it is. It should be a concern to ordinary Republicans that the party is being viewed as a reservoir of anti-Muslim hate."

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Leader of Christian Democrat Party of NSW Australia Wants a 10 Year Moratorium on Muslim Immigration

I keep looking for a leader with a spine to save America, Europe and Australia from Islam. Looks like Australia is miles ahead. Like America, the Muslim population in Australia is relatively small, no more 2 percent of the population. Fortunately for Australia, the jihadists have made a lot of blunders - 'covered meat', David Hicks, Muslim rape gangs - waking up a lot of infidels in Australia.

This modest proposal doesn't go far enough. The moratorium should be at least 20 years and should be combined with an aggressive deportation of Muslim troublemakers, strip their citizenships, limited appeals, and tough citizenship requirements. I do agree that Christians persecuted in Muslim lands should be recognized as refugees and helped to escape their Muslim hellholes.

Of course the multiculturalists and dhimmiguards who believe all cultures are EQUAL will have none of it.

Muslim immigration clouds NSW campaign
March 11, 2007 04:52pm

THE NSW election campaign has become entangled in a debate over Muslim immigration after the leader of the Christian Democratic Party called for an immediate halt to Islamic immigrants.
Reverend Fred Nile, the longest-serving member of the NSW Legislative Council, made the comments at a gathering in the Sydney suburb of North Ryde yesterday.
He said there has been no serious study of the potential effects on Australia of more than 300,000 Muslims who are already here, and Australians deserved some breathing space.
In the meantime, Australia should extend a welcoming hand to the many thousands of persecuted Christians who are presently displaced or at risk in the Middle East.
"I pray that within a decade, Muslims in Australia will clearly have demonstrated their commitment to Aussie values including democratic pluralism and the rights of women. We can then assess whether Muslim immigration should begin again," he said.
Mr Nile is leading 21 Christian Democratic Party candidates contesting seats in the NSW Legislative Council at the March 24 state election. Some 53 Christian Democratic Party candidates are also running in Legislative Assembly electorates across the state.
NSW Premier Morris Iemma, whose southwestern Sydney seat of Lakemba has a large Muslim population, said today he did not agree with Mr Nile's comments but said immigration was a federal issue.
"Those that are prepared to abide by our laws, our values, work hard and pass the criteria are welcome regardless of who they are, where they come from, the colour of their skin," he said.
The Ethnic Communities Council (ECC) of NSW rejected Mr Nile's statements, saying the overwhelming majority of Australian Muslims were law-abiding citizens.
"We must avoid policies that echo the old White Australia policy," ECC vice chair Justin Li said.
"Religious and national backgrounds should never be the criteria for determining a person's eligibility to migrate into Australia or to become an Australian citizen."
Opposition leader Peter Debnam would not today if the Liberal Party would rule out doing preference deals with the Christian Democrats at the election. NOTE: This last sentence doesn't make sense to me.

Moonbat Dictionary: Israel Edition

Courtesy of the Atheist Jew and the Uncyclopedia. Enjoy and have some laughs at our enemy's expense!

Al Jazeera: The only unbiased source of news in the world.
Anti-semite: 1. Someone who hates Arabs. 2. Not Mel Gibson.
Appeasement: A chance to show the world that Arab assmonkeys are good guys and mean no harm.
Arab Land: Every inch of land in the middle east, including part of Africa and probably Spain.
Arab victory: 1. Whenever a suicide bomb successfully goes off; 9/11. 2. Whenever an Arab civilian, used as a human shield, is killed by the IDF. 3. Turning a gesture of peace by Israel into a better opportunity to drive Jews into the sea (see land withdrawal).
Cease fire: An opportunity for Arabs to replenish weapons.
Civilian: 1. Any Arab killed by the IDF.
Colonialism: 1. The migration of a non Muslim to the middle east; also, a Jew who moves from a Muslim majority state in the middle east to Israel. Note: Muslims can move in large numbers to anywhere in the West. This is known as the MUSLIM LAW OF NON RECIPROCITY.
Comprehensive Solution: It has to be decided which Jews get to live and which Jews get to be Dhimmis, on an individual basis, once Israel becomes Arab land.
Defending their country: Shooting missiles from civilian zones at civilians.
Disproportionate response: Anything a Jew does to strike out at a terrorist.
Ethnic Cleansing or Genocide: 1. The phenomenon that explains the policy that Arab migration to Israel is frowned upon because Israelis don't like getting blown up in pizzerias or while standing in line at discos. 2. Anytime a terrorist assmonkey is killed.
Expansionism: The justification Arab assmonkeys use for terrorist acts against a country that withdraws from land for peace.
Freedom fighter: An Arab assmonkey terrorist, brainwashed to hate by an intolerant culture of hate.
Green Line: The border that Jews must retreat to even though it wasn't good enough for the Arab assmonkeys prior to 1967, the Arabs will magically accept this and live in peace even though their elected representatives state it will not be good enough.
Good Jew or Real Jew: A Jew who thinks Israel has no right to exist.
Holocaust: 1. Any war started by Arabs in which more than 10 Arabs were killed. 2. Something Jews are supposed to forget about. 3. Something that never happened, yet Jews have manipulated the "theft" of "Arab land" by conning the world into believing it did happen.
Human Shield: The reason that Jews are not allowed to try to eliminate terrorists.
Islamophobe: Anyone who objects to getting blown up on their way to work, at work or during leisure activities.
Israeli Aggression: Any attempt by Jews to prevent or stop a terrorist act by an Arab assmonkey or assmonkeys.
Jew: White colonialist from Europe who came to Palestine to steal Arab land from the real semites, the Arabs. Also known as a fake Jew.
Jihad: Meaningless Zionist propoganda term, which tries to paint the true spiritual struggle by the Religion of Peace as a bad thing.
Journalist: Anyone who writes anything as long it is Pro-Arab, Pro-Islam, Pro-Muslim or Pro-Jihad.
Just or Lasting Peace: Lots of dead Jews and no Israel.
Land Grab: Anything Israel does to defend itself.
Land Withdrawal: A perfect opportunity to fire missiles into Israel from a closer proximity.
Legitimate Resistance: 1. Resistance of acknowledging Israel's right to exist. Used mainly to give as an excuse for Arab assmonkey terrorism, especially against civilians, and especially to rationalize suicide bombings. It is actually the Arab assmonkey's resistance in using their brain. 2. Killing any Jew.
Martyr: Usually a teenager who is brainwashed to blow up in front of innocent Jews by older assmonkey Arabs who are hiding miles away next to a bunch of Palestinian children.
Massacre: When Israel responds to a terrorist attack and kills around 3 Palestinians and the Palestinians wind up reporting over 40 deaths.
Militant: Code word for Arab assmonkey terrorist, often used by AP and Al Reuters.
Military target: Any Israeli or Jew.
My Tax Dollars: The $6.34 that comes out of the total taxes an American pays each year, that goes to Israel so that they are forced to keep the Palestinian Arabs alive. Because without US aid, Israel would be forced to be more frugal in their way of dealing with Palestinian assmonkey terrorism.
Muslim land: Any land on this planet that lies between any two Muslims on this planet in every direction.
Negotiations: Talks where Israel is supposed to make all the concessions.
Neocon: 1. Code word for Jew 2. Code word for Zionist. 3. Anyone in the Bush administration because Aipac got Bush elected.
962 Gazillion billion trillion dollars: The amount of aid the US gives Israel every year.
Occupied territories: The West Bank even though it is really disputed territory that Jordan didn't want anymore and is therefore now up for negotiations. Not to be confused with "Occupied Palestine," which just means all of Israel.
Oppression: It is Israel's fault that low IQ hate filled blood lusting assmonkeys turned into low IQ hate filled blood lusting assmonkeys.
Palestinian: Archetype "victims" no matter how many teenagers they murder in bars and fast food outlets. Never responsible for anything they do – or done in their name - because of "root causes" or "legitimate grievances".
Palestinian Aid: Money that could be used for food, clothing, medicine, and education, but serves the Arab assmonkeys better if used for suicide bomb belts.
Palestinian struggle: 1. For 58 years they have struggled to make one right decision, and still haven't. 2. Arab whining, because in over 58 years and 5 wars they have always got their asses kicked while trying to throw the Jews into the sea.
Palicaust: The phenomenon that explains how just over 1 million Palestinians in 1948 have today turned into 3 million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza alone, and another 3-5 million more in the rest of the world.
Peace Process: This has been ongoing for 58 years and has always been screwed up by the Israelis who refuse to be driven into the sea.
Propogandist(s): 1. Any individual(s) who finds fault with anything Arabs or Muslims do. 2. Anyone who thinks Israel has the right to exist.
Regime: Civilized democracy.
Right of Return: The Trojan Horse parked outside the gates of Israel that Israelis won't wheel inside. If granted, the Arabs will have a chance to show that they are not the same Arabs who left in 1948 because they didn't want to live in a Jewish majority state.
Right to Exist: Israel has a right to exist only if it is an Arab state.
Stolen Land: 1. Any land in the middle east that has a Jew on it. 2. Land in Israel that was either bought legally by a Jew or land that was never owned before a Jew took it over.
Terror: Anything a Jew does to defend himself.
Terrorist: An Arab assmonkey driven to do an inhumane act, because of Jews, of course.
UN Resolutions: International laws, carved in stone, that Israel always ignores.
Zionazi: A Jew that supports Israel's right to exist and defend herself.
Zionist: 1. A Jew that supports Israel's right to exist and defend herself. Also true of non Jews who support the same. 2. Anyone who isn't sufficiently suffused with pure hatred towards Israel and Jews.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

'Malaysia Today'- A website for Jihad

The terrorist apologists over at Malaysia Today are in the (usual Muslim) habit of posting taqiyya, vile anti- American and pro-Jihad propaganda on a daily basis. I read it occasionally just to keep tabs on what our enemies are saying.

Sometimes, though, the BS meter pegs and I have to respond. Kinda strange that I can't seem to register on their registration-required website, so I'm going to respond to one of their recent columns here. I am not going to reproduce their lies here, so you can just follow this link.

Anyway, here is my reply to their columnist, one 'Ali Cordoba':

The fact that this website keeps publishing these pathetic columns from this terrorist apologist author(s) Ali Cordoba, et al tells me all I need to know about where the sympathies of Malaysia Today are.

This guy can't even get his infidel grammar right, let alone his facts straight. Hey Mr. Ali, try running spell check on your articles before publishing them ("Eygpt"). And another thing, it's not 'the Nato', it's just "NATO" or "Nato".

Afghanistan--Speaking of 'the Nato', exactly how is the Taliban winning in Afghanistan? The vaunted mujahadeen in Afghanistan have failed to defeat any platoon-sized Nato force in Afghanistan or larger in over five years (FYI, one platoon is 30-40 troops). Wars are not won with spin or press releases. Nor are they won with suicide bombers, who usually only succeed in killing Afghan civilians most of the time.

Sudan--Ali Cordoba's paragraph on Sudan is a joke. No mention of Darfur, where Arab Muslims are ethnically cleansing the area of the 'inferior' Black Muslims and generally causing all sorts of mayhem, all under the aegis and protection of the Khartoum government. Meanwhile, the Arab League runs interference and effectively blocks the UN from doing anything to stop this disaster. I am sure, if Mr. Cordoba bothers to mention this humanitarian disaster in some future excuse of a column (sure to be picked up by this esteemed Malaysian website), he will no doubt find a way to blame it all on the infidels, the Zionists, etc, etc.

Algeria--Algeria's sputtering civil war is Muslims versus Muslims, and always has been since the French got run out of town over 40 years ago. So, how are infidels to blame here, exactly? The jihadi terrorists there are now officially part of Al-Qaeda (formerly the GSPC) and are losing their battle to turn Algeria from a regular Third World dictatorship into a Sharia State. Where's the proof that they are losing? Deaths in Algeria from the jihadists are significantly down from where they were ten years ago. So in a war of Muslims versus Muslims, how is the vaunted OIC supposed to end the conflict? Mr. Ali Cordoba, please regale us with your wisdom on that, if you please.

Lebanon--The Syrian and Iranian-backed proxy army Hizbollah is a major threat to the western-backed Lebanese government (which is supported by most Lebanese, Muslim and non Muslim alike). I suppose Mr. Cordoba would call PM Siniora and his government a bunch of "CIA and Mossad agents". So, who's the real threat to Lebanon...its democratically elected government, or a huge foreign funded and supported non state force within Lebanon's borders that's armed to the teeth?

Oh yeah, I forgot...Muslims can do no wrong.

And as a final salvo, if oil is supposed to be the cause or catalyst in all this mayhem, why are so many countries/areas/hot spots on this list oil-free? Last time I checked, there were no significant oil deposits in Darfur, Southern Thailand, Southern Philippines, or Afghanistan.

But all those areas do have Muslims, though.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Three Reasons to Attack Iran

You mean, there's only three? I hope this pundit is right, and Jorge Bush has more spine than he is currently showing on this.

By Michael T Klare
Asia Times

Some time this spring or summer, barring an unexpected turnaround by Tehran, US President George W Bush is likely to go on national television and announce that he has ordered US ships and aircraft to strike at military targets inside Iran.

We must still sit through several months of soap opera at the UnitedNations in New York and assorted foreign capitals before this comes to pass, and it is always possible that a diplomatic breakthrough will occur - let it be so! - but I am convinced that Bush has already decided an attack is his only option and the rest is a charade he must go through to satisfy his European allies.

The proof of this, I believe, lies half-hidden in recent public statements of his, which, if pieced together, provide a casus belli, or formal list of justifications, for going to war.

Three of his statements, in particular, contained the essence of this justification: his January 10 televised speech on his plan for a troop "surge" in Iraq, his State of the Union address of January 23,and his first televised press conference of the year on February 14. None of these was primarily focused on Iran, but Bush used each ofthem to warn of the extraordinary dangers that country poses to the United States and to hint at severe US reprisals if the Iranians did not desist from "harming US troops".

In each, moreover, he laid out various parts of the overall argument he will certainly use to justify an attack on Iran. String these together in one place and you can almost anticipate what Bush's speechwriters will concoct before he addresses the American people from the Oval Office some time this year. Think of them as talking points for the next war.

Read the rest here

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Why Israel should demolish the 'Al-Aksa Mosque

by Stephen Schecter

The "new Middle East" about which Shimon Peres was so fond of talking is supposed to come about by having Israel give territory to the Palestinian Arabs on which they create a state. Their grievances thus addressed, hostilities would cease. This strategy of concession and appeasement assumes that peace with the Arabs is in Israel's hands. It has never worked. It did not work during Oslo, at the 2000 negotiations, or in Gaza. The recent war in Lebanon put the final nail in its coffin. In spite of the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon in 2000, with a UN seal of approval, Hezbollah launched an unwarranted attack in an act of war on Israel from Lebanon, abducting two of her soldiers, and demanding the return of the Sheeba Farms to a Lebanon which never claimed them and against international law. By the time the war was over, a feckless UN force was again sitting on Israel's border with Lebanon, preparing a future for a rearmed Hezbollah and complicating Israel's capacity for retaliation. Even regimes like Egypt, which has signed a peace treaty with Israel, continue to aid and abet the filthy racism and terror that characterizes the Arab and Muslim world's stance toward the only Jewish state on the planet.

It turns out that what the Arabs think is very important, because what they think, and not what the Israelis do, is what counts. Their version of reality is rooted in a society that socializes its children to lie as a way of life, treats women as chattel, resists modern ideas, idealizes cruelty and death, and marks infidels for annihilation or conversion. That the murderous hostility Arabs and Muslims harbor towards the West and Israel cloaks itself in the language of a struggle for rights and against colonialism and imperialism ought not to delude anyone. Their conflict is with modern society, i.e., western civilization.

But apparently it does, for western public opinion, notably in Europe, as well as western opinion-and-policymakers are overwhelmingly anti-Israel, fuelling a Palestinian intransigence which wraps itself in the halo reserved for victims of oppression.

Every Israeli withdrawal in the absence of any compromise also fuels this intransigence, making the prospect of peace more distant. Thus the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza was not much different from the 1929 British-enforced evacuation of the Jews from Hebron in its impact on the minds of the Palestinian Arabs of the day. They concluded that their grievances were legitimate and they could obtain satisfaction by a relentless campaign of terror and intimidation.
It is time, therefore, for Israeli policy to change course. Israel should take seriously the Palestinian and wider Arab and Muslim narrative about Israel and the Jews and frame its policy accordingly. This means recognizing that Israel is at war with its Arab neighbors, and now the wider Muslim world. Israel must persevere in fighting this war by any and all means, with unrelenting purpose and persistence. It means recognizing that there is nothing Israel can do to induce this enemy to make peace if the enemy does not choose to do so. No compromise by Israel is going to bring peace any closer because its enemy is not interested in compromise. Israel's existence is for them the problem. Palestinian leaders are not interested in a Palestinian state alongside Israel. Their idea of a Palestinian state is one that will replace the Jewish one. Muslim doctrine holds that once Muslims have ruled a country it belongs to them forever. If they lose it, it remains occupied territory to be reclaimed. When the Palestinians talk about the "occupation" they mean Israel itself. They take in these notions with their mothers' milk. This is why even secular Arab leaders have no trouble allying themselves with religious clerics and melding their political dreams with those of a restored caliphate that would cover the entire Arab nation and then the world.

A key element in the Palestinian denial of Jewish claims to Israel focuses on Jerusalem itself, and especially on the Temple Mount. Both sermons in mosques and television broadcasts repeat the charges that the Jews have no historic connection to Jerusalem, that the Jews who inhabited ancient Israel were not Jews, and that the Second Temple destroyed by the Romans did not exist. The Jewish claim to the Temple Mount as a holy site is dismissed as pure fabrication. Significantly, the name of the current round of Palestinian terror unleashed in 2000 is the 'Al-Aksa Intifada, just as the Fatah terrorist brigades go by the name of 'Al-Aksa Martyrs. Yaser Arafat used to revel in delirious tirades to his Palestinian audience that they were marching to Jerusalem by the millions, a phrase he would incant over and over as he posed as protector of Muslim holy sites. The liberation of Jerusalem goes hand in hand with the vilification of Jews as interlopers, foreigners, and vagabonds who have to be expelled. This goal weds Palestinian and Arab nationalism to Muslim eschatology, uniting the vast Arab nation and the wider Muslim world in a state of permanent war against Israel.

Israel responds by banning Jews from the Temple Mount on Tisha Be'Av, the day Jews mourn the destruction of their Second Temple in 70 C.E., the one that supposedly never existed, out of fear of the violence that might erupt. And long before the Oslo Accords, Israel had given the Muslim religious authority, the Waqf, control over the Temple Mount, allowing Jordan a role in its supervision; the same Jordan that systematically desecrated Jewish holy sites when it controlled the area before 1967.

The first step in Israel's new approach to her Arab enemies must be the belated recognition that she faces an enemy engaged in an ongoing war and that appeasement leads to increased violence. The best tactic to use in signaling this recognition must involve some action since the enemy sees the world quite concretely. The most logical place to start would be with the 'Al-Aksa mosque. That mosque, built as it is atop Judaism's most sacred shrine, is the embodiment of the Arab project to annihilate the Jews. It stands as the symbol par excellence of the Arabs' genocidal intent against the Jews, used to negate the very existence of the Jewish people now and historically. By blowing up the 'Al-Aksa mosque and then without hesitation rebuilding the Temple, Israel reasserts its right to exist in the only language understood by those poised to destroy it. It sends this message: We are now finally taking everything you do and say literally. You rocket our cities, murder our children and openly long for our destruction chanting "death to the Jews". We hear you! We recognize you as the totalitarian enemy you are and so we must wage war against you to survive. Indeed, in the face of such aggression we have but one response: Your unconditional surrender.

There are, of course, a number of corollaries to such a change of policy, all of which are unpalatable to democracies, but unfortunately necessary for their survival. One is that Israel will no longer tolerate any attacks on its population or its territory. They will be met with overwhelming force and lead, ultimately, to the military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank. In the course of the military operations such a policy would entail, Israel can make no distinction between civilian and military combatants on the Palestinian side, since the Palestinians themselves make no such distinctions. Israel will not apologize for any consequences of its military operations, nor will it suspend them because of so-called innocent civilian casualties. It will regret all deaths that will inevitably ensue, both among Israelis and among Palestinians, because such is the Jewish tradition and the response of a democratic mindset to which the Jewish tradition has contributed.

Even at the Red Sea, Jehovah is reputed to have rebuked his angels for celebrating when the Egyptians were drowning as the parted waters returned. The Arabs have never taken seriously former Prime Minister Golda Meir's quip about the one thing Israelis will not forgive the Arabs: namely, that in order to defend their homeland Israelis have had to oblige their children to kill the Arabs' children. Like the Israeli withdrawals from Lebanon and Gaza, the Arabs mistake such regret for weakness. It is high time they understood otherwise.

It is also high time the Israelis understood otherwise. It is time the Israelis understood that they should take their own laments at Palestinian intransigence, duplicity, and genocidal incitement seriously. It is also time the Israelis understood just what the exercise of sovereignty entails. They are no longer strangers in a strange land, but like the Jews of old, they have returned home to a land that is indissolubly linked with their existence. As the sovereign power in their own land they have a duty to protect and safeguard it and the persons who reside within its borders. If their neighbors seek to destroy them, they are duty bound to defend themselves as the U.S. would be if Canada started rocketing the populations of Vermont and Michigan.

War is not pleasant but the alternative is suicide. It's that simple. The Arabs have literally been allowed to get away with murder. No longer. This is what "never again" means: Jews having and using the means to defend themselves, and by themselves if it comes to that. Blowing up the 'Al-Aksa mosque would be a massively powerful first blow to the enemy without loss of life. No less of a gesture would serve notice to the Arabs that they ought to sue for peace or suffer the consequences, and that the consequences will be disastrous. It would also serve notice to the Jews that they are no longer court Jews, that Zionism is a project that remains to be completed, and that failure to do so will entail the disappearance of the Jewish people Zionism was supposed to prevent.

Dr. Stephen Shecter is Professor of Sociology at Université du Québec à Montréal. Contact him at